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9 Thriving Artificial Intelligence Based Startup Ideas

9 Thriving Artificial Intelligence Based Startup Ideas

We are all well aware of the extensive usage and impact of artificial intelligence (AI). The amount of data available to us now is more than ever, all thanks to artificial intelligence. These databases give us insights to understand the particular issues. Knowing the problems and suggested solutions with AI generates numerous AI-based startup ideas.

AI is a field that can be applied in any specific domain. The domain range for AI-based startup ideas can be finance, travel, medicine, entertainment, education, and the list goes on. 

People working in different fields lose creativity because of repetitive, monotonous tasks. AI reduces the burden of repetitive tasks, whether they are manual or intellectual. This facility has led to so many Artificial Intelligence (AI) based startups. The best startups for artificial intelligence are the ones that save a lot of time and are cost-effective. Companies and individuals are launching AI products to ease well-being.

How Can I Make Money With Artificial Intelligence?

The future is with artificial intelligence. There are tons of job opportunities and business ideas within AI development. For instance, a simple AI-based app can be a great way to make money. If you have studied machine learning and artificial intelligence, share your knowledge with others. You can create and publish an online book about robotics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning. In a nutshell, you can make money teaching artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Based Startup Ideas

I have come up with a list of 9 promising startup ideas combined with AI for you. Let’s explore these ideas together!

1. AI-Driven Healthcare Startup Ideas 

Artificial intelligence is already being used in the health care industry. The reason behind the popularity of AI in medicine is accuracy. It can help doctors to examine patients more accurately. During the covid-19 pandemic, the primary concern was to minimize the spread of the virus. AI has been used to recognize these patterns and trends. This technology helps to predict the spread of diseases using data. Moreover, it enables adopting preventive measures in any specific area. Human beings need more effective AI technologies to deal with global situations. 

2. AI for Home Management

Digitalizing the home can make house appliances smarter. The sole purpose of this startup idea is to make home management easy. Home automation enables owners to manage their houses with a few clicks. It allows home managers to control the system at any place and at any time. The home automation startup ideas can be introducing smart washing machines, smart TVs, and smart refrigerators. These machines are smart because they can transfer data or simply they can talk with owners. For example, smart washing machines can send you an alert when detergent is out of stock. 

3. AI-Based Cybersecurity Startup Ideas

AI and ML can be used for cybersecurity and traditional security. It can accurately predict what errors are about to occur in the system. Companies can repair that weakness in the system before it exposes itself to hackers. AI can help recognize and fight cyberattacks. Individuals need solutions for personal cybersecurity against malicious attacks. This technology can help to recognize if a call is fake or a suspicious file is being sent.

4. E-learning AI Based Startup Ideas

Due to global lockdown, there is a rise in online tutoring. This trend of online education increases the workload on teachers. Faculty members are supposed to use many strategies to engage students. At this hour of need, AI-based start-ups ideas for education can be the best. One way to lower teachers’ burden is to automate the assessment creation part. Algorithms can understand any text, mark out the important concepts and create assessments automatically from the data. AI can be used to create a new chapter with only learning objectives. This idea can be a big help for content creators in the field of education. 

5. Virtual Assistant AI Startup Ideas 

We have some great virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana. However, they may be costly for the masses. People need more precise and efficient assistants in an approachable budget. This requires a lot of understanding of language processing, IoT, and speech translation to develop a user-friendly virtual assistant. But this hard work can turn into profitable revenue.

6. Marketing AI Startup Ideas

The success of market strategies depends on understanding customer behaviors. Marketing needs a lot of experience and knowledge to make a successful marketing strategy. AI can be used to collect data and predict the best marketing approaches and models. Chatbots can entertain queries from multiple customers with little effort. By using it efficiently, researchers and marketers can get a significant advantage.

7. Efficient Energy Consumption with AI

Humans have been using massive amounts of energy. Our natural resources and handmade energy sources are not producing enough energy. It has become a global challenge to supply energy in accordance with the needs of the masses. AI has great potential in the future design of the energy system. AI evaluates for a more efficient supply. This incorporates the consumers intelligently into the system contributing to a clean energy grid

8. AI for Entertainment 

Both the AI industry and the entertainment industry are huge. AI has been used in film production since forever as it helps to maintain the picture quality. The entertainment industry is booming with the usage of AI. Companies are turning to AI to create personalized experiences for billions of users. Language has been a barrier for many artists. In the era of digital media, AI-based language translators are a great idea. Or perhaps, you can develop an AI-based app to find suitable hashtags for content. The sky’s the limit!

9. AI-Based Fitness Coach 

AI-based fitness apps can help people achieve their fitness goals at home. It can work as a virtual coach who can help them design a complete exercise schedule for them. Not only this, but AI applications can also guide people if they are doing the exercise correctly or not. People can monitor their exercise needs for the day as well as their daily intake of nutritional content using AI applications. You can develop an app for yoga instructions. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to cater to millions of customers for fitness startups.

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is gaining traction every day. We are using it intentionally or even without being aware of it. AI has been affecting businesses, work, and our lives. Soon AI will be everywhere. Everything will be related, directly or indirectly, to AI. For this reason, you need to focus on AI-based startup ideas. 

A business idea combined with AI will be a future successful startup idea. By understanding AI and using it efficiently, you can bring value to your business. Now, 2021 is the best time to start your business combined with AI.

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