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eSports, Global Business, and Worldwide Brand Promotion

eSports , Global business and worldwide brand promotion

With the growing innovation where everything around you has been transformed into digital, but what about sports? Are sports being converted digital? That’s where eSports walks into the room.

What is eSports?

eSports compactly is a competitive video gaming sport where players show their skills virtually sitting on chairs in video games. A couple of years ago video games were only a part of leisure activities but now the buzz is enormous.

Apart from producing many celebrities and the provision of quality entertainment through-out the world, eSports offers much more.

Like any other sports, eSports has also an audience, and a considerably enormous audience. eSports is now a popular entertainment source worldwide. It’s popular in the masses globally.

The recorded amount of viewers is huge. The number is around 150 million viewers worldwide. As a great point of attention, it attracted the companies and brands instantly.

Companies invest money in organizing leagues where worldwide players represent their countries, compete, and win prizes of up to millions of dollars. Companies also hire players that have exceptional skills and popularity.

This has also motivated and made many teenagers start gaming and improve their skills and this is now a reality that gaming can become a full-time job. Earning profits of a successful Gamer is incomparable to any other job.

How much does eSports earn?

As a professional player with valuable gaming skills, organizations and teams hire them with salaries of up to 5000 $ per month.

Leagues and tournaments also have huge cash prizes for winners so that also provides immense fortune.

You can also earn from gaming live streaming where people come to see gaming skills for entertainment. High like and viewer counts produce hundreds of dollars as well.

This is also a fact that gaming trends provide huge traffic on sites that provide streaming options like Twitch and YouTube, resulting in billions of dollars in business.

eSports and International Brands

International brands with high global renown and huge product consumption like Coca-Cola, red bull, dew, and television channel ESPN which broadcasts live eSport events invest millions of dollars which provides them expensive profits and tremendous marketing and popularity among gaming freaks and youngsters especially.

eSport as a business has been majorly accepted by all the famous business companies and eSport is itself an industry and has great economic values.

What are Popular eSport games?

People question which game to play to become a professional eSport player. So the reply is that the trend always keeps changing and you never know which game becomes popular so it’s hard to claim.

Some very popular and trending games of eSports these days are:

  • Counter-strike
  • Tekken
  • DotA 2
  • Leagues of legend

These games have millions of Players worldwide and are popular.

Modern eSports and Gaming Tech

After eSports has been declared a rightful industry, tech companies are developing new technologies to improve and innovate gaming experience and viewer entertainment as well.

AR games and VR technology games are now Major all over the world and used in eSport events as well.

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