How To Send Videos On Discord in 2022?

How To Send Videos On Discord? (Desktop & Mobile)

Discord is an online voice and text chat application and popular too. Also, its features are beyond other messaging apps, particularly in the world of gaming.

However, you are here to get the answer to how you can send videos on Discord.

The procedure is straightforward, and below I’ve written down the whole process in understandable steps for Discord PC and Discord mobile.

Further, if you are searching for a way to send videos and files longer than 8 MB and methods other than Discord Nitro, scroll down!

How To Send Videos On Discord PC?

You can send any kind of video on Discord PC without any obstacle. Follow the given steps to reach your goal.

  1. Firstly, open Discord from the applications folder present on your Windows or MAC computer’s start button and do login.
  2. After opening it, moves on to the chat (server or private) in which you want to share your video content.
  3. Then click the “+” icon present on the messaging bar( on the left side of the chat bar), and a list of files will appear on your screen.
  4. Now, find out the video file you want to send then, double click it.
  5. Before Confirming or clicking on the upload button, you can add a comment. Additionally, you have an option to tick it as a spoiler according to your want.
  6. Then the video content will be available for your selected person or group to view on Discord.

How To Send Videos On Discord Mobile?

It is very simple and convenient to send video files via discord mobile. Here are the complete points through which you can effortlessly upload your videos there.

  1. Open the installed discord application on your Android mobile.
  2. On the lower bar, click on the “friends” option( third to the left).
  3. Here select the username of a single person or a group to whom you wanted to send the video file from the name list.
  4. Now press the button next to the gift icon.
  5. Also, you can select multiple images and videos and can send all these at the same time.

Important Note: The video file type should be in the right format so that it can be compatible with Discord to upload. It supports mp4, WebM, and MOV file types.

How to send long videos on Discord?

Users most frequently ask the question of uploading long videos files on Discord. Here is the answer to your question; however, let’s understand the file limit before diving in-depth.

What is the Discord File limit?

Undoubtedly, Discord is an extensively beneficial tool, but there are some file size limitations in the free version. In Discord, a video up to 8MB can’t be uploaded; however, it’s paid Nitro plan smashes this limit.

What is Discord Nitro?

The premium paid discord account is known as discord Nitro which is available for 10$ monthly and 100$ per year. It enables the users to upload large files up to 50MB.

How to send long videos more than 50 MB on Discord?

You may come across a notification “your files are too powerful” because your content is heavy to send. As you know, you can send files of a maximum of 50 MB on Discord, but what if you required to send something larger?

Therefore, I’ve mentioned the most useful and effective techniques to upload lengthy videos on Discord.

1. YouTube method

Youtube is such a vast platform that enables the users to get benefits beyond the limit. It allows its users to upload videos without any restriction. Here is the complete guideline through which you can easily break the discord file size limit.

  1. Before applying this method, you need to build up a verified account on youtube. If your account isn’t verified, you’ll get the notification on your screen through which you can verify it.
  2. To proceed, click on the video camera icon present on the top of the right corner of your browser.
  3. After it, from the available options, click on ” upload video.” Or, if you are using its app, select the option of “video from gallery.”
  4. Then a button “Public” will appear on your PC screens; by pressing it, you get in the privacy menu_ Public, Unlisted, Private, or Scheduled. You can choose any of these according to your requirements.

In the mobile app, swipe upward on the screen to get the privacy option from other details.

  1. Next is video selection; click on ” select files to upload,” When you find out the required video, drop it on the browser to initiate uploading.

And If you are using the mobile app, press on the airplane icon (present on the top of the right side) to upload it after assigning a video file.

  1. The options to add information about your videos like name, tags, thumbnail, and description will come up on your screens.

In the mobile app, Basic Info, Translations, and Advanced settings, these three options will permit you to put in details about your video file.

  1. Here, from the left side, you can preview your document and can copy its link.
  2. When you click on done, you’ll redirect to your uploaded video. While in the mobile app, you’ll be able to see your video in the library after finishing your work.
  3. Finally, you need to paste the copied link of your video in the discord chat box to share it with your friends and teammates.

Important Note: The supported file formats on YouTube are

MOV, AVI, WMV, ProRes, CineForm, HEVC (h265) MPEG-PS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM, MPEG4, MP4, DNxHR.

2. File compression method

A second way to send large videos on Discord is the video size reduction method. It is achieved by using various video compression tools. Keep in mind that it is crucial to converting the files on Discord compatible format before compressing them.

You can employ various tools like Movavi Video Converter, HandBrake, VideoProc, VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate, VLC Media Player, etc.

3. Google Drive

Another useful and convenient technique is to upload your video on Google drive. The valuable thing about utilizing Drive is that it is free and allows considerable access. You can use Google Drive space just by creating your account there through Gmail.

After uploading your content, share the links to your desired audience on Discord, and they will be able to see your videos.


So, sending videos is no more difficult now. By following the above guidelines, you can upload your video content on Discord with a friend or in a group chat. And if you were worried about the file size limits, I’ve provided you with the best possible solutions.

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