4 Digital Technologies to Scale Your Online Business

4 Digital Technologies to Scale Your Online Business
4 Digital Technologies to Scale Your Online Business

We all want a thriving, self-sufficient business while maintaining a reasonable work-life balance. Fortunately, you can scale your business without working additional hours. Digital technologies allow us to automate, streamline and outsource tasks, which can scale your revenue. We’ll cover the best technologies you should consider growing your online business

1. Recruiting Software 

Recruiting is an integral part of growing your business. An applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines and digitizes the recruitment process. While ATS technologies may vary in features, they typically involve creating and posting job ads to many recruitment platforms simultaneously, AI-enabled candidate screening and matching, interview scheduling, and analytics of your candidate pool. 

Besides ATS software, it’s essential to use a background check provider like to verify pertinent information such as criminal history, driving history, education history, and employment history. 

By performing background checks, you have complete assurance that the new hires meet employment credentialing and eligibility standards set for the position. Also, it prevents you from hiring people who could potentially harm other customers and employees. 

Always follow best practices when recruiting prospects to eliminate biases and provide everyone with a fair and equal opportunity. 

2. Marketing Automation Tools 

Marketing automation manages marketing tasks and workflows to boost operational efficiency and increase revenue faster. Many marketing automation systems allow you to send drip email campaigns. These automated emails will reach out to potential customers regularly without needing you to write and send messages manually. 

When visitors enter their information on your landing page or lead form, they can be segmented base on different audiences. For example, a B2B company might segment audiences based on their job title or industry. In contrast, a B2C company could segment an audience based on the product type they browse. 

Marketing automation saves you time from needing to organize your prospects and personalize emails individually manually. It helps improve your email engagement, click-throughs, and, ultimately, conversion rates. The time saved lets you focus on higher leverage activities such as closing a client or building your business. 

3. Project Management System

As you grow your team, there are more tasks to complete. After all, you’re trying to accomplish bigger goals. Project management software helps teams track, organize, and execute their work within a project. 

It helps the team manage tasks to meet the project requirements on time. Rather than shuffling between emails, spreadsheets, documents, and other tools, a project management tool has everything in one central location. 

You can assign team members tasks, communicate between team members, organize deadlines and track time spent on each task. A project management system will help coordinate cross-functional work and elevate team collaboration.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

There are plenty of reasons why you need a CRM for your business. Whether you’re the only person managing prospects or you have an entire sales team, you’ll want to have a centralized database of potential buyers. A CRM can track all aspects of the buyer’s journey and remind you to follow up with prospects, among other things.

With a CRM, you’ll save time from logging calls, emails, meetings, and interactions since they are all automatically aggregated and collected within the system. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you have the tools and strategies in place, what’s left is to implement! When scaling your business, you want to ensure that your strategies align with your software. Take an audit of the features you need and find the right software best suited for your company’s initiatives.

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Written by Hassan Bukhari

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