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Samsung Expects 53% Sales Profit Boost In the Second Quarter Of 2022

Samsung Expects 53% Sales Profit Boost In the Second Quarter Of 2021

Get ready to see high-end flagship smartphones from Samsung.

Samsung – One of the oldest and top-selling Android smartphones is expecting a huge amount of profit in the remaining quarter. The company is set to launch its flagship smartphones as well as a versatile smartphone for their fans named Fan Edition.

The company is optimistic because there’s a lot to come from Samsung in the coming months, there will be more exciting smartphones too from different brands, Apple is about to launch its iPhone 13 Series lineup. The upcoming Samsung smartphone will include heavy specs and also some features that you haven’t seen before in Samsung’s smartphone.

For their vintage Galaxy S lineup. Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra will be on their way and since, nowadays it’s all about cameras with a bigger number of megapixels, Galaxy S22 is coming with a 200MP camera. Recently, they have also collaborated with Olympus, one of the best camera manufacturing companies. Consumers should expect a diverse range of camera-centric smartphones in near future.

According to Cnet, On Tuesday, the Korean electronics giant predicted its operating profit for the three-month period preceding June 30 would come in around 12.5 trillion won ($11 billion), an increase of 53% compared with the same time period last year. It also said it expects its revenue to increase by nearly 19% to 63 trillion won ($55.4 billion).

Their flagship series isn’t everything that will maximize their sales profit but their innovations not for themselves but also selling these innovations to other smartphone companies. They have created some new smartphone camera lenses that will be available for other smartphone companies as well. Xiaomi’s latest Mi 11 Ultra has also their latest Samsung GN1 sensor that’s top-notch.

Talk about some big moves, Samsung has also hired Apple engineers. Well, not direct from Apple Inc. but engineers that have worked at Apple in past several years. They were the masterminds behind Apple’s hardware.

The company is also working to upgrade its Galaxy Fold Series with a series of different variants. Samsung’s foldable phones are one of the best foldable phones in the market. The company has also introduced a new series of their Exynos processor. Some new gadgets are also to be introduced in coming months like Galaxy Smartwatch 4 and galaxy buds.

With this much stuff happening soon, Samsung will definitely earn a hefty sales profit.

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