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How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook (Using 2 Easy Methods)

How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

The handy option of copy and paste on Chromebook allows users to move the content or text from a webpage or document to any other location. Just like MacBook and Just like MacBook and Windows systems have shortcuts for copy and paste content, so does Chromebook. 

Needless to say, if you don’t know how to copy and paste on a Chromebook, then you must, as it is one of the most repetitive actions that you will need while working on your Chromebook.

Read on to find out the quick step-by-step process of how to copy and paste on Chromebook.

How to Copy and Paste Text on a Chromebook? 

Copy and paste on Chromebook is an easy process. Simply find and select the text you want to copy. The selected text can be copied by key shortcut or just by right-clicking on your touchpad. 

Method 1: Right Click Method

Here is the simple process of copy and paste by right-click method.

Step 1: Find the text you want to copy; it can be from a document, Google Doc, or webpage. 

Step 2: Left-click the starting point of text to select it. 

Step 3: While holding the left touchpad or key, drag it down toward the end of the text you want to select. 

Step 4: Once the text is selected, right-click on the highlighted text. 

Note: If your Chromebook doesn’t have the right button, click Alt while clicking or tapping on the touchpad with two fingers.

Step 5: Now, from the pop-up context menu, click Copy.

Step 6: Next, open the file where you want to paste the selected/copied text.

Step 7: Right-click again to open the context menu and then select Paste. 

This process will paste the desired text.

Method 2: Keyboard Shortcut Method 

You can also opt for a shortcut method to save time and effort. This keyboard shortcut is the same as the Windows computer shortcut method that you might already know. 

The shortcut to copy and paste on Chromebook is:

Step 1: Ctrl + C to copy the text

Step 2: Ctrl + V to paste the text

Step 3: Or press Launcher Key + V to open the enhanced clipboard option.

Copy an Entire Web Page or Document 

The classic copy and paste method can be troublesome if you want to select an entire web page. Firstly it will be hard to move down while holding the select key on the touchpad, or the selection might get canceled while scrolling. 

To avoid such a situation:

Step 1: Copy the entire webpage altogether.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + A to select all the page text.

Step 3: Right-click and choose Copy from the context menu. Or you can use Ctrl + C, then open the window where you want to paste and select Paste from the context menu. 

This will paste the entire text chosen from the web page. 

How to Copy Images From Web Pages? 

To copy the image from the web page is quite similar to copying text. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the image you want to copy.

Step 2: Select it by right click or by pressing Alt + Left Click to open the menu.

Step 3: From the pop-up menu, select the Copy image.

Step 4: Open the editing app or document where you want to paste the image.

Step 5: Right-click and select Paste from the context menu or press Ctrl + V.

The image will be pasted by following this process. 

Chromebook Enhanced Clipboard 

The updated version of Chromebook OS 89 introduces the option of an enhanced clipboard on Chromebook. This helps you save up and show the last five copied items. To open the enhanced clipboard, click on the Launcher key + V, and then select the item you wanted to paste.

Note: If you don’t have this option yet, you can enable it by navigating in Chrome flag settings.

FAQs: How to Copy and Paste on Chromebook

1. Why can’t I copy and paste on my Chromebook?

If you face any error in using the copy-paste option, you have to change the settings. First, disable the extension, then open the settings and clear the cache. Finally, update your browser. This will help!

2. How do you highlight on a Chromebook without a mouse?

If you don’t have a mouse, you can use the touchpad to copy and paste in Chromebook. Select the starting point of text you want to copy, then press down on the touchpad. While holding the text, move your fingers in the direction of the text you want to highlight. Now lift your finger, and the text will be highlighted. 

3. How to cut and paste on a Chromebook?

To cut the text on a Chromebook:

  1. Select the text you want to cut by holding down the touchpad.
  2. Once you are done selecting the text, right-click to open a menu bar and then select cut.
  3. Open the other document or tab you want to paste the selected text, right-click, select Paste from the pop-up menu, and you are done! 

You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + X to cut any text, link, image, or video. 

4. What does ctrl V do on a Chromebook?

When you copy or select a text, image, or link, control V is used to paste the copied content to the desired place in your Chromebooks.

5. How do you copy and paste an image on a Chromebook?

To copy and paste the image into a Chromebook, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the image you want to copy.
  2. Select copy image from the context menu.
  3. Open an editing app or doc where you want to paste it.
  4. Right-click and select “Paste” from the context menu.

Bottom Line:

And that’s all, folks! Everything related to copy and paste on Chromebook is revealed in an easy manner like never before. Use this method and copy and paste your text, links, images, videos, web pages, and whatnot. There’s no confusion coming in your way. 

And before you do that, comment down below to let us know what other trouble you are facing regarding Chromebook or Copy & Paste? We’d be delighted to help you out!

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