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How To Delete Blizzard Account? [With or Without ID]

How to Delete Blizzard Account

Blizzard Entertainment has owned or produced many video game classics from the past few decades.

The Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series are famous ones. Blizzard’s subscription-based games are one significant category of items. You pay a subscription fee to play online instead of buying a license for the game directly.

But the ground-breaking game company that developed so many impressive games began to collapse.

Owing to an event that occurred at one of their tournaments, they have recently faced heavy criticism from the media.

As a result, several individuals have begun to boycott Blizzard and search for ways to Delete their accounts from Blizzard.

At first, it appeared like Blizzard would not allow this to happen because they would risk so much profit.

The problem was solved, though, and now you can delete your Blizzard account.

Why Gamers Protested Against Blizzard?

If you want to uninstall your Blizzard account now, you are probably aware of the mess that happened recently at a Blizzard-hosted Hearthstone tournament.

They were attempting to punish a Blitzchung player who in an interview supported the protest in Hong Kong.

Blizzard decided to refuse him the money for the award and bar him from playing in the next year’s tournaments organized.

The people stood up against such a blatant, irrational move by Blizzard.

As the corporation makes immense profits from China alone, hence they sought to censor the right of freedom of expression to keep the Chinese happy.

Blizzard backed down and let the player have his prize money and lifted his suspension after they saw the amount of criticism, they were having.

Requirements to Delete Blizzard Account

Get the following specifics ready before you learn how to uninstall your Blizzard account below.

  • Name
  • Contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • Security details
  • Saved payment methods


To complete the request to uninstall your account, you would need to have a government-issued ID password.

How to Delete Your Blizzard Account?

Blizzard refers to the deleting process by saying that you should “delete all personal information” from your account.

And it completes the purpose of account deletion, even though it is called something different.

Such a request deletes your identity, payment methods, and any information about protection and communication.

Follow these steps to delete your Blizzard Account:

  1. Using any browser, log into your Blizzard account online.
  1. To uninstall your US Blizzard account, follow this link.
  1. Carefully read this page, as it describes what you are going to delete from their servers and what you’re going to miss. If you accept, click on the confirmation checkbox at the bottom of the list.
  1. At the end of the tab, click on Continue.
  1. You will give Blizzard a request to delete your account by doing so, which will take up to thirty days to happen.
  1. Blizzard can ask you for proof of your account. There are different options to make sure that the version is yours, and it depends on your own choice. Confirm the check by using a smartphone app, SMS, or email from Blizzard.
  1. Finally, you can explain your issues to Blizzard and tell them why you want your account to be deleted. We suggest that you take this initiative and give them full transparency because they know that they are losing regular clients so many times.

After Submitting Your Account Deletion Request

There is no going around when you follow ahead with the order to uninstall. When you uninstall your password, here is what will happen:

  1. It would delete your details from the Blizzard servers (security info, contact info, name, and credit card information).
  1. All your Blizzard games, in-game products, promo codes, etc., will be lost to you.
  1. If your Blizzard Balance had some money left over, you would risk it, too.
  1. Along with all the advances you have made in Blizzard games, your online accounts would be destroyed.
  1. Finally, you will delete all of your order records, and you will not be able to use your account to contact Blizzard Customer Service.

Blizzard has a reasonably stringent account delete policy, so make sure you are happy to lose everything on your Blizzard account that you have.

This phase will take up to thirty days, but it is final when it is completed.

No Turn Back

Blizzard does not give its users any half measures. With all the games, progress, and balance you have on it, you can either uninstall your account entirely, lose everything, or keep the account.

No choice exists to deactivate your account. However, it would help if you overlooked it. Blizzard has some excellent games, like WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Starcraft, and Diablo, so you may want to play them one day.

How to Delete Blizzard Account Without ID?

If you try to uninstall the whole account and erase anything you’ve spent money on, however, they want to know that it’s you. Friends, hackers, there are way too significant efforts to mess others over.

If you confirm it is you, they will be delighted to erase your licenses.

Both identifying information is handled in compliance with the Personally Identifiable Information Security Legislation of the Federal and California States.

After fulfilment of the user search, the ID image is deleted.

Also, please make sure to uninstall any ID picture used to send it from your phone or PC.

How Long Does It Take To Delete Blizzard Account?

It will be removed after you called for your Blizzard account to delete. You have to wait 30 days for Blizzard to uninstall your version.

And you will no longer be allowed to reactivate the account until the request to uninstall your Blizzard account has been fulfilled unless you want to build a new Blizzard account.

What Information Would Be Deleted After Deleting Blizzard Account?

The following information would be removed after you request for Blizzard account deletion.

  1. Name
  2. Contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  3. Security details
  4. Saved payment methods

These would also permanently get deleted:

  1. Purchase history
  2. Purchased games, codes, promotions, and in-game items
  3. Game accounts and all game progress
  4. Communications with Blizzard Customer Support
  5. Any remaining Blizzard Balance

Final Thought

Blizzard is currently concentrating more on new game releases, especially mobile games, which are very popular in China. Nevertheless, their older releases, although in need of some TLC, are still incredibly successful worldwide.

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