Reasons Why Every Ecommerce Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Small, medium, and large corporations have realized the value of online presence. It explains why most businesses are heavily investing in business websites. Indeed, there has been a significant proliferation of eCommerce websites as managers try to reap the many benefits that come with it. According to Nasdaq projections, by 2040, 95% of all retail sales will be done via eCommerce websites.

But having a website and having a perfect website are two different things. Your eCommerce should be excellently designed, well functioning, optimized for SEO and mobile functionality, and most importantly, it should be secure.

You must consider these inevitable features and budget for them if you want your website to succeed. Today, we will pay attention to one of the most crucial features you need on your eCommerce website- The SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The secure sockets layer (popularly abbreviated as SSL) certificate is an encryption protocol that secures clients’ and servers’ sessions by concealing them from interceptors and cyberattackers. SSL applies data encryption algorithms by converting raw traffic to ciphertexts, creating a safe browsing experience for web visitors. Once the SSL is installed on your website, your eCommerce will make the crucial HTTP to HTTPS migration, a vital process for the security of all eCommerce websites.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate For my eCommerce Website?

Some people believe that because they do not process any payments or their websites do not hold any sensitive data, they do not require an SSL certificate. However, you must know that hackers are not only after your bank details.

As it turns out, even a simple email could give hackers a clue about your sensitive information. Additionally, Google marks websites without SSL certificates as “not secure.” There are several reasons why your eCommerce website needs an SSL certificate.

Benefits of SSL Certificate on eCommerce Websites

The following are the reasons why you need an SSL certificate for your eCommerce website;

1.    Better Website Security

Cybersecurity threats are a growing menace. Each day, we hear of websites being hacked. Who is to blame? Should we blame the hackers or the web admins for their incompetence? As much as the hackers have become so rampant, part of the problem is caused by web admins who fail to ensure adequate website security. And the cost of cyber attacks has been rising rapidly, especially in the recent past.

Part of the solution to website attacks is buying and installing an SSL certificate on your website. The SSL certificate ensures safe and encrypted data transfer between the website’s servers and users’ browsers.

Instead of transmitting communications as raw text data, it will be changed to ciphertext, an unreadable and incomprehensible format. Even when the attackers succeed in accessing the communication, they will not alter it.

By encrypting users’ sensitive data while in transit, the SSL certificate ensures security for users against cyber attackers. Although buying an SSL certificate is by no means the only form of security your eCommerce website should have, it is a very fundamental one that your customers will thank you for having.

2.    Your eCommerce Website Will Get Better Conversions

People are so cautious these days. They do not just visit any eCommerce website, let alone patronize it with their money. If your website visitors have any reason to doubt the safety of their connection with your website, they will not dare browse your website.

And search engines will label unsecured websites as “not secure.” Additionally, users can identify if a website is secure or not by looking at the HTTP/HTTPS feature on the URL of the website. Websites with SSL certificates have URL addresses starting with HTTPS. They also have a padlock symbol to signify that users’ data is locked from access by intruders.

If your eCommerce website lacks the SSL certificate, you should anticipate witnessing high bounce rates, potentially harming your conversion rates. On the other hand, you can anticipate high conversions if you have an SSL certificate on your website.

SSL removes the resulting stigma from your web visitors. When your users see that your eCommerce website is secure, they can easily trust your website and will share their sensitive details without any fear.

3.    SSL As A Tool For Search Engin Optimization

You have an eCommerce website because you want it to rank as high as possible in the search engine results pages and increase your store’s visibility. Otherwise, there will be no point in having the website if your target customers can’t find you. To hit the top pages, you will have to adjust your website according to the search engine standards.

You have to demonstrate to search engines that your website is worth being ranked top on the results pages. For instance, you have to show them that your website is secure. You can do so by buying and installing an SSL certificate on your eCommerce website.

Google uses the HTTP/HTPPS factor when ranking websites. HTTPS websites will be prioritized over HTTP websites.

4.    Identity Affirmation

Authentication is one of the most vital roles of the SSL certificate. As you might already know, the internet is increasingly deceptive. We have heard and read about people losing money to deceptive websites.

SSL certificates are issued by special organizations referred to as certificate authorities. The certificate authority will vet every website to ascertain its authenticity and validity. The certificate authority will only issue the certificate upon ascertaining that the requestor is genuine.

Trust indicators that vouch for your website’s integrity will be attached to your website. Your website visitors will have to click on the padlock icon to discover more details about the website.

Such intense verification as that done by certificate authorities ensures that no imposters create fake websites masquerading to be yours. So the SSL certificate helps to drive visitors to your actual website, save them from fraudsters, and enhance the reputation of your eCommerce store.

5.    SSL Helps with Regulatory Compliance

If your eCommerce website does online transactions, then you must have heard a thing or two about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) requirements. You must first comply with these requirements before you start receiving payments on your eCommerce website.

Having an SSL certificate is one of the ways of complying with these requirements. So, whether you like it or not, you must ensure your website has an SSL certificate.

Which is the Best SSL Certificate for Your eCommerce Website?

You now understand how crucial an SSL certificate is to your eCommerce website. You must now understand which SSL certificate you must get for your eCommerce website. The SSL market has many certificates that serve different purposes.

For your eCommerce website, you need a wildcard SSL certificate to secure main domain and subdomains. For budget concern, it is recommended to buy comodo SSL certificate. Comodo being a well known authority offers diversified SSL certificates for different needs of business. This certificate will help with more than just encryption.


Having an eCommerce website for your store is a crucial step to success. However, you must ensure that the website is perfectly suitable for use. One of the things you will need for your website is an SSL certificate. This article has explained what an SSL certificate is and also pointed out some of the reasons why you need the certificate on your eCommerce website.

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