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3 Best Virtual Assistant Companies In The World

3 Best Virtual Assistant Companies In The World

Sometimes, you feel that you are crushing by workload and want some help for managing your all-day business tasks. Here the virtual assistant comes into play. These assistants comfort you by organizing your work and reminding you of your duties.  

They provide their services remotely to businesses or individuals to make their jobs lenient and timelier. However, several virtual assistant companies are operating and bestowing their benefits worldwide.

Are you searching for the best virtual assistant companies? Here the review of the 3 best companies operating in the world. 

Moreover, below, we have explained how you can choose the right virtual assistant company with satisfaction. Also, we have written about what should be the standard pricing for employing a virtual assistant.

Top Virtual Assistant Companies

Here are the best 3 virtual assistant companies: 

  1. WoodBows
  2. BELAY
  3. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

1. WoodBows

If you search for the best virtual assistant company, you’ll see the name of WoodBows on the top of it. It is the USA’s most extensive setup and provides satisfactory services to entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide.

The high accountability and supreme quality services are the reason behind its permanent clients. Over 1000+ clients have been benefited from their assistance, with approximately 98% of repetitious clients.

WoodBows always strive to give complete contentment and all possible features a client wants for their work. 

Main Features 

The main features they offers are:

  • The company provides highly experienced(10+ years experience) and fluent native English-speaking dedicated virtual managers.
  • They offer a 200% money-back guarantee to their clients in case of any dissatisfaction. 
  • They give 24/7 service availability with tracking status of the work via mobile and email alerts. Also, customers can contact their assistant on the phone.
  • They are providing transparent pricing with no hidden contract or setup fee. They give their customers a four steps simple and quicker VA hiring process.
  • The company offers flexible weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-Annual, and Annual payment plans.
  • They hire only 1% dedicated professionals after a 3-step hiring process. 

How To Hire A VA From WoodBows?

  • For hiring, go on the WoodBows website, request a free consultation, and explain your requirement. 
  • Then decide on a subscription plan and sign up on the website. 
  • After this process, within 24 hours, you will receive a call from your dedicated VA. 

Pricing Plans

Their US-based and Philippines/India-based virtual assistants have different pricing ranges.

  1. For Philippines/India based Virtual assistants:
  • $49 for 4 hours of service per week
  • $99 for 10 hours of service per week
  • $199 for 20 hours of service per week
  • $359 for 40 hours of service per week
  1. For US-based Virtual assistants:
  • $149 for 5 hours of services per week
  • $299 for 10 hours of services per week
  • $599 for 20 hours of services per week
  • $999 for 40 hours of services per week

Contact Details:


Another rank virtual assistant company name is BELAY. The customers get the specialist and highly able assistants as per their requirements. With more than 800 current clients worldwide, they are conveying great comfort and reliability to their clients. 

Main Features

The main features they offers are:

  • After reviewing their customers’ requirements, BELAY provides a perfect match for conferring 100% satisfaction. 
  • They deliver a variety of services and support to give their best assistance. These are travel arrangements, marketing support, calendar management, project research, social media, presentations, recurring mission tasks, C-level support, etc.
  • Additionally, they assign every customer a relationship manager along with their VA. 
  • They offer virtual bookkeeping, content writing, and web maintenance services with their trained specialists.
  • Their hiring process is also unique, and they have let out that the acceptance rate is even lower than Harvard. So, you can expect to get a professional VA for the sure success of your business.

Pricing Plans

BELAY’s price plans vary as per customers’ demands. It is the best option to directly contact the team and describe your requirements to get your customized plan.

Contact Details:

3. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

The 3rd best virtual assistant company on our list is 24/7 Virtual Assistant. The company is also included in the most trustworthy and convenient VA service providers.

Main Features

The main features they offers are:

  • Active customer support has quick queries and issues resolving systems. 
  • Clients can cancel their plans anytime without any liability fee.
  • 24/7 availability without any restriction. 

Pricing Plans

It offers two plans; one is the US plan, and the other is the offshore plan. 

  1. The US Plans: For US-based Virtual assistants.
  • Entrepreneur: $359 for 20 hours per month.
  • Starter: $699  for 40 hours per month.
  • Professional: $999 for 60 hours per month.
  • Office: $1299 for 80 hours per month.
  • Executive: $1799 for 120 hours per month.
  • VIP: $2399 for 160 hours per month
  1. Offshore Plans: For Offshore virtual assistants.
  • Entrepreneur: $299 for 30 hours per month.
  • Professional: $499 for 60 hours per month.
  • Office: $699 for 90 hours per month.
  • Executive: $899 for 120 hours per month.
  • VIP: $1099 for 160 hours per month.

