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How to Delete a YouTube Channel [2 Easy Ways]

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

In a Nutshell

  • If you want to quit, YouTube allows you to permanently delete your YouTube channel via any browser using 2 easy ways – This action can’t be undone.
  • In the other case, you can temporarily hide your YouTube channel by making it private from the public – It only deletes your comments.
  • Unlike channel deletion, hiding your channel allows you to recover it whenever you wish.
  • Learn some quick FAQs at the end to solve your YouTube issues in a glimpse.

Do you feel embarrassed to watch those untrendy and back-to-school YouTube videos you posted in the past? Or are you limited on time and effort that you can’t keep up with your YouTube channel anymore? In any situation, the conclusion is the same – delete a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a digital content hub for both content viewers and content creators. From entertainment and business to political and educational content. No matter what the niche is, there’s something for everyone on YouTube. 

However, sometimes you might get into a phase where you no longer desire to remain active as a YouTuber. In this case, you have the option to delete your YouTube channel.

So – for the cause of easing your search – we’ve dedicated our time to brought you this guide uncovering “How to delete a YouTube channel?” Let’s dive straight into it!

What Happens When You Delete a YouTube Channel?

Before you go through the deleting process, we want you to acknowledge its consequences – for the sake of an informed decision. 

Once you delete your YouTube account, you’re going to face the following scenarios:

  1. All content on your YouTube channel, including videos, playlists, comments, messages, community posts, and history, will be permanently removed. Know beforehand that once done, you can’t undo it. 
  2. Any data or information associated with your YouTube account will be deleted from YouTube Analytics. You won’t be able to find your account’s title nor the URL.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

By now, you’re already well aware of what it means to delete a YouTube channel – How will it affect your presence on the platform? 

If you still wish to proceed, here are two ways you can use to delete your YouTube channel permanently. Both of the defined methods work best on a computer or laptop. 

However, If you want to delete a YouTube channel on mobile, please note that the account delete option isn’t available on mobile devices. 

Method 1: Using YouTube App

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube Studio account.

Step 2: Go to Settings by clicking on the left sidebar at the bottom. 

Step 3: Click on Channel and then tap View advanced settings.

Step 4: Click Remove YouTube Content at the bottom. You may get asked to re-enter your credentials. If so, fill it out and proceed.

STEP 5: You’ll see two options here: “I want to hide my channel” and “I want to permanently delete my content.” Select “I want to permanently delete my content.”

Step 6: A warning pop up will appear, showing you what will be deleted. Mark the Check box to confirm and then hit “Delete My Content.”

STEP 7: The system will ask you to type your associated email address – Provide your email. Once done, click “Delete My Content.” And Voila! Your YouTube account will be deleted immediately. 

Method 2: Via Google Account

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2: Click Account preferences on the right corner. Now scroll down and click Delete your account or services.

Step 3: Again, on the right side, click Delete products

STEP 4: You’ll be required to enter your email and password. Type in the credentials and tap Next.

Step 5: Locate the YouTube option in the product list.

Step 6: Click the Trash icon placed right next to the YouTube heading.

Step 7: A pop up will appear asking you for your Google password to confirm the deletion. Enter your password and click Next.

Step 8: Choose I want to permanently delete my content.

Step 9: Check the disclaimer box and click Delete my content again. Bingo! You’ll get rid of your YouTube channel.

Alternative Solution: Hide Your Channel Temporarily

If you don’t like the idea of the permanent deletion of your YouTube channel and its content, we have another way to go for you: Hiding your channel for a temporary period.

The process of hiding a YouTube channel is precisely the same as the process of deleting a YouTube channel. However, while choosing to hide, you need to select the “I want to hide my channel” instead of deleting my channel. 

By doing so, your content will be down from public to see and safe for you to reactivate later. All the information on your YouTube channel becomes private. The only exception is that your comments on YouTube videos and their replies will be permanently removed. But it’s not as bad as losing every content on your YouTube account.

Video Tutorial: How to Delete a YouTube Channel

FAQs: How to Delete a YouTube Channel

1. How to cancel YouTube music?

It’s a simple process. Sign in to your YouTube account and navigate to the Paid membership page. Under the Music membership tab, click Manage membership. Tap the Deactivate button right next to your billing date.

2. How to make a second YouTube channel?

YouTube allows you the option to create multiple channels on the same Google/YouTube account. Sign in to your YouTube or Google account. Now navigate to the YouTube channel switcher. Tap “Create a new channel.” Type the name of your new channel and click “Create.”

3. How to delete all YouTube comments?

YouTube doesn’t offer bulk comments delete. But we still have cracked a solution for you. Hide your YouTube channel using the process mentioned above. Once your channel is hidden, all your YouTube comments will be permanently deleted. Unhide your channel whenever you wish.

4. How to unsubscribe from the YouTube channel?

Unsubscribing from any YouTube channel is as simple as pie. Simply go to the channel you wish to unsubscribe. On the channel’s home page, click the grey “Subscribe” button. Click Yes to confirm you want to unsubscribe. 

5. How to delete your YouTube videos?

To delete your YouTube videos, log in to your YouTube account. Now click “Your Channel” and then tap YouTube studio. Select Videos – the list of your uploaded video will appear. Click the three dots option right next to the videos you want to delete and confirm. Easy-peasy! 

Bottom Line

If you’re busy managing your job, studies, or anything else and don’t use YouTube very often, you might not need a YouTube channel. YouTube demands consistency. If you can’t invest a good amount of your time for it, letting it go might be a better decision.

In such a case, YouTube gives you two options: delete a YouTube channel permanently or hide a YouTube channel temporarily. You can opt for any option you want – the choice is yours. By learning the steps mentioned above for How to delete a YouTube channel and the groundwork around it, you can effortlessly delete your YouTube channel. 

So – What are your unsolved queries regarding YouTube? Tell us in the comments. We’d love to help you out!

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