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How to Cheer Someone Up: 27 Creative Ways to Make Someone Feel Better

How to Cheer Someone Up

Is your friend having a hard time, and all you want is to make him feel better? But you have nothing other than your sincere intent, and even after a lot of brainstorming, you don’t know HOW to cheer him up!

Well then, my friend, need not worry as we’ve got a couple of creative and effective ideas to help you make someone feel better, cheer someone up, and brighten up their day!

We all go through some tough times in our life. Failure, betrayal, breakup, death, and other painful incidents are all part of life. Still, seeing someone we love in such a situation is difficult. The only thing we can do is make some small efforts to cheer someone up and make them smile. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the most creative ways to unlock the happy mode of your beloved ones instantly. However, not every idea works best in every situation. Hence, always do a situation analysis before opting for any idea.

1. Be a Good Listener

One of the easiest and comforting things you can do is to hear a sad person out! Let them say whatever is inside and lighten up their heart. Make them talk more and hear them silently. Be the mirror for their feelings and comfort them while simply being there as a listener.

2. Send an Adorable Animal Photo

Who doesn’t love animals? Seeing their innocent face is one of the best ways to cheer someone up. Share cute animal photos with your sad friend. Remind them of the things they love and make them believe in the existence of loyal and loving creatures like animals. 

3. Surprise Them with a Gift

If you want to know how to cheer someone up after a bad day, lending them a surprise gift is our swear-by trick. Spend time thinking about what they love; a mug, a flower pot, a canvas print, or whatsoever. Pick wisely, pack it beautifully and give your present surprisingly.

4. Watch Their Favorite Movie Together

A favorite movie with a cozy sitting, hot caramel popcorn, and a favorite drink on the side. What else can get better than that! However, the movie should be a mutual favorite, if not your friend’s favorite in specific. Additionally, make sure to choose an entertaining, comedy, or fictional movie to cheer someone up!

5. Practice Relaxing Meditation

Meditation is known for its soothing and relaxing impact on the human mind and body. When trying to cheer someone up, planning a meditation or yoga hour with them and let them exhale all of the stress is a great idea. Make it memorable by sharing your positive experience at the end and drive your sad friend’s mind towards the goodness of nature.

6. Spend a Day Together

One of the most exciting ways to caress someone is to be with them all the time. If you don’t live together, spend a day with him/her. Plan multiple involving activities throughout the day to make it memorable for your sad friend. Make your plans centered around the person you wish to cheer up.

7. Send a Motivational Quote

In this digitalized era, you can seamlessly cheer someone up from a distance. All you need is to send a motivational quote over text to fill them up with the power they need. Inspire them with outstanding possibilities for people who never give up. Pro tip: share the quote of a celebrity that the person adores the most to increase its impact.

8. Crack Some Jokes

If the sad person is someone who loves funny things, then cracking some jokes is one of the most fun ways to cheer someone up. Not always, but sometimes, embarrassing oneself to make someone laugh out hard is all worth it. Act funny, call out jokes, but be careful while being humorous that you don’t hurt his or her feelings.

9. Take Them on a Nature Walk

Leaving out the frustrating scene behind and breathing in some fresh air is forever soothing. When you find someone sad, ask them for a small nature walk. The pleasant sound of birds, sunshine, some greenery around, and different views on sight expresses nature’s liveliness. This liveliness gets transferred into the mind of a sad person and cheers him up.

10. Plan an Outing

If a short walk doesn’t seem to be beneficial, planning a one-day trip may work best! Take the upset person to their favorite spot. Spend some quality time and try to disconnect with the outer world in the meantime. Make the person live in the moment and have them absorb all the goodness of it.

11. Cook Their Favourite Dish

Preparing a yummilicious meal by yourself is the perfect way to cheer someone up, and especially when he/she is a foodie. Cook their favorite meal to express your care and concern and make them feel valued. If the person doesn’t mind having sweets, preparing a desert is what we recommend.

12. Write Them a Letter/Card

Words hold magical powers, and the best way to cheer someone up with words is to write them a card or letter. Even though it might sound traditional or backward in the age of digitalization, giving a handwritten card still works wonders. Write meaningful and mood uprighting thoughts in a creative style.

13. Help Them Make a Gratitude Sandwich

For someone who feels disappointed, always ask to sandwich one thing that is going wrong between two things they’re thankful for. Make them say it aloud, or even better, make them write it. By doing so, they will realize the positivity in life, and their grief over an unfair thing is lessened.

