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Apple 13 Series – A New Design!

Apple 13 Series - A New Design!

We may have a visual design related leak regarding the upcoming iPhone 13 series. 

The Future of the notch is changing. Apple has been using the same notch design since 2017. After receiving so much criticism for the past 3 years about its notch. Apple finally decided to opt for change. 

Displays of smartphones have been evolving from time to time. Other tech smartphone companies have been doing innovation in displays from time to time but seem like Apple is in no hurry for a change.

It’s finally time for a change. Outcomes a brand-new leak that shows the glass panel for the entire iPhone 13 model indeed a tad smaller than the previous models. If you notice the notch it is indeed smaller with a notch within a notch i.e a mini notch basically opening for the speaker grill which allows the overall notch to become smaller. 

For those who were expecting a huge design change in upcoming iPhones. It’s not going to happen this year which is a complete disappointment. Not a massive change but still a bit progressive for iPhone users!

Other competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and other Chinese brands have been changing their screen-to-body ratio for almost bezel-less displays which provides a premium look to smartphones. 

Android smartphone’s notches have changed from water-drop notches to punch hole camera notches, and they are planning to build smartphones with in-display front-facing cameras. 

In 2022, Apple could use a punch-hole design for their upcoming iPhones.


In 2023, we might see the first full-screen bezel-less iPhones. 


The biggest thing about the iPhone apart from its design will be the high refresh rate. Yes as reported on South Korean media, the 120 Hz refresh rate is almost done for the iPhone 13 Pro series and Samsung will be the provider. 

This year, Samsung is giving its refresh technology to every brand out there. We have already seen Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and OnePlus, But now it’s time for Apple. 

However, these 120 Hz refresh rate doesn’t sound cool in 2021 because almost every smartphone company is providing 120 Hz refresh rate but let’s see how these iPhones come up with 120 Hz displays. iPhone 13 pro could be the smoothest phone in the future. 

Apple has been using this tactic for years, playing games with its customers. Doing no changes, stuck with the same design for years and not only that. Removing chargers from their boxes has come a long way.

What do you think about Apple’s future plan? Will they stick with this plan for many years or will bring changes like their competitors? 

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What do you think?

Written by Hammad Khalid

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