Contact Details:

What to look for when choosing a virtual assistant company?

Note down; you are hiring a VA to make your work easier and quicker. Therefore, to save yourself from later complications, it is crucial to select the right one. The main thing is to find out your need and determine either a chosen virtual assistant company right for you or not. 

However, there are a few points that should be in your mind while choosing the best company. For convenience, we have written down the steps you need to follow in selecting a company quickly.

1. Shortlist companies 

So, the first thing is to shortlist the companies you think best for your business. 

For shortlisting, it is essential to learn about the services and reviews of various companies. For this, you can take help from Virtual Assistant Assistant.

This amazing platform allows people to get service details and postal reviews from consumers.

Here, the elements you should consider in the selection process to choose a virtual assistance company. 

  • Individual-grade And Business-grade VA companies

Firstly, it is essential to know what your needs are. The virtual assistant companies can be categorized into two grades. 

Individual-grade provides services for individual clients with less complex services like social media management, email answering, scheduling, etc. 

While a Business-grade provider offers many laborious services to small and huge businesses, similarly, it costs more as you hire a specialized skill set according to your demand.

  • Task-Based Assistance or Dedicated Assistants 

The second thing to check is whether you need task-based or dedicated assistance. These are the two types from which you can select a VA service according to your want. Some companies offer either one type and some both services. 

Task-Based assistance is impersonal, so when you send a task to the company, the available VA completes it. Although it is less expensive, it also depends on your task nature. For this service,  usually, you have to pay the decided amount one time as per company rules.

A Dedicated Assistant will be your everyday VA, so you have personal contact with him. There you have a chance to train and guide him/her about your business’s important facets. Also, you have to purchase a monthly package of a set of daily/weekly hours. 

  • Onshore And Offshore VA Companies

Onshore companies are located in your country. They may have several benefits and reduce certain issues. The native assistants work in your time zone. Also, they can speak your language and can easily understand your working criteria. 

The Offshore virtual assistant company can be anywhere in the world. Usually, the companies in Asia and other such regions have less English fluency, and your VA may take some time to catch your points.

However, it is just a general perspective about these companies. You can choose either by checking their expertise and other explained factors.

2. Selection From The Shortlisted Companies

Finally, it’s time to choose one, and the best way to do this is to speak to these companies. Try to get complete satisfaction about your all queries and then select one. 

The queries may vary to one’s need. The most general questions you should ask are about their candidate hiring process and priorities while choosing an assistant. Also, ask about the worth of language skills for them and their starting procedure.

Other most important questions, never forget to ask; how they tackle time zone differences, their backup assistant policy in case of any emergency, and can you meet your VA before finalizing him.

After getting sufficient answers, choose the company from all available options that satisfied you the most. 

How much do virtual assistant companies charge?

If you want to inquire how much a virtual assistant can charge, honestly, it isn’t easy to estimate. Your VA can charge between $1 to $100 or more as it depends on several aspects. Usually, these are:

  • The kind or a variety of tasks they will perform for you.
  • The total hours of their services.
  • The experience they have.

Primarily, these are the primary facets that can give you a little assistance. 

However, we have mentioned a general rough estimate of how much US-based VA can charge for various duties. 

For the services that usually entrepreneurs like real estate professionals require SEO, social media marketing, etc., the standard rates are $10-$20 or more for an hour.

If you are hiring an assistant for administrative services, like reminding you about your meeting calls, managing your contact lists,  emails, phone calls, etc., you’ll most likely pay between $15-$20 or more per hour. 

If you want a VA to perform some higher administration tasks for you, then the rates will be excreted. These may be company proposals and schedule preparations etc.  The amount may be exceeded to $30-$40 or more per hour in such a case.

Besides, the experience of VA provided by the company also counts;  a great experience means higher charging rates. 

Mainly, these companies offer weekly or monthly payment plans, so you can also grab one from these that suits you best.

Lastly, as we have mentioned earlier, these estimates are US-based, but the worker’s locality also matters. Usually, European and American-based companies have higher rates than Asian countries.


Now, you have sufficient knowledge to hire the best VA. Also, you can consider these 3 top-ranked virtual assistant companies to get quality and reliable services. 

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