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How To View Steam Purchase History In 6 Easy Steps

How To View Steam Purchase History In 6 Easy Steps

Steam is a comprehensive platform that provides a vast diversity and volume of content to people. It prompts people to invest their significant amount of money in it.  So, if you are also from those who have substantial purchasing history and search for a way to review it, this article is certainly for you.

Although steam sends email notifications whenever you purchase or sell anything, it is not manageable to track all these emails, especially older ones. So here, the history viewing option comes to be a necessity.

You’ll be amazed to know that you can get this information due to the modifications in legislation in the EU. Now, there is a way through which you can view your whole history.

How to view Purchase History on Steam?

Luckily, there is an additional feature of checking out purchasing history on steam without facing any completed producer.

You can quickly get into your purchasing details by following a few simple steps.

  • Firstly, log in to your steam account through the Steam client.
  • When you are directed to its homepage, click on your profile (at the top of the right side).
  • Now, Click on “Account details“.
  • Here, in the available options, you’ll see the option of “View Purchase History“. Click on it.
  • Then you’ll be directed to the page of your entire purchasing history.
  • Finally, you can review all market transactions you’ve made on steam with complete transparency.

What is In the Steam Purchase History section?

Now with the upgrade Steam, you are enabled to see every essential detail. It provides users with a managed table of content for their queries.

This table contains various portions which include complete information about your spendings and earnings.

The main sections in this record chart consist of the following data.

Date section: This portion is extremely useful and beneficial as it allows you to get the exact dates of your investments and sales. Valid dating helps those who are confused and want to check the correct dates.

Type section: This contains the data about your earnings and spending on steam. So, this could help you in estimating the exact amounts to get and used here.

Item section: Sometimes, people want to review their previous purchases, which helps them solve their confusion. The item section describes the complete details about Community Market sales and assets together. However, it may not be very clear, but you can understand it.

Your changes: Here, you’ll also get a view of the changes you’ve made in your steam wallet.

Total amount: Lastly, there you’ll find a total amount section from which you’ll learn about the money you’ve gained or lost on it.

The detailed history of all your primary concerns gives you relaxation in using this platform. So, you don’t need to track all this data about your steam account and transactions.

How can Steam History be Valuable?

This feature provides you with a comprehensive view of your transactions and facilitates you to resolve your questions.

You can use it as evidence whenever needed. Now you may have the question of how it could be used as proof? If you buy any game on steam, but it doesn’t appear in your library, this will be your proof.

However, it rarely occurs;  Steam services are good enough to save you from these inconveniences.  Also, it assists you in finding whether you have done the process of buying or not.

Additionally,  you can also employ email notifications as proofs.

How can I Use It as a Proof of Purchase?

You can file your complaint in steam about various issues, and you can use the screenshots of your history as your evidence. This platform also gives several options in which this data plays a key role.

Moreover, you can notify your queries and ask for a refund. Another important use of these details is that you can report your complaints about overcharging.


Steam is a suitable and famous platform for buying and selling games. Also, the introduction of users friendly and straightforward interface and features make it more valuable.

With the above information, so you can quickly get to your account purchasing and selling details.

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