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7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

If you are someone who wants to showcase your talent globally, then starting a YouTube channel is your best call. YouTube is a platform offering digital content for every interest and has open doors for every talented content creator. Since YouTube is the second largest search engine platform, it is almost impossible not to find a video on a particular topic.

But the most dilemmatic thing is when you get stuck on a bunch of confusing questions; What is the best topic for a YouTube channel? What type of channel should I start on YouTube? Or maybe what are the best topics to start a YouTube channel? And the list goes on…

Well, not to worry anymore as I’ve heard your voice loud and clear!

Here, I have shortlisted the 7 best YouTube channel ideas for beginners to help you kickstart your YouTube career in no time. Find your area of interest and get ready to roll into the YouTube realm.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

1. Cooking Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

We all are well aware of the fact that food and beverages are essential for our survival. For this, we all try to make delicious and mouthwatering meals to satisfy our cravings, and this is what can come into play. If cooking is your best thing and you love experimenting and testing new recipes every day, then YouTube is the perfect station to broadcast your talent.

Many YouTube cooking channels gained an audience through their tempting recipes. Along with recipes, sharing some tips and tricks regarding cooking and featuring a great cookware collection also attracts the viewers.

2. Educational Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

You may have observed that many people search about various topics on YouTube. They do it as it is the easiest and cheapest way to find their answers. Whether it’s painting, cooking, sewing, or crafting, there’s always someone seeking guidance through YouTube. The online and convenient availability of value-packed content makes it a one-stop learning platform for everyone, including students and adults.

So if you are a teacher or a professor or you just have a command of a specific niche, then you can easily entertain a large YouTube audience by imparting your knowledge and expertise.

3. Health & Fitness Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

It’s quite natural that most people are way too concerned about their health and fitness. For this, they undergo a lot of processes like sketching out their diet plan, paying monthly for their gym membership, and paying a handsome fee to trainers, etc.

However, the biggest hurdle is, people have to adjust their time and money to remain fit and healthy. This fact mostly causes inconvenience for a lot of people. But after the advancement of YouTube, this problem is long gone. Now, like many other YouTubers, you can also serve as an online trainer and make workout videos, and enjoy a warm welcome in this sector.

4. Vlogging Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

Do you have some interesting stuff to share with the people in the form of a video? Or do you think you have some unique content to be shared with the YouTube audience? If your answer is yes, then look no further as vlogging is one of the best YouTube ideas for beginners. There are many forms of vlogging but some famous are mentioned below:

1. Food Vlogging

If you are a foodie and you know about some of the yummiest places to eat, then you should better opt for food vlogging. Sharing your reviews on delicious food and beverages through a YouTube channel is a great idea. From street and traditional food, to high-end restaurant cuisines, being a food vlogger, you can not only gather some fame around yourself but also get to taste those lip-smacking meals.

2. Travel Vlogging

If you love to travel to different places and try to explore some beautiful and majestic sights of nature, then travel vlogging is the best YouTube channel idea for you. Many people search for the best places to travel before even planning their trip. If you can cover all the aspects of a worth-visiting place efficiently, then rest assured that there is a vast audience waiting to praise your skills.

3. Entertainment Vlogging

People love to relax and calm themselves down through entertainment. As life has become more complex and advanced, the sector of entertainment has gained a very important place in our daily life. If you have the potential to entertain your audience by providing them a vlog on challenges, fun videos, or pranks, then you should better opt for this YouTube channel idea and watch the crowd cheering out loud for you.

5. Tutorials Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

If you are a beginner but own a creative mind, then a tutorial channel is the most suitable YouTube channel idea to head start your career. Tutorials or How-To-Do videos also have many subscribers in their bucket. They are categorized under the famous and most likable channels on YouTube. The reason behind the high demand for tutorial channels is that you can find detailed videos on topics that are often neglected and hard to find anywhere else. 

Moreover, if you are someone who doesn’t like to be seen on a camera and looking for a YouTube channel idea without showing your face, then a tutorial channel works wonders for you. You can easily capture your methods, recipes, or hacks while showing your hands movement and not your face.

6. Art & Craft Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

Art and craft videos are oddly satisfying which is why they are loved by a great sum of people. People love to play and bring colors into their lives. Many YouTube channels are providing some fascinating content in the industry. “DIY” is the famous category that you can easily find on any YouTube art & craft channel.

If you have a fine taste regarding crafting and have some unique ideas or tips and tricks, then this is probably the best YouTube channel idea for you with great growth potential. Set up your art and craft channel and bring uniqueness to people’s lives.

7. Tech Reviews Channel

7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

Before buying a product, we usually see the reviews and remarks of the previous buyers on it. By keeping in mind the physique of the people, you can find a great number of people on YouTube sharing their reviews and ideas on particular topics, especially on tech products.

These YouTube channels usually have a great number of subscriptions. Also, many renowned companies approach them so that they can review their products (also known as PR packages). This is commonly known as influencer marketing and definitely benefits the YouTuber. If you are a techy person or you believe you can give a great critique on tech products and gadgets then don’t waste your time by sitting back on a couch. Go for this channel idea and launch your YouTube career.

More YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

In addition to the above mentioned 7 YouTube channel ideas, you can also use the following niches for your YouTube channel:

  • Documentary Channel: If you are interested in historical and mysterious places or events, and have the talent to tell stories then opt for a documentary channel.
  • Gaming Channel: Are you a gaming enthusiast? If yes, then you can show off your thrilling wins by recording your video game clips.
  • Makeup & Skincare Tutorials: Makeup and skincare pampering YouTube videos are the most lovable among girls. You can name it is as the best YouTube video idea for teenage girls.
  • Comedy Sketches: Compile your humorous mindset with great visionary content to show off your comedy sketches as a YouTuber.
  • Books Review Channel: If you love reading and have a sharp eye on the strong and weak aspects of a write-up then a book reviews channel is perfect for you.

Bottom Line

YouTube is the most popular social media platform with great digital content and offers a no-barrier entry-level for everyone. For a beginner, it’s hard to stand out as a YouTuber in a crowded marketplace. Yet, we’ve managed to solve the quest and have brought a list of the 7 best YouTube channel ideas that have vast growth potential for beginners.

So if you have some awesome creative ideas or any hidden talent that can easily gain people’s attention then don’t hold it back. Share it to educate people and watch yourself growing as a famous YouTuber in your niche.

Let me know what is your favorite YouTube niche from this write-up by commenting down below!

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