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HBAR Price Prediction. What Is Cardano Worth in 2022?

HBAR Price Prediction. What Is Cardano Worth in 2022?

If you plan on investing in cryptocurrencies, you will need to consider the so-called ‘altcoins.’ This term applies to any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin (BTC). For many years, Bitcoin was a perfect investment vehicle. Nowadays, you cannot expect a gain above 100% a year with that cryptocurrency. Although such a gain percentage is not bad, other cryptocurrencies can give you more significant profit.

But what type of altcoin should you consider for investing? After all, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market nowadays. Cryptocurrencies associated with innovative technological projects are the most promising investment vehicles. Choose a blockchain project that brings something new to the table or a novel application of blockchain technology. Some projects like Hedera Hashgraph are highly innovative even without using blockchain technology.

Would you like to invest in HBAR, the native utility token of the Hedera network? Then, we invite you to continue reading. We present a forecast for this token, beginning with 2022 and ending with an HBAR price prediction of 2030.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Price Prediction 2022-2030

The HBAR token was first available for purchase during an initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2018. Each token had a value of $0.12 at the time. It reached its all-time high value on September 16, 2021, trading at $0.5701. In mid-March, this token sells for approximately $0.20. Several experts believe that the HBAR price will skyrocket in 2022, reaching $2.5. It will end the year at $2.0.

This tremendous growth will continue in the following years. In 2023, HBAR could sell at $4.0 per token. In 2025, it will sell for $7.0 or even $7.5. With such explosive growth, HBAR will sell at no less than $8.0 in 2030. Hence, if you buy HBAR tokens in March 2022, you could increase the value of your investment by a 10x factor by the end of the year. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and even the best-thought forecasts could be wrong.

The total supply of this digital asset is 50 billion HBAR tokens. That explains the low cost per unit. As of mid-March 2022, there are over 19.5 billion tokens in circulation. Therefore, you have ample opportunity to invest in this digital asset. According to forecasts, you can increase your investment dramatically within a relatively very short time.

Cardano, an Excellent Investment Alternative in 2022

If you are unsure whether to invest in Hedera Hashgraph, yes you can consider Cardano. Below, you can find a Cardano forecast for the remainder of this year. This project is also highly innovative. The Cardano blockchain is often referred to as a third-generation blockchain. Cardano outperforms first and second-generation blockchains in terms of security and functionality. Cardano will support smart contracts soon, becoming a solid competitor to the Ethereum platform.

The Cardano blockchain has its own cryptocurrency, ADA. This digital coin ranks among the most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The total supply of Cardano is 45 billion ADA coins, of which over 33.6 billion are already in circulation. This coin set its all-time high price on September 2, 2021, at $3.10. As of min-March 2022, this coin sells at approximately $0.80.

Some experts think the ADA price could go above the $4 line in 2022. Accordingly, this coin would set a new all-time high within the next few months. However, more conservative analysts believe the ADA price will be below that mark by this year. Experts with Digital Coin expect this cryptocurrency to trade at $2.0330088 by the end of 2022. Analysts with Wallet Investor are more optimistic and forecast $3.240 for the same period.

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