How To Delete A Discord Server?

How To Delete A Discord Server In 2021? (PC & Mobile)

After making a firm decision to remove your Discord server, the question: how to delete it Maybe popping up in your mind. And, If you are searching for a way to get rid of the unnecessary server, here is the whole process.

So, here you’ll get the procedure of erasing your own created server through both desktop and mobile apps.

Plus, I’ve written down the method of transferring a server’s ownership to any other member if you don’t want to delete it.

Moreover, I’ve listed down all the processes in simple steps to provide you with great convenience in understanding.

How to delete a Discord server on PC?

You can remove your created Discord server through the desktop quickly. However, the process is the same for the desktop app on Windows and Mac.

Follow all the given steps to resolve your issue.

  • On your desktop, open the Discord app and get on the server that you don’t want to utilize anymore.
  • Now, choose the targeted server name from the top of the left side of the app.
  • Get into the dropdown menu and from there, select the “Server Settings.”
  • In the left-corner the option of “delete server” will appear; click it to proceed further.
  • After this, a text box will emerge on your screen, enter the selected server name correctly in it (written on the top).
  • Finally, click on the big delete to finish this process; if two-factor authentication is not enabled _ its brief description is written below.

How to delete a Discord server on Mobile?

If you think that it is possible to delete any useless server through the Discord mobile app. Yes! It is even effortless and quick.

And if you want a step-by-step procedure to delete the Discord server through your mobile(Android, iPhone, or iPad device), look below.

  • After the opening of your Discord mobile app, get on the server.
  • Swipe on the right side to get into the menu, go to the server name from the side menu and then tap it.
  • When a notification comes up on your screen, click on the “settings”( gear icon on the lower right corner).
  • From the options, tap on the  “Overview.”
  • Now scroll down and choose ” delete the server.”
  • Before completing, it’ll ask you if you are ready to erase the server or not. Click on “Yes” to confirm deleting.

Note: It is mandatory to enter a six-digit authentication code if you have enabled two-factor authentication to delete your Discord server. You can obtain this code from the Authy or Google Authenticator app.

How to transfer Discord server ownership?

Before taking the firm step of removing your well-developed discord server, think twice. Although you can delete your server, you have another option to transfer ownership to someone else (any other member).

Below is the complete process:

  • Open the app and click on the server name that you want to transfer.
  • Navigate to the dropdown menu and select “server settings.”
  • From the settings, press on “Members”( in the left sidebar).
  • A name list of all the members will appear; select the name to whom you want to hand over the ownership.
  • Click on the three dots present on the right side of that name and press “Transfer Ownership.” to complete the process.


If you were stuck on how to delete a Discord server, now, with the above guidelines, you could effortlessly get yourself out of this difficulty. And if you don’t want to continue with a particular server, you can also lend it to any other member with the mentioned details.

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