14. Bring Them Flowers

The colorful, refreshing, floral, and naturistic appeal that flowers give is unmatchable. Sending a flower bouquet or even a single rose or tulip can cheer someone up. Bring the favorite flowers of that sad person by yourself or send them over via someone else, and yes! Don’t forget to add a heartwarming note to the flowers.

15. Prepare a Distraction

No matter what the problem is, a distraction from that negative point definitely helps deal with that stress, anxiety, and grief. Choose a suitable way, whether a talk, a small picnic, a movie, or anything else. Just make sure their mind is not revolving around that particular incident all the time.

16. Do an Extra Chore

Help your sad pal in his difficult times. If you live together, do an extra chore for him/her. Perhaps their kitchen duty, grocery shopping, or a small deed as such. Being a helping hand to lessen their burden will revive their mental health as well as cheering them up.

17. Do a Creative Activity

Art and craft are known for being oddly satisfying. Plan an interesting and creative activity to cheer someone up. Be it drawing, coloring, painting, DIYing, sketching, baking, or gardening. Such activities are bound to have a positive impact on the saddened soul. However, ensure that the activity is of the interest of that upset person to keep them engaged.

18. Help Them Getting a Break

Sometimes all that one needs is a break! Your job is to be a friend and help them take it. If you’re a co-worker, advise them to ask for a day’s leave. If you’re a roommate, do their house duties and make them at ease. In a nutshell, be as helpful as possible to comfort and cheer someone up.

19. Give Them a Huge Hug

What’s more compassionate than a big warm hug? Not every time words are going to help. Sometimes, giving a big bear hug is what it takes to make someone feel better. The silent act of kindness and human contact triggers the sense of love and cheers them up instantly.

20. Remind Them of the Happy Moments

Talking about happy moments such as a success party, a loving memory, a lively laugh, or anything cherishable does wonders. This trick is also favorable if you want to cheer someone up from a distance – all you need is to call them or schedule a face-time chat.

21. Reach Out First

When we aren’t feeling happy, breaking the ice can be difficult. The best thing a friend can do is to reach out first. Start talking about here and there and let the sad person speak their heart out. Make them feel comfortable to share their feelings by starting the conversion first. However, never insist the other person talk about how they feel.

22. Show Them the Brighter Side

It is never recommended to encourage the negative feelings of anyone. Always express the brighter side of the picture and help them see by clearing it out. Show the present and future opportunities, sketch the worsen situation that didn’t happen, luckily, and help them feel grateful for what they have at the moment.

23. Share Inspiring Stories

Whether in the form of an article, a video, a podcast, or anything else. Share the inspiring and motivational stories of people who denied giving up in their hard times and became successful over time. Such living examples boost the positive energy of staying content and motivated – ultimately leading to cheering someone up.

24. Offer a Sincere Advice

Although you should not give a piece of advice until you’re asked for it, sometimes, you need to figure out its need by yourself. If a disheartened person is stuck on a problem and is unclear to a solution that you know, speak it out. However, remain gentle and not enforce your opinion on anyone.

25. Give Them Some Space

We all have faced some difficult times when we don’t feel the best, and we need some space rather than a sincere company. It might sound odd or rude instead, but some people are just like this. They need some personal space to fight with their own anger. Offer them that privacy, and don’t interfere until you feel the most needed.

26. Do an Interesting Challenge

Throwing some engaging challenges at the sad person to divert his/her mind is never a failure. Maybe a noodle fighting challenge, a painting challenge, or a challenge of their favorite game. Any challenging activity that is beloved by an unhappy person is your key to attract, engage and cheer someone up.

27. Lend a Pet for Sometime

For those who love animals, lending a pet for a couple of days is the ultimate solution to cheer someone up. An adorable, squishy, and innocent pet has the guts to make someone feel better in a glimpse. Although, make sure to lend the favorite pet of that sad person – Perhaps a cat, a bunny, or a talking parrot.

Key Takeaway: Make Someone Feel Better to Brighten Up Your Day

It is natural to become sad and demotivated for someone having a bad day. We all have been through such times that make us feel sad, disappointed, grieved, and whatnot at the moment. Yet, it is hard to accept when the sufferer is your beloved one. During such situations, the best thing one can do is to caress and show love for that specific person. Make him/her feel valued and do those little deeds of kindness that revive their faith in goodness. With our ideas mentioned above to cheer someone up, we’re sure that you’d make someone feel better in no time.

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