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How To Whisper On Twitch?

How to Whisper on Twitch

Whispering on Twitch is a way to send a direct response to others so that you and the receiver only can view the message.

This can be useful to chat about items unrelated to streaming, linked to another channel, or exchange clips and valuable connections.

To keep in touch with those who are not actually on the same platform as you, or even others offline, this feature might even come in handy.

Some individuals can refer to whispering as DMing (Direct Messaging) or PMing (Personal Messaging), and whispering may be used with these words interchangeably.

How To Whisper Someone On Twitch?

Method 1

This method is applicable when you are on a desktop and want to message someone on Twitch.

  1. After going to the chat room, click on the Name to whom you want to send a message
  1. A whisper button will be generated. Now click on it
  1. Now type the message you want to send and submit it

Method 2

Another method is going to the chat room; Type /w, then space and Name of the person you want to send a message to, and after space, type your message and send it.

Method 3

There is a whisper button at the top right corner of your screen, to the left of your profile icon, and the get bits button. This will open up an inbox containing all your past whispers sent or received by clicking this. You will use a search bar to identify the person you want to whisper with. Alternatively, you can use the scroll bar to locate their Name if you have whispered to this person before pressing on it to open a conversation with that person. This will pull up a tradition of sharing whispering with you as well.

Method 4 (Whisper on Twitch Mobile)

  1. Whispering somebody functions in the same way as a desktop on a Twitch smartphone. If you choose to whisper to someone who is actually on the same channel as you, you can pick their Name, which will open up a variety of choices, then choose Whisper, and if there are any, it will bring up a chat box for the two of you with any message history. You should type your message in the box below the bottom and press send when you’re done.
  1. Selecting the whisper/social icon on the top right of the phone, just left of the search button, to whisper on the smartphone. This will pull up friends with your Twitch, and there will be a toggle to turn to the tab of whispers. Choosing that would show other users all your past whispers, and there will also be a “Start a whisper” button that you can pick. If you’ve had an interaction with them before, scroll to the person you want to whisper or initiate a whisper and type the username of the person you wish to message in.

How to check if someone whispers to you on Twitch?

Click the whisper icon on your screen or tablet to search your whispers, and it will show you the history of any whispers that have been shared between you and other users.

How to check messages from Twitch as a Mod?

Twitch moderators have access to a channel moderator view, which allows them a dynamic twitch overlay interface to customize better to suit their needs. This means the whispers are tested differently than they are with other apps.

Locate the whisper icon (left side panel unless they have customized their layout) for a mod to search their Twitch whispers, click it, and it will pull up their whisper history.

After having a private talk, can I stop chatting?

That setting does not exist anymore. Now there is just “chat” in the messaging policy, which seems to block all chat, not only private chat. We need a way where only private chat can be disabled.

Can I hide my conversation in Twitch?

Yes, several chat settings are open to hide your chat.

How to send a whisper on Twitch?

You may use a chat command to “Whisper” to anyone on Twitch, or by navigating to their profile page. The Whisper feature on Twitch allows you to send every other user a private message. A private chat window will open for only the two of you until you whisper to someone.

How can you send a private message on Twitch?

If your buddies are watching separate streams than you at some moment, you can now send private messages to friends on Twitch. It’s a function called Whisper and it operates in a Twitch chat box by typing “/w” followed by the username with which you want to chat. This will generate a chat that can only be used by your friend and you.

How To Block Someone On Twitch on Computer?

Choose their username. Pick the three dots on the right side when the choice panel appears. A ­secondary menu will appear, giving you the option of banning users. You may even report them if they are particularly obnoxious.

In other ways, you can open Settings > Security and Privacy and click on Whispers From Strangers.

How To Block Someone On Twitch On Mobile App?

In the Twitch mobile app, whenever you press someone’s username, a second window opens. The choice to block the user and report the user is near the bottom of the screen.

Please open the chat window and click the cog in the upper-right corner whether you are actually in contact with someone or have emailed them in the past. The choice to block a user is at the bottom of the screen.


Twitch is with the community as well. That is why, even though Whisper is a private messaging service, you should still play by the rules of civilized communication. In this article, we have explained How to whisper on Twitch and all possible related FAQs.

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