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How To Add, Change, Remove And Optimize Google My Business Logo? [Ultimate Guide]

How To Add, Change, Remove & Optimize Google My Business Logo?

Do you want more customer interaction? Are you seeking the most appropriate platform to market your offerings? Would you like to boost your sales and conversions?

To conquer all of these business goals at once, Google My Business is one of the most efficient options.

Google My Business is a vastly growing platform that tells the online surfers about the relevant offerings near them. It filters out the user experience. Today, millions of businesses are using GMB (Google My Business) to acquire more customers and head over the competition. As a business owner, you want to get the most out of your Google My Business listing. For this reason, optimizing your business details, including your Google My Business logo, photos, videos, and other general details, is crucial.

Worry not! This guide walks you through the answer to your every confusion regarding the platform, including “how to add, change, remove and optimize Google My Business Logo?”

What is Google My Business?

How To Add, Change, Remove & Optimize Google My Business Logo?

Google My Business is a free tool designed to enhance a business’s visibility on the internet. Businesses use GMB to manage their online presence efficiently and reach their target audience. Google My Business is a combination of online directory listing and social media profiles.

Using the Google My Business online directory, the owner can claim its ownership in the Google My Business listing. The GMB listing directory carries all your essential information, including business name, location, store hours, contact information, website, reviews, FAQs, social media profile, photos, and much more. Whereas, the social media profile is used to temporarily put the latest and most impacting posts and stories.

Why is Your Google My Business Page So Important?

How To Add, Change, Remove & Optimize Google My Business Logo?

If you were ever searching for a particular product or service and typed it into Google, you might’ve seen many relevant providers showing up. This is exactly how your business can be approachable to thousands of customers daily. Only through your Google My Business profile

As compared to official websites, Google My Business is somewhat more convenient and efficient. Every basic detail that a customer would require is presented on your Google My Business profile. This information appears quicker in Google Search and GoogleThus, there are more chances for higher customer reach, engagement, and conversions. Maps.  Moreover, Google My Business brings in more customers via recommending your business in the search results.

Which Types of Photos You can Add to Your Google My Business Listing?

Types of photos

There are typically three types of images you can include in your Google My Business profile.

Logo/Profile Photo: Your Google My Business logo represents your business to the customer and helps them recognize your brand. The Business Profile highlights the logo for a business that has the basic information listed such as contact number and business hours and location etc.

Cover Photo: Including a cover photo adds more authenticity to your Google My Business listing. It further represents your brand and gives your profile a neat, clean, and complete appeal. However, your cover photo might not appear as the first image in certain situations.

Business Photos: Google My Business enables you to upload multiple images to inform your customers well about the business. These photos can be your social media profile posts or any other review image added by a customer.

How to Add a Logo and Cover Photo on Google My Business?

Once you have verified your Google My Business account, the next step is to personalize your GMB profile. Below is a step by step process to add a logo and cover photo to your Google My Business profile:

Step 1: First off, choose a decent profile image.

Step 2: Now, open the Google My Business app on your Android or tablet.

Step 3: Click on Post in the bottom right corner, then tap Add Photos/Videos.

Step 4: Choose an image and add a description if you want.

Step 5: Tap Upload, then Profile and then click on Photos.

Step 6: Select the image you want to set as a cover or logo. 

Step 7: In the top right corner, click on More.

  • To add or edit a logo photo: Click on Set as logo.
  • To add or edit a cover photo: Click Set as cover photo.

Step 8: Finally, click Upload.

Disclaimer: Hotels and chains are ineligible for the Google My Business logo.

How to Add a Photo and Video on Google My Business?

Adding a Google My Business photo or video is as simple as child’s play. Simply follow the defined steps and create an appealing Google My Business profile.

Step 1: Open the Google My Business app on your android phone or tablet.

Step 2: In the bottom right corner, Tap Post and then click on Add Photos/Videos.

Step 3: Select the photo or video you want to add with a description on your Google My Business profile.

Step 4: Tap Upload, and you’re done!

In any case, you want to edit, update or change your Google My Business logo, then follow these super-simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Google My Business app or log in to

Step 2: Click on your Google My Business profile.

Step 3: Click on Website on the bottom left.

Step 4: Now tap Edit Header Photo on the right corner.

Step 5: Upload or drag and drop your new photo/logo. 

Google My Business offers the delete option for any image, including logos, photos, and videos but under one condition. The photos you want to delete must be posted by you rather than a customer or a visitor. To remove images uploaded by you on Google My Business, click on Photo tabs in the left-hand column. You’ll find the delete option there.

If you want to remove Google My Business images that are posted by someone else, you’ll need to flag them. Such images are supposed to be oppressing the strict guidelines of Google My Business. These guidelines include:

  • Any image must be taken at the business location.
  • Images must be relevant to the business.
  • Stock images are strictly prohibited.

If you find any image violent to the Google Maps photo policies, you can flag it, and Google My Business will delete it. Here is how you can flag a customer-posted image using two different devices:

Flag Photos in Your Google Account


Step 1: Go to the Google My Business app.

Step 2: Tap the Menu and then click on Photos.

Step 3: Look for the photo you want to flag.

Step 4: In the top left corner, click on the three-dot menu icon. Tap Report photo.


Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business.

Step 2: If you see multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage.

Step 3: Tap Photos from the presented menu.

Step 4: Find the photo you want to flag, then click the flag icon in the top right corner.

Optimizing your Google My Business images, including logo and cover photo, is a good idea to refresh your profile. For this purpose, following the content policies is critical. A lot of factors come into play. Whether the image is in the right format, has the accurate size, doesn’t surpass the guidelines, and so on.

Google My Business Logo Size

  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • Google My Business Logo Size: 250 x 250 pixels (min 120 x 120; max 5200 x 5300)
  • Recommended resolution: 720 pixels tall, 720 pixels wide.
  • Minimum resolution: 250 pixels tall, 250 pixels wide.
  • Quality: The logo or profile image should reflect reality with no excessive filtration or alteration. It must be captured in good light and should be in focus. 

Google My Business Cover Photo Size

  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • Google My Business Cover Photo Size: 1080 x 608 pixels (min 480 x 270; max 2120 x 1192)
  • Recommended resolution: 720 pixels tall, 720 pixels wide.
  • Minimum resolution: 720 pixels tall, 720 pixels wide.
  • Quality: The cover photo should be in focus and considerably lit. Avoid overusing filters and significant edits or alterations. 

Google My Business Video Guidelines

  • Duration: A video up to 30 seconds long only
  • File size: Up to 75 MB
  • Resolution: min 720pixels or higher

Best Practices for Google My Business Photos and Videos [5 Stellar Tips]

In contrast to plain text, photos are a more qualified way to attract and engage customers. In Google My Business, using an image requires keen attention to picture your business’s best image in the audience’s mind. To make sure you’re doing things right with your GMB images, we have stated these stellar tips and best practices.

1. Optimize Uploaded Photos for SEO

SEO is the key to success in the online world. Always name your images with the targeted keywords and tag them in the relevant category. Avoid using general names and develop a good keyword. It will help your Google My Business profile rank higher and increase your online visibility. Use photos and videos description to include your keywords and tags to pop up in the search results every time – Make sure to deliver a top-notch idea of your brand.

2. Use Relevant High-Quality Photos

Sounds obvious, right? But, you’d be surprised to know that a lot of businesses tend to ignore this critical point. To boost your GMB game, always add relevant images that are of superior quality. Adding an image of your outlet’s exterior makes it easier for customers to recognize your business when they visit. It’s always recommended to hire a professional photographer, like Google’s trusted photographers, to capture the best look for your Google My Business logo and cover photo.

3. Update Images Regularly

One of the most important things to remember – update your Google My Business photos routinely. By doing so, you appear as an active and up-to-date business. However, when uploading new photos and videos, always consider what your customers would like to see. Wear their shoes and act accordingly. Try to upload content that is ever-green or at least revolves around a megatrend. 

Bonus: If you have 10 or more locations on Google My Business, then you can upload photos via spreadsheet – Convenient, isn’t it?

4. Crop Well

If you were like Duhh after reading this heading’s title, then hold on until I explain it further. Just like many other websites, Google My Business has two different presentations for mobile and desktop. The image looking great on your laptop might look oversized on a mobile device. A photo shows up on mobile as a rectangle, while on desktop, the same image shows up as a square. To tackle this situation, use an image that works great for both modes. Add your image while focusing on the most prominent part in the middle.

5. Review Images Added By the Customers:

Your customers have the option to add photos or videos to your Google My Business profile. To some extent, it is a good sign that your customers are engaged. But to keep the theme intact, you must filter out the unnecessary and irrelevant content. However, we’ve already discussed that Google My Business doesn’t allow you to delete but report a customer-uploaded image. The process of reporting a customer image is pretty simple! Mark it as a flag image, and Google will soon review it.

Additional FAQs

1. What is the logo size for Google My Business?

Logos and Cover photos for Google My Business should have an optimal resolution of 1024 x 576 pixels. Formerly, the aspect ratio for Google covers used to be 16:9. The minimum resolution could be 480 x 270 pixels, and the maximum resolution could be 2120 x 1192 pixels.

2. How do I get my logo on Google search?

First, Enter your business’ location and name into In the right-hand list of links, click on the link of your business and then tap “Upload Photo.” Navigate to where you saved the logo, then tap “Open.” Finally, click “Upload” to send the logo to Google.

3. How do I verify my business on Google?

In Google My Business, verification is possible through email for a select few businesses. You can verify your business by logging into Google My Business and selecting “Verify Now.” From the list, choose “Email” if this option pops up. An email with a link will be sent to you, which can be used to verify your business on Google.

Wrapping Up: Google My Business – Manage Your Online Presence Efficiently

The benefits of the Google My Business directory are countless! You can grow your sales, onboard new customers, gain some serious engagement, and whatnot! Everything with one free tool – Google My Business.

Whether you’re an individual freelancer, a local business, or a large organization, optimizing your Google My Business profile is important indeed. Photos and videos play a significant role in your Google My Business success. In all those images, the Google My Business logo and cover photo are far more valuable. They make the first impression and, if done right, leads you to close more deals. This guide is to help you sort your every related to Google My Business and make the most out of this platform.

In case of additional queries, you can always contact Google My Business or leave them in the comments below. We’d be happy to help!

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