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Non-Customer Service Jobs

Every day, millions of people force themselves out of their bed for daily grind where they are doing jobs they hate. Daily 9-5 in frontline customer dealing jobs can be brutal and soul-crushing for introverts or for individuals who don’t like people. If you are a part of this group of people, you would definitely be resonating with the situation. 

The best solution is to get yourself your desired job – non-customer-facing jobs. However, you need to make sure it pays off all your bills and helps you generate a well-settled life. So, if you are looking for a job with no customer interaction and that is high-paying too then my friend, your search ends here!

Following are the 17 high-paying non customer service jobs that you can do easily and earn a living. Most of them are typical entry-level jobs that don’t even require a specific degree so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Best Non-Customer Service Jobs

1. Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: $110,140

Software development is a career for people who are good at solving problems, have a grasp of aptitude for mathematics, and knows how to program. This non-customer service job idea is high in demand and a high-paying job. 

What does a software developer do? Software developers are the creative minds behind all the amazing software we use nowadays. They retrieve data to analyze the design and maintain the software that solves online users’ needs. Dealing with SaaS technologies is their stuff.

2. Actuary 

Average Annual Salary: $111,030

If you are good with finances then you can be an Actuary and earn some big money. Aan Actuary works in the financial department of a company which means no communication with customers. However, you sure need to have a degree or proper training record to become a pro analyst.

What does an actuary do? They are finance professionals who use the theory of finance, statistics, and math. They use their knowledge to estimate the uncertainty or risk of future events mainly concerned with insurance. They help reduce clients’ risks without interacting directly with clients.

3. Statistician 

Average Annual Salary: $93,290

Contrary to popular belief, statisticians and accountants are different fields of work. Although both careers are associated with analyzing numbers and reporting the results in a standardized way.

What does a statistician do? A statistician compiles a wide range of information and interprets the data to help a company, client, or institution in making the final decisions. The job outlook is pretty much a piece of cake if you’re a statistician at the brain.

4. 3D Animation Artist 

Average Annual Salary: $77,700

The coolest career path for an artist is 3D animations. The whole concept speaks aesthetics and creativity. If you have a degree or a relevant technical degree, you can get paid good bucks in this job line. There is very little customer interaction for a 3D Animation artist hence, this job outlook is a good option as a non-customer-facing job.

What does a 3D Animator do? His job is to define concept art into its three-dimensional completion. Moreover, he generates rolling images using digital models or software.

5. Food Stylist

Average Annual Salary: $67,603

If you are good at decorating every single meal and you are a believer in jaw-dropping food presentation, then you should apply for a food stylist job. You can calm your inner introvert by joining such a field of less client interaction. Best of all is that you only need typical entry-level education to make it into this field.

What does a food stylist do? Food stylists are responsible for making aesthetic and appetizing presentations of the food for a food company, an individual client (influencer), or a restaurant. The purpose is generally advertising of the meals.

6. Technical Writer

Average Annual Salary: $66,548

Writing is a diversified field and almost all of its branches are free of any customer service dealing. One of the most high-paying non-customer service jobs is none other than technical writing. There’s never a need for a degree and you can also join it at an entry-level position. No matter what degree you possess, if your words have the power to convey the information and instructions you are good to be a technical writer.

What does a technical writer do? The job description is pretty simple. A technical writer is to write exceptional content that increases the brand presence of a company. Researching, analyzing, and effectively jotting down the information is what it means to be a technical writer.

7. Surveyor 

Average Annual Salary: $65,590

Someone with a keen interest in properties and land industries can be a good surveyor. You work in an environment where you need to deal with employees and employers. A person with relevant educational background can opt for this career choice.

What does a surveyor do? A surveyor determines land features, for example, shape and depth by precise measurements. They are responsible for providing data for engineering and construction industries. Map-making that is relevant to the project is also a part of their job.

8. Researcher

Average Annual Salary: $60,079

People who have good research skills have the chance to become professional researchers. Obviously, this job title can help a person to earn a hefty amount of money. If you have a creative and technical mindset, the research department awaits your services.

What does a researcher do? As the name suggests, the duties of a researcher include analyzing the data to conclude an authentic and credible source of information. They use different tools to interpret data and information and write reports based on their findings.

9. Zoologist

Average Annual Salary: $66,350

If you love studying animals and hate to do a customer service job, there would be no better option than being a zoologist. Zoologists are scientists of animal study, including the origin and development of different animal species. Now, you need a zoology degree to start a career in this field.

What does a zoologist do? They observe animals in the laboratory to organize and finalize their research papers. A zoologist’s job is to include collecting zoological data and writing scientific articles. Something technical but doesn’t require you to bear customer interactions.

