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Google Outage: What Went Wrong With Youtube, Docs, Gmail & Calendar?

Google Outage What Went Wrong With Youtube, Docs, Gmail & Calendar

Something went wrong…

The Tech Giant suffered a global outrage when a range of Google services was unavailable to customers for almost 45 minutes. The company’s services included Gmail, Google Calendar, Google docs, and YouTube.

Google claimed that the issue affected the “majority” of its email platform users that amount to around 1.5 billion users.

The outrage was reported to begin at about 11.50 am GMT, and the Gmail users were welcomed with a “Temporary Error” message around the globe. Google addressed the problem immediately by assuring the users they were aware of the issue and are working on it.

Here’s Google’s Official Statement about today’s outage:

The limited functionality was returned to the users in 30 minutes. However, users still faced problems regarding accessing their contacts. It took further 15 minutes to resolve this issue and get services fully restored.

According to the Down Detector Website, people in Europe were highly affected by the outrage since the services were unavailable during lunchtime for people in the UK. The U.S. also faced disturbance due to the outrage at the start of their day.

Google also released a statement where they ensured that system reliability is their top priority, and they would ensure improvements are made to provide better-uninterrupted services.

Still, the question remains why the outrage occurred?

Users around the world were affected by this shortcoming, and everyone wants to know why exactly did this happen. Google has promised to release the review report soon after investigating the real reason behind the outrage.

However, Google has blamed the authentication issues for this outrage. On the other hand, a spoke person from Google stated that there was an issue in the internal storage quota. This storage issue led to Gmail displaying the message, “We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable.” This message alone created panic in users and flooded hundreds of thousands of error reports to the Google database.

It is to be noted that the Google search engine remained unaffected by the outrage, and users could still access different websites landing pages using incognito mode. This possibly points to one reason, and that is the outrage was linked to a storage limitation problem.

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Written by Syed Muhammad Taha

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