How To Use Spoiler On Discord? [3 Easy Methods]

How to Use Spoiler on Discord?

Discover the ultimate step-by-step process for “how to spoiler on Discord?”

Discord is an excellent platform for catching up with your family and friends and link-minded communities. Chatting, discussing, and sharing your fun talks on Discord is literal bliss. 

But sometimes, you accidentally send messages that are not meant to be seen by everyone. Going through such a situation might give you a panic attack. But don’t just worry yet! 

The Discord spoiler tags feature here to save the day. Discord spoiler tags are helpful to give content warnings to other Discord community users about information that they might not be ready for. 

I am guessing you want to share the new snippets of your favorite Netflix show or something which is meant to create suspense in the community. To avoid the slip-ups, you can use spoiler tags in the chat server. 

But my intelligent guess says that you are here because you don’t know “How to spoiler on Discord?” Well, folk, you are at the right place! In this tutorial guide, I will walk you through the easy peasy step-by-step process of How to the spoiler on Discord?

What is Discord Spoiler Tag? How Does it Work?

The spoiler tag Discord feature enables users to hide or block out the content on Discord spoilers text and images. However, the Discord spoiler tag option isn’t available for Discord videos. Another notable point here is that this feature doesn’t delete Discord messages. 

This Discord spoiler tag also allows the content to be visible to only those interested or those the user wants to see. If anyone wants to see Discord spoiler images and text content, they have to click on the blackout message to pop it open. And those who don’t want to see the spoiler can avoid it.

Not only can you hide text but pictures as well. Discord allows users to illustrate the text with images, gifs, and emojis as an excellent communication app. Different markdown features enable users to create unique effects. The Discord spoiler tag was recently added to the Discord great markdown feature.

Spoiler tag Discord messages involve formatting your mobile Discord app for Android, iPhone, browser, And Discord app for Mac or Windows.

How to Use Spoilers on Discord?

The newest update has made adding Spoiler tag Discord easier than ever before. Let’s follow the step-by-step process of how to do a spoiler on Discord?

First Method

One of the easiest ways to add Discord spoilers tag into your text is by highlighting that text in the chat server. 

First, type the message you want to send, then highlight the text you want to hide. Right-click click on it. This will open an option to add a spoiler tag to your display. Click on the “Mark as spoiler” option, and it will mark that particular portion of text you selected as a spoiler. 

Once you add a spoiler, there will be two bars on both sides (vertical piped) which means other users have to click on it to see the text. 

Second Method

The second way to add the spoiler tag on Discord is by typing “/spoiler” at the start of the message you want to hide. When you send “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in the chat server. It will automatically hide your text until the user clicks on it to see it.

You can even hide the link as a spoiler in the newest update. All you have to do is add two bars at the start and end of the URL link. 

By using Markdown

Another alternative to spoiler tag Discord texts and images is by the use of “Markdown.” 

  1. First, type your text
  2. Add two bars on both sides
  3. Such as ||Insert spoilers here||
  4. To type these bars, you can use the following keyboard command “Shift + BackSlash.”
  5. Click send.

And your message will appear behind spoiler tags.

How to Spoiler on Discord Images?

To spoiler tags Discord images, you need to add your file or photo to the Discord chat server. Then click on the ‘Eye’ shape icon right next to the chat bar. A preview of your image/file appears before sharing it on Discord. To send it in the chatbox, you need to select the mark spoiler option in the checkbox to hide the image/file after being sent and then click on upload. After being sent with a spoiler, the user has to click on it to see the image or file.

FAQs: Spoiler on Discord

1. How do spoiler images on Discord?

To add spoiler tags on images on Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Open checkbox 
  2. Click on “Mark as Spoiler” after it has been sent
  3. Click upload.

After this process, the image will appear behind the spoiler tag. Thus, other users will have to click on the file or photo to view it.

2. How to do spoiler text on Discord?

To do spoiler text on Discord, type “/spoiler” at the front of your text. Sending it will automatically hide your message in the Discord server until the other user wants to see it. Alternatively, you can type two vertical bars on either side of the text.

3. How do you mark a spoiler on Discord mobile?

To mark a spoiler on Discord mobile, repeat the same process as mentioned above in detail: 

  • Open chatbox.
  • Type your message.
  • Add/Type “/spoiler” at the start of the message.
  • Send it. And it’s done! 

4. How to send videos on Discord?

The easiest way to send videos on Discord is as follow:

  • Open Discord.
  • Navigate to the chat server.
  • Tap on the Plus icon (+) in the chat field. 
  • Select or double-click on your video. 
  • Finally, click on “Upload.”

Bottom Line

Discord spoiler tag feature works like a bi-bid-ba-bi-di-boo magic spell. You sent a wrong message; you can hide it using the spoiler tag. Hiding your mistakenly sent Discord text messages, Discord images, and gifs is not a difficulty anymore. The process for How to the spoiler on Discord might seem a complex question. But we have made the answer easy by defining three methods that you can implement to use spoiler tags on Discord.

Which method seems the easiest to you? Comment down below. 

We’d love to hear more from you!

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