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How To See Twitter Join Date?

How To See Twitter Join Date

Are you looking for a way by which you can see your Twitter’s joining date? Read on! In this writing piece, I’ll reveal the procedure that will allow you to see your joining date.

You’ll also get the answers to your other queries like: Can I remove my Twitter joining date? or how to hide or change my join date on Twitter?

Twitter is a vast social media platform that allows you to follow celebrities, tweet, retweet, conveying messages to friends. However, some people are new to it and are not familiar with its features, which is not wrong. So, if you are also in such a situation, don’t bother.

First, let’s understand the method to check your joining date on Twitter.

How To See The Join Date On Twitter?

If you also don’t know how to discover your joining moment on Twitter with the given steps, you can effortlessly check it out.

1. Log in to your existing account; enter your username and password.

2. Click on your profile picture on the left corner at the top.

How To See Twitter Join Date

3. Then the list of options will appear there. Click on the first option, which will be your profile.

How To See Twitter Join Date?
How To See Twitter Join Date?

4. Here you can clearly see your join date on Twitter just below the name of your account.

How To See Twitter Join Date?

How To See Someone’s Joining Date On Twitter?

The above method is for your account. Now, what if you desire to check the date of any other account _maybe your friend or follower.

Simply open the profile of the person to whom you want to check with your account. When you tab on his/her profile, you’ll see the join date mentioned just below that account name and bio.

With this method, you can conveniently assess anyone’s joining date if that person on Twitter.

How To Remove Join Date On Twitter?

Like any other social media account, when you create an account on Twitter, it automatically saves all the data you provide_ necessary for sign-up. These also include your date of joining on it.

Although you can edit various things like your name, bio, website, etc., on it, you can’t get success here if you are looking to change or remove your joining date.

Now, you are clear that it’s impossible to change the date and maybe you are thinking of another way. And for sure this is how I can hide my date.

Thus, below I’ve mentioned the detailed answer to your question.

How To Hide Join Date On Twitter?

Although Twitter gives full control to their users on their accounts, it does not introduce any settings for hiding their joining date.

Therefore, even with your best effort, it is not possible to hide it from other users. Still, if you browse on the internet, you’ll come across content that states that you can use various cheating methods or website.

But I suggest you don’t go with such declarations as Twitter introduces no such feature.


Now, you can quickly go and see your date on Twitter. Also, I’ve tried to give you the maximum possible answers to the most obvious question that may be popping up in your mind. With all the mentioned information, you are clear with all your queries regarding the Twitter date.

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