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CyberLandr™ Received $50m Pre-Orders For Tesla CyberTruck!

CyberLandr™ Received $50m Pre-Orders For Tesla's CyberTruck

Tesla CyberTruck hasn’t arrived yet but enthusiasts are already planning to customize their CyberTruck.  

After unveiling the CyberTruck, CEO, Elon Musk said that the electric pickup truck is going to be offered with “sick attachments”. And now third parties are marking “sick attachments” for this sick pickup truck just like CyberLandr™.

CyberLandr™, an RV attachment that made its unholy debut nearly a month ago is in great demand. Stream It says that it had already received pre-orders totaling 50 million for its Tesla CyberTruck RV add ons, CyberLandr. Its demand is so high that their pre-orders jump straight up. 

“Preorders have continued at a rapid pace and already represent more than $50 million in future revenue,”

Company was quoted as saying in reports.

The reports said that the project is quite unique. It looks like a cram bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office in an automatically deployable camper out of Cybertruck’s bed. Jeeeeeez! We heading straight to a mini-camp!

The company teased enthusiasts in a short video clip. 

Now you’ll be able to leave home without even having to leave home!

Talking about its design, it looks interesting. According to the company’s website, each Cybertruck add-on will include such amenities as a “Chef’s Kitchen,” 32” 4K UHD Smart TV with surround sound, alarm system, “spa-inspired” bathroom, free-standing detachable seats, and a full Starlink set up so you never need to unplug from society, no matter how far you are physically removed from it. 

The irony? No estimated release date, and no detailed size specifications, but that hasn’t stopped it from raising $50 million from pre-order deposits. Yes. $50 million. 

It’s kinda dumb that you pay a hell amount for something that is unavailable in the market or just being displayed digitally. These projects need to be tested again and again to have a better experience for customers.  

For instance, did you remember the launch of Tesla’s CyberTruck? If not, let us remind you what happened on stage during the first look of Tesla CyberTruck.

Here you can see clearly, the glass shattered into pieces. Elon Musk didn’t believe that it would happen. What does this explain? You need to figure it out yourself! 

If you are somehow convinced of the CyberLandr™’s worth and have money to literally burn, you can still put in either a $1000 or $100 down payment, which will knock a respective 12 percent and 10 percent off the glamping add-on’s nearly $50,000 price tag. 

If you want more details on CyberLandr™. Check out their website:

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts with us! 

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Written by Hammad Khalid

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