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How To Start A Tutoring Business? [5 Steps To Get Started]

How To Start A Tutoring Business

You may want to start your tutoring business in 2021. But you have no idea how to start a tutoring business. Here are 5 simple steps to help you get started your tutoring business the right way.

1. Know your Tutoring Niche

Your tutoring niche is the subject you are teaching. It is best practice to keep your niche as specific as possible. Besides your interest, it is recommended to choose a subject in higher demand. 

You can teach language, arts, history, etc. STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, is a niche most students find difficulty with. 

When you have come up with a subject for your tutoring business. The next thing is narrowing down the age levels you are going to teach. Don’t make the mistake of trying to teach everyone. Defining your preferred age will make you stand as an expert tutor for a group of certain ages.

2. Choose Software and Tools for your Tutoring Business

You need tools and software to start a tutoring business. Here is a list of core equipment for your tutoring business:


Your students must be able to see as they are used to seeing teachers in physical classes. You have two options. The first is to use a webcam that is already built into your laptop. The second one is to buy an external webcam. Attach it to your laptop or desktop. Fix it at a suitable angle so you don’t have to set it every time you start teaching. 

A Pair of Headphones

Not the fancy one, but the one with the best sound quality. You can start a tutoring business without headphones. But without it, there will be echoes in tutoring sessions. As you speak to your student or they ask you a query. There will be noise with actual sound. Add headphones to the prerequisites for starting your tutoring business. 

Video Call Software

This is actually how you are going to make a video call with your students. There is plenty of video calling software, paid and free. In my opinion, zoom is the best option to use. Zoom offers you 40 minutes free sessions. It is easy to use. It works for one to one person calls or group meetings. You can share your screen with people. 

Online Whiteboard Softwares

It is a must, especially if you are teaching subjects like Mathematics. You may want to consider a wooden whiteboard. The problem is here to make it available for your students. You need another camera to record it. With an online board, you can just share and that’s it. It allows your students to point out the things they are confused about.

3. Set up a Tutoring Place

The noise behind you can ruin your whole tutoring business. No matter how much effort you put into it. You need a calm, peaceful, and silent space to start a tutoring business. Just imagine the environment you want in your classroom while learning. 

Now it is not necessarily a luxurious office or a decorated classroom. You can have your rooms as your workplace. It is work from home. It works best if you are teaching online. 

If you have started your tutoring business and decided to go for in-person tutoring, you need to consider the option of working as a home tutor. You go to your student’s house and teach them. This way making a study environment is no more an issue for you. 

4. Set Your Rates as a Tutor

You have decided on your field and all the tools you need to start online tutoring. The next step is to set your rates. It is the hardest thing for many people. 

Because as a tutor, you want to be affordable for your student. But you also want to be paid according to your expertise. So here is a struggle to find the right price. 

There is no perfect price to charge as a tutor. You need to find the price which works for you. To make it affordable for your students is good. But you must be able to pay bills too. Otherwise, you are gonna lose your motivation to work hard for your tutoring business. 

Check out the market rates. You can get an idea by visiting tutoring sites. Read their pricing policies. It will help for sure. Have a look at other well-ranked tutoring profiles. 

Don’t charge 30$ because someone is doing so. You know your worth and expertise, so charge accordingly. 

5. Find Your Students 

You have decided to start your online tutoring business. But as a new tutor, you have no idea where to find your students online. 

Before giving any tips to find your potential clients, I want to give you some positive affirmations. Write it down and it will help you to stay motivated along the journey. 

There is an abundance of students for you to work with. Having a positive mindset will set your tutoring business on success. So don’t get discouraged if things don’t go smoothly. 

If you are starting an online tutoring business, your students are not always in the other part of the world. You may teach online, but you can have your next-door neighbor. Let your family and friends, you are starting an online tutoring business.

Pro Tip: Find your first few students in your local community. You may know them personally, it will help to create a trustful environment. 

So – That’s all about how to start a tutoring business! To help you start more confidently, I have answered a few scorching questions about the tutoring business. 

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring is quite different from in-person teaching. You don’t need a degree to start, but a deep knowledge of your subject. Here is how to start your online tutoring business following simple steps. 

  1. Set Up An Online Tutoring Profile: 

You can either sign up on different tutoring sites like Preply. Make your profile stand out by adding certifications or videos about you and your services. If you want to take full charge of the tutoring business. No need for an intermediary. Build your tool kit. 

2. Reach Out To New Students: 

You get all the resources to dedicate to your tutoring business. Now is the time to actually make money and help students.

Tutoring sites are a great place to start. Students shared their problems and you can compost the best solution for them by offering services. If you are a full-time teacher, ask your existing students if any one of them needs help. 

3. Market Your Tutoring Business: 

Share about your tutoring services on all your social profiles. Let your social circle know you provide help with a specific subject. Get your LinkedIn profile, if you don’t have one. Optimized it for your tutoring business.

Here is a Pro Tip for marketing your tutoring business: Don’t try to get in front of everyone, but only potential clients.

Is Online Tutoring Worth it?

Pandemic forces everyone to adopt a new learning style: online tutoring. Now we have an honest review of whether online tutoring is effective or not? The answer can be yes or no. There are a number of factors to consider, including the resources available, the age of students, etc. 

The age group of your students contributes a lot. If they are too young, for example. It’s really tough to hold their attention. But if your students are cooperative and willing to learn, online teaching sessions go really well.

Another important thing on the list is the internet connection. Tutors and students with poor internet connections will be adversely affected. Both you and your students won’t benefit. Fix your internet first!

How Much Money Can You Make As An Online Tutor?

According to Preply, the average hourly rate for an online tutor is $18.30 (USD). If you want to calculate your hourly rate as an online tutor, try to answer the three following questions. 

  1. What Subjects Are You Teaching? 

Difficult subjects like Calculus can help you earn more money. More students find difficulty with subjects like maths. So you have got a large potential client for your tutoring business. 

2. What Are Your Teaching Hours Per Week?

The amount you will make from the tutoring business will vary with your number of students and working hours. 

  1. How Do You Find New Students? 

It does not affect your business revenue directly, but it does. Don’t limit yourself only to a few traditional ways of finding students. Try our different strategies and see what works best for you. 

Bottom Line

This is all about how to start a tutoring business. You should have a strategy in place before starting your tutoring business. Decide what your niche is. Be prepared with all your tools.

Start Your Tutoring Business The Right Way!

So what do you think? Tutoring is something you plan to take up now, right? Tell me in the comments.

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