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How To Remove Shortcuts From Google Homepage?

How To Remove Shortcuts From Google Homepage

Are you looking to remove unnecessary shortcuts from your Google homepage? Here your search ends!

This article is consisting of information that will enable you to remove or delete these shortcuts quickly. Plus, It’ll explain to you the method through which you can disable all these shortcuts from coming up on your Google homepage.

Google is the most vastly used search engine that always works for its user’s better experience. Thus, it gives several customize options that allow the user to deal with every situation. Similarly, for your comfort, it provides you with a facility of shortcuts on its homepage.

When you open the chrome browser and click on the plus sign(+) to open a new tap(if already using), it directs you to the Google search page. Here you see a search bar under which various shortcuts of Google products like Gmail, YouTube, etc., are by default placed. Also, you’ll find the favicons of your extensively visited websites are present there as shortcuts.

However, it could be convenient as you don’t need to search for a particular or most visited website every time. But it could be not very beneficial when it affects your privacy, usually during screen sharing with others.

Therefore, If you want to delete or remove extra and useless shortcuts that are messing up your chrome, obey the below instructions.

How To Remove Shortcuts From Google Chrome Homepage?

Follow the given steps to remove the shortcuts on the Google homepage:

  1. Click on chrome to open it and then on the plus sign (at the top) to land on the homepage.
  2. Now, the shortcuts of Google products or favicons will appear under the search bar on this page.
  3. Hover your cursor over the undesirable shortcut and click on the three vertical dots present on the left of it(shortcut).
  4. From the two options, click on the remove to get rid of it permanently.

Now it’ll permanently erase the shortcuts from your chrome page. However, maybe this procedure is unsuitable for you. Therefore, you can completely disable these shortcuts to appear on your screen.

How To Disable The Shortcuts On The Google Homepage?

It is not every time convenient to delete the excessive shortcuts manually. So, there’s another option through which you permanently disabled these shortcuts on your screen.

Follow the given steps to disable the shortcuts on the Google homepage:

  1. Open your chrome and click on the plus sign(+) present at the top.
  2. The Google search page will open on your screen; a search bar with the shortcut icons. Now click on the pin icon present at the bottom (right corner).
  3. A window will appear; click on the left side of the shortcut.
  4. Now reach the option of hiding shortcuts.
  5. After getting into this section, click on the open switch to disable/off it.


With this easy and short procedure, you can easily remove the unwarranted shortcuts on your homepage. Also, you have another option to disable them from appearing on your Google home screen through the above steps.

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