10. Video Editor 

Average Annual Salary: $61,900

Have you got some great editing skills? If yes then this is the best job idea you can ever get. A video editor is another popular high-paying non-customer service job. Again it is an entry-level grunt job that doesn’t require you to have a background in technology or possessing a degree. All you need is some personal training. You can also charge an hourly rate by working as a freelancer. Cheers to that!

What does a video editor do? To be a video editor you don’t need any specific degree. All you need is to acquire skills like managing the camera, sound, graphics, and effects to edit a video or film footage.

11. Truck Driver

Average Annual Salary: $47,130

What is better than being a truck driver to avoid any customer interaction – A bonus if you love driving. It is one of the most definitive job posts that lies in the category of non-customer service jobs. You don’t need a professional degree to become eligible for this vacancy. However, your employer may ask you for a relevant training background and a driving license.

What does a truck driver do? Truck drivers transport goods from one place to another location for about 8-12 hours in a single day. The job is to carefully drive all day and getting good pay at the end of the day.

12. Heavy Equipment Operator

Average Annual Salary: $65,893

Have you ever heard of this term before? I bet you didn’t. Well, today you’re going to find out about this perfect job post that could be a big career opportunity for you. Since this non-customer service job is not so popular, you can get over the competition easily.

What does a heavy equipment operator do? Unlike truck drivers, they take heavy equipment that is mostly used in construction sites, roads, bridges, oil, and gas. This job needs extra care to safely transport the material from one place to another. Moreover, you need to be an expert in driving heavy trawlers and vehicles.

13. Archivist 

Average Annual Salary: $56,760

If you have a degree in archival science, public administration, political science, or a related field then you should look into being an archivist. Just like all the others on the list, this job doesn’t deal with customers. However, your handling with databases must be good enough to grab this opportunity in a reputed firm.

What does an archivist do? Their job is to create, organize, preserve and have access to computer records or archive databases. They maintain data with long-term value and assist users in reference services.

14. Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Average Annual Salary: $54,180

Clinical laboratory technologist is not so popular but a high-paying and non-customer service job. Anyone with relevant educational background can opt for this career opportunity.

What does a clinical laboratory technologist do? They have to run complex tests and laboratory procedures. A clinical laboratory performs tests requested by healthcare personnel such as surgeons and physicians. To work as a clinical laboratory scientist, you need a bachelor’s degree with a postsecondary certificate and license.

15. Paralegals

Average Annual Salary: $52,920

Paralegal, also known as a legal assistant, is one of job that has a lot of earning potential with no customer interaction. You need to go through the legal stuff, documents, laws, and regulations in this field. Having a relevant degree is also crucial to become a paralegal.

What does a paralegal do? The main job is to provide support to lawyers. Paralegals maintain legal documents, call on legal witnesses, maintain a legal library, and more. To be a paralegal you need to conduct occasional interviews and proceed with investigations and statistical research.

16. Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $53,380

Are you creative? Do you like designing? Then the best popular career nowadays where no customer interaction is involved in Graphic designing. Being a graphics designer doesn’t ask for a college degree. You can self-learn and train this skill and earn millions.

What does a graphic designer do? Graphic designers are creative artists who design eye-catching and aesthetic-looking images including brand logos and cards, product designing, digital paintings, and much more. The purpose is to create brand awareness, attract customers and boost sales through graphics.

17. Medical Transcription

Average Annual Salary: $35,270

Medical transcription is one of the easiest and low-stressful jobs compared to other medical soul-crushing duties. Having a degree in medicine helps you to enter the field. However, it doesn’t get that tough as other medical services would.

What does a medical transcriptionist do? As the name suggests, they take dictated voice memos from medical professionals or other health care practitioners and transcribe the audio recordings into the written medical reports for future use. 


1. What jobs require no talking?

Technical writing and accounting are the two popular jobs where talking isn’t necessarily required. All you need to deal with is paperwork and convey documented services with added value.

2. What jobs allow you to work alone?

There are several jobs that you can do alone without having any colleague or boss to interact with. However, they might need some upfront interaction with clients. Examples include:

  • Video Editor 
  • Graphics Designer
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

3. What jobs are introverts good at?

Freelancing jobs are the best option for introverts because it doesn’t require much communication with people. No matter which skill you want to sell, you can sell, freelancing makes it much more like a non-customer service job.

4. Is It Easy to Find a Non-Customer Service Job?

With the help of modern technologies, finding a job that doesn’t require customer interaction is not a difficult task anymore. Newspapers, job offering sites, blogs, and digital platforms help one find his/her dream job.

Bottom Line

The non-customer service jobs do allow your introverted self to work at peace without being interrupted by other people. You need to know that some of the above-mentioned jobs do require upfront communication for collecting information and details about the work at hand. But, most of their jobs and duties don’t require any customer interaction.

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