10 Best Micro SaaS Ideas for a Profitable Venture in 2021

10 Best Micro SaaS Ideas for a Profitable Venture in 2021

If you are thinking of starting a small SaaS company, this article is for you. Micro SaaS has been around for a long time, but only recently did it gain traction because of its agility. For individuals and companies who are looking to take their business to the next level or the ones who want to start a successful business, micro SaaS business ideas are a great way. SaaS ideas are not limited to one niche. It can vary from the simplest to the complicated business apps. Demand for SaaS services is high; making them is extremely profitable. But you need to choose your SaaS startup idea wisely to turn your idea into a profitable micro SaaS business.

Before jumping into the best SaaS ideas, learn what micro SaaS ideas are and why they are so important in today’s world.

What is a Micro SaaS?

Software as a service is the business model for Today. The reason for their popularity is easy to access. Customers can easily use the software as a service through a web interface using a desktop or mobile app. SaaS businesses target an extremely narrow market. SaaS business is run by one person or a very small team. The small SaaS companies are location-independent. There is no need for outside funding to make your SaaS business idea successful. SaaS solutions provide service to solve very basic problems. 

How to come up with SaaS Ideas?

To come up with a successful SaaS business idea, you first need to decide on your department. Then find out the problem faced by most of the audience in this group. Paying attention to the problem faced by the people is really important. Good SaaS startup ideas are ones that solve problems. As refined small SaaS companies target a very specific niche and limited market. Define your target audience and understand them. You can use different platforms and social media to understand well your targeted audience and their problem. Then offer people the best SaaS solution.

Below is the ultimate list of the 10 profitable micro-SaaS business ideas for 2021. These micro SaaS startup ideas can change into a profitable software as a service business making them compatible with the targeted audiences.

The Ultimate List of Micro SaaS Ideas for 2021

1. Marketing Automation SaaS Ideas

People from around the world can connect through social media. These days social media platforms have a huge number of users that turn social media into a potential platform for marketing. Many businesses have started using social media as a method of reaching out to their consumers, whether by posting pictures of their businesses or running advertisements. Now demand for marketing automation software has increased for social media. This software can manage social media posts, SMS, Email for accompaniment. 

But with emerging demand, there is space for more.

2. Telehealth Care SaaS Ideas 

While trying to attain the best health conditions, distance is a big barrier. Because of climate change, the need for medical facilities is growing more than ever. Telehealth enables people to access health care from a distance. With the Telehealth SaaS services, doctors can consult with their patients online. With the increase in demand for telemedicine, the industry is highly profitable and has a great deal of demand. This SaaS idea provides remote patient monitoring and mobile health. 

3. Team Communication SaaS Ideas

Communicating with teammates becomes an issue for everyone due to COVID-19. This pandemic situation has not only affected one country or a specific area but the whole world is still facing it. Many applications already offer team collaboration. But this has more space and is ready to grow. Team communication software makes it possible to discuss projects while staying at home. The industry needs some revolutionary AI-based SaaS services to take communication to another level.

4. Video Editing SaaS Ideas

In the world of digital marketing, video content is the traffic booster. Companies and individuals create exciting videos to sell their products or services. Many software is on the market for professional video editors. But not all the time do we want to have a professional editor to edit videos for us. Nonprofessionals find it difficult to use this software. This is where the need for a video editing SaaS solution appears. Video editing SaaS solutions can be great micro SaaS business ideas as people love video content more than any other type of media. 

5. Content Planning SaaS Ideas

Content planning SaaS solutions can prove a great deal. Content creators face the big problem of planning their content. It is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Planning helps you to work more effectively, no matter what is your role. It helps you to achieve your goals. To solve these problems, many platforms offer content planning, creation, and analysis. But there is more need for such SaaS ideas. Make your software easy to use and guide your customers on how your SaaS idea can solve their problem.

6. Virtual Assistant SaaS Ideas

As more and more companies are dealing with their customers with the help of AI-based virtual assistants. With good SaaS ideas for virtual assistants, the customer experience is improved at a low cost. It can handle planning, scheduling, SaaS, and measuring the engagement of the team. Several virtual assistant SaaS companies have taken innovative approaches to the Virtual assistant SaaS business. But there is a need for more exceptional SaaS ideas. The virtual assistant ideas can provide the best marketing strategies. It is possible to get a more accurate route to a specific market.  

7. OKR Tracking SaaS Ideas

Setting goals and keeping track of your progress are essential to success.

OKR stands for objective and key results. OKR tracking tools help companies to track their goals. Companies can track their business goals and check their outcomes. OKR tracking SaaS tools make it easier for them in the form of reports and dashboards to visualize the progress of the company. There were many worker complaints about their managers failing to communicate clear goals. These small SaaS companies can increase the chances of effective communication.

8. Freelancers CRM SaaS Ideas

Customer relationship management tools are used by businesses. These tools connect different areas of the same company and boost their performance. Freelancers CRM SaaS ideas can do the same for independent workers. Freelancers manage their whole business on their own. This overburdens them with work and affects their interaction with their customers. With these micro-SaaS ideas, you can offer a reliable tool to track interaction with their customers. A variety of profitable SaaS startup ideas can be found in Freelancers CRM software.

9. Education SaaS Ideas

All educational institutions have changed their teaching system to an online mood. Students started learning with the help of the internet more than ever. This opens the door to new micro-SaaS business ideas. Students are looking to get an education in their own homes. You can help students with online sessions or recorded videos. This SaaS business idea can solve a wide range of students’ problems. The idea could include learning for disabled students. You may be able to advise students about major career options. You should help them find out their weakness and how to turn it into a strength.

10. Tea\Coffee Round SaaS Ideas

You might be thinking about how a coffee round SaaS idea is going to sell. But trust me, no one knows its importance more than the office employees. Is it my turn to make tea? That is the most talked-about topic in any office. The question often results in endless discussion and debates. There ought to be an app that tells who is going to make tea? There is no other app like this that keeps track of rounds of tea. So there is no competition but a need – “a perfectly selling micro SaaS idea.”


A SaaS startup is a great way to start a profitable business at a low cost and with no need to worry about the location. Micro SaaS niches mentioned above are going to boom. Just focus on the problem and the solution to come up with great SaaS business ideas. Think, if it comes to tackling the same problem, how am I going to go about it? Consider all the solutions. Make a small SaaS company offering the best solutions. I wish you success with your project!

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