26 Best Business Ideas for Teens & Young Entrepreneurs In 2022

26 Best Business Ideas for Teens & Young Entrepreneurs

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 21.98 million (6.7%) people in the previous month, wanted jobs and were able to work, but couldn’t find any. Remember, teens, are not part of these statistics. When teens hunt for jobs, they are likely to compete even for entry-level positions with unemployed adults. The Youth unemployment rate is even higher, as it was 18.5% in April 2020; and is growing steadily. So much disappointment and helplessness.

If the doors have been closed, what about the windows? There is not such prevailing darkness really, open the windows and let the rays of hope in. You can start your own business; there are many examples of teens who started their businesses at a young age. De Luca (founder of Subway) opened his first at the age of 17. It was a 12-year-old Cuban (Shark Tank entrepreneur) who began selling garbage bags door-to-door.

There are plenty of resources available to boost your knowledge and learn a new skill at your fingertips, thanks to the internet. Starting a business might be frightening, but you will know many things like; creativity, overcoming demanding challenges, thinking technically, finance management, communication skills, and leadership qualities.

Best Business Ideas for Teens

Here are 26 business ideas for teens to adopt as per their taste and expertise.

1. Graphic Design

Starting a Graphic Designing business is the best option for those with an artistic mind. Logo designers are very high in demand at different online platforms, for companies are developing their digital presence day-by-day. Startup costs are near about $2000, as you need a computer with supporting high-quality graphics, some graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and of course a little bit of know-how of digital designing. On average graphic designers charge $20 to $100 per hour.

2. Blogger

A teenager can start a business with blog writing with a bit of technological know-how, written skills, and a passion for a particular topic. This business would take a little time to make a profit. You first must build an audience and then get a chance to work with advertisers and associate partners to generate profits. However, if you can create engaging blogs that attract several readers, it is an easy and quick way of earning.

3. Transcription Services

For the teens who have good typing speed, can pay heed to minor details, and are comfortable with computers and some software use, the transcription business is ideal. Most they work in this business is to transcribe provided audio or video. Students who have busy schedules can opt for this business as it requires not much time and effort.

Not much are the initial costs, but the growth potential is unlimited depending upon the niche. For example, medical transcription has boomed in the recent past. But no matter the subject, if you deliver fast and accurately, you can grow your business. The key to the transcription business is, the quicker you work, the more you earn.

4. Technology Tutor

Teens of this age have an incredible advantage over previous generations struggling to use their smartphones, tablets, or computers. As today’s teens are growing with these technologies, they know much better than anyone. Teaching basic technology usages or simple smartphone hacks or ticks can be an excellent way to earn money. There are no initial costs to adopt this business idea.

5. Making Greeting Cards

People are returning to handmade cards and handwritten notes. Handmade cards are preferred because they are made with human effort and not just a machine printout. Such can represent the core feelings of the sender. With little effort, teens can create and sell greeting cards and earn a good living. By creating personalized and eye-catching designs, youth can sell them at a reasonable price.

6. Music Lessons

Giving music lessons can be fun and a great way to earn money for teens. For those who love playing music or writing music, this business can be an excellent opportunity to engage with friends and perform locally or form a band. Startup costs for music lessons are meager; you can ask your students to have their musical instruments. You can conduct your classes at home or, if possible, at school too. Over time you will earn a reputation and be able to increase your per hour rate. On average music, tutors charge 30$ to 50$ per hour.

7. Jam Business

Teens can start this tremendous and flexible business in their free time if they love cooking for others. The initial cost to start this business is meager if you intend to start it on a small scale. With just a $300 investment in buying ingredients or canning tools, you can have your jams ready for selling. A good and easy way of selling jams on a small scale is to find some nearby restaurant or local market. If you adopt this business as a full-time activity, it can earn you about $1000 per week.

