Enchantment Table: How to Make And Use Enchantment Tables

Enchantment Table
Enchantment Table

Minecraft Enchantment is a way to make magic on the tools and weapons – the infinite power to throw back attacks at your enemy. But to do this magic, you’ll need some experience level to enchant the items. Higher the level, better the enchantments. The most important thing which you need to enchant items is an enchantment table.

Minecraft enchantments are such a powerful tool to survive. In the cruel Minecraft World, you want to stack up as many enchantments as possible. Winning the stage where you can equalize the extraordinary power and build and use the enchantment is not easy. There are specific steps included in crafting a weapon or tool with a good enchantment.

We are here to break down the basics you need to know to make a Minecraft enchanting table. Additionally, how to use it, and some other advanced tips that will help you craft tools and weapons.

What is Minecraft Enchantment?

Sometimes you are at a point in Minecraft where surviving is not your only option. You want to become as powerful as you can to get through all stages without getting defeated. To build a wall of power, you should get yourself an enchantment table. The special enchantments block can give you some strong and a little weird effect on all your tools and weapons.

The only problem is that you don’t know what you will end up with after using enchanting magic.

Enchantment Table Recipe

Let’s get started with the recipe for the Minecraft enchanting table. The ingredients for Minecraft enchantment are rare so prepare for some extra expedition.

All you need is four obsidian, a book, and two diamonds to craft an enchantment table in Minecraft.

1. Mine for Diamonds

Diamonds are only found underground because they’re rare ores. Make sure to check on 5-12 layers for blue light ore. Search until you find a tough grey block, then the above side counts up to 5-12 blocks. You can mine the diamonds with iron or netherite pickaxe.

  • Use the staircase to avoid pits; never try to dig down straight. 
  • For the enchantment table, you will need two diamonds with one pickaxe diamond to dig obsidian.
  • To avoid lava, stay at layers 11 and 12.

2. Create Obsidian

When flowing water smacks into lava, a dark kind of black hole appears that is called obsidian. Make it by yourself using buckets out of 3 irons. With the help of one bucket, take lava and pour it into the four-block hole. Now you have to pour the water from a level above enough to fit onto the lava, which makes the lava obsidian. 

3. Mine Four Obsidian

Use a netherite pickaxe or diamond to mine obsidian blocks that will drop crafting material.

4. Find a Book

You have to option craft a book or find one. You can easily find ready-made books if you break down bookshelves in stronghold villages. 

To make a book in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. To get one leather, kill a horse or cows. 
  2. Then you need to cut down some cane reeds.
  3. Take three sugar cane and make paper.
  4. Assemble one leather and three pieces of paper to craft a book. 

How to Make an Enchantment Table?

Now that you know the recipe ingredients let’s dig into the crafting process of the Minecraft enchanting table. Here are the steps:

STEP 1: Craft an Enchantment Table

Look at the enchantment recipe, and combine the items as follows:

  • Top row: empty, book, empty.
  • Middle row: diamond, obsidian, diamond.
  • Last row: obsidian, obsidian, obsidian.

STEP 2: Position the Enchantment Table 

Put the enchantment table in a room of two blocks high, leaving space of two blocks on three sides. 

STEP 3: Make Bookshelves (Optional)

Although this isn’t an obligation, having bookshelves nearby your enchantment table will induce more powerful enchantments. To make a bookshelf, in a center row, assemble three books, and fill up the rest of the grids with planks. 

Note: Powerful Minecraft enchantments will cost you more, so skip this part if you are still on a low level.

How to Use an Enchantment table?

Once you place the enchantment table, it will open a new interface. On the right, there will be scripture to indicate your choice of rolled enchantments. Go to one of the glyphs to get a hint on possible enchantments. On the left side, you can enchant several items by dropping lapis lazuli. 

How