8. Candle Making

A creative and crafty person has an ideal business of candles selling to start at home, with little skill and cost requirement. Some friends or family members can buy candles from you or sell them in local weekend markets or at craft fairs. The investment is a few dollars to start, and profit depends on the number of candles you produce and sell. You can develop a website to expand the sales horizon.

9. Professional Organizing

Using your talent with others as a professional organizer can be a fantastic way to make money if you enjoy organizing or have mastered the minimalist lifestyle. Professional organizers simplify their clients’ possessions and streamline them to be happier and work more effectively at home or the office. You can adopt this business at flexible hours you should take great care of the deadline. There are no initial costs to start this business only the advertisements so that clients may know the service you provide. Some professional organizers earn up to $120,000 annually.

10. Gift Wrapping

You can set up booths near department stores or can provide your gift wrapping services at home. People usually send gifts on weekends or holidays, so it is ideal for teens to start a gift wrapping business during their off days. With the investment of some time and money, you will create an attractive and professional-looking booth. The cost of buying supplies is low. This business has the right profit margin which means your earning potential is good.

11. Home Tutor

If you are apt at a particular subject in school, you can consider initiating a home tutor business. You can devise your lessons or help students do their homework and complete assignments while ensuring they have understood the material well. Most home tutors charge 30-40$/hour and help the students with specific subjects. This thing makes the tutoring business very rewarding as the initial investment is almost nothing.

12. Sewing Business

A talented sewist can adopt this best business of sewing and bring extra money. This business is very flexible, and teens who love fashion trends can start this business home with little investment. If you’ve already got a sewing machine, there’s another initial cost then. If you are not familiar with the art of creating designs or fashionable stuff, don’t worry, you will learn through the course of it. Start with offering simple repairs or patch-ups and learn the art of turning trends into your creations and then selling them. Gradually you will develop a reputation, and so your business grows.

13. Social Media Marketing

Next comes social media marketing our list of online business ideas for teens. Youth have grown up with social media, making them skilled in a unique way to understand its use and work. Social media is the best platform for companies to attract millions of people as more and more people are developing their online presence. According to a report, there are currently 3.6 billion people on social media. The startup cost for a social media marketing business is zero if you have a smartphone and internet you can start your business. Your clients can be individuals or large corporations.

14. Lawn Care

Some people love mowing lawns and gardening; teens with such tastes have good opportunities to earn this skill. The lawn care business is a golden opportunity for making summer money because people usually go on trips in this warm season and want someone who can take care of their lawns while they are away. Lawn care apparatus can be expensive for teens, but you can start your business with the lawnmower already present in your house. If you expand your business, you can earn about $40,000 per year.

15. Soap Making

Making quality soap at home is not a tough row to hoe; anyone can learn it with little practice. This business is best suited to those who do not hesitate to work with hands. Soap-making business involves some necessary and easy steps. First, you need to buy raw materials; next learn the art of mixing and creating a fragrance, lastly soap making and then selling it. There is a right profit margin in this business because the input cost, i.e., raw materials price is considerably low. Soap-making business has excellent growth potential; you can set up your website to sell soaps online. From local market selling to hitting commercials, this business can turn into a national brand.

16. House Sitting

Running a house-sitting business is an excellent opportunity for any ambitious teen to give others a hand while making some money. House-sitter should have the required skills like lawn management and pet handling. This business’s success depends upon your image in the society where you live. If you have the reputation of being trustworthy, responsible, and honest, you may have a golden opportunity to start this business. It is an excellent holiday or weekend business with almost no startup cost and specific skill.

17. Freelance Writing

Opportunities available for freelance writers are abundant as more and more companies are producing content to attract worldwide audiences with different perspectives in view. It’s a perfect chance for those who want to want to sell their writing skills online for extra money. Start-up and operating costs are almost non-existent except for the expense of the computer, Wi-Fi, and advertisement. After developing their captivating portfolio, freelance writers can earn $1000 by working for a few hours.

18. Art Teacher

Drawing, painting, or any art-related work is a skill, just like solving complicated math problems. Teens who are good at art and looking for some business idea must consider starting a business as an art teacher. You do not need to invest much; you can buy your brushes, colors, pencils, or papers or ask your students to buy their own. An average art teacher is paid 25$ hourly, but it varies depending upon your skill and the nature of art lessons.

19. Data Entry

The data entry business is ideal for teens who can deal with data and word processing spreadsheets. The detail-oriented persons can easily find flexible part-time data entry jobs; teens can easily adjust this business in school or college teens’ busy schedules. The startup costs are minimal, with your laptop you can start this business. One or two persons can develop relationships with a couple of clients that will last many years, as you grow from student to professional.

20. Etsy Seller

You may enjoy running an Etsy business if you love making homemade products or scoping out cool antique pieces in your spare time. For anyone who is looking for a platform to sell its well-crafted goods, Etsy is the best option. With the necessary computer and marketing skills, you can start this business at ease. With entrepreneurial spirits, you can turn this part-time business into a profitable full-time business opportunity. After spending some time, you may find some severe buyers who come with six figures.

21. Photography

If you love to take pictures and think about yourself creatively, starting a photography business is the best option. No proper education is needed, just some technical skills with a love of photography, and creating your business. Event photography is a niche in this field high in demand; you can make the school, college, ceremonial, or marriage events memorable with great photographs taken. Getting started cost is slightly higher as you need to buy a good camera, a computer, lightning equipment, and photo editing software. Besides these initial costs, there are almost zero ongoing costs. As you become apt at it and learn your skills, you can earn a significant amount of money by covering wedding occasions or other special events.

22. Car Washing

Everyone wants to see their car looking clean and shiny, but not everyone has the time to wash it. The car washing business is simple to start with. Startup costs are meager, you need to have a bucket, soft sponge, window cleaner, and elbow grease, and start this business. On the average car, washers earn $15,00 per month.

23. Makeup Artist

Teens who enjoy working with people and are good at makeup applications can start a makeup artist business. This business expands when it has its social media presence, as more and more people are attracted to the photos of your makeup work. To develop the portfolio, you can start doing the makeup of your friends for different events. This perfect business for teens, and if you impress your client with your makeup skills, they will return for special events through the course of their lives. Startup costs are low, as most of the makeup tools teens already use and own. You can earn sizable profits from the makeup artist business.

24. Live Streaming

If you think gaming is just entertainment, think again about the live-streaming business. Enthusiastic gamer teens can earn money while playing video games. Numerous online platforms provide live streaming of video games. You register with some primary streaming service provider like and get ready to spend hours streaming your gameplay and building your followers. You need to have 500+ followers on to start earning with the terrific those followers generate. Quite good gaming skills are required to hold the followers up and in return, making. The key is to build enough fan-following, which you can seek to be active on social media, respond to comments, and increase your social media circle. You will make thousands of dollars a month with a live streaming business.

25. Babysitting

Teens who love babies and are responsible are best suited for the babysitting business. Childcare businesses in the US generated $25 billion this year. Parents find it difficult to find a person they can trust for babysitting, so they are likely to tell their friends when they see one. In this way, your business grows potentially, but the key is gaining the trust of parents. There are meager startup costs for this business. On average babysitters are paid $10-15 per hour but can vary according to the region.

26. Illustration Business

An animation or illustration business is an ideal way to make money for artistic and creative teens. Creating storyboards, cartoon characters, book covers, and many other items of such kind are good examples of illustration jobs. The startup cost for illustration business is low, requiring illustrator software and art supplies. You can create illustrations for schools, local newspapers, or you may create cards for special events and sell them. On average skilled and professional illustrators earn $55,000 per year.

To Sum Up

If you’re trying to help yourself to make a little money, these 26 business ideas for teens may be a perfect place to start. By launching a business, teens will get a head start collecting skills that will be useful wherever life takes them, from time management to how to communicate effectively. You will not only understand responsibility, but you will likely make some money while you are at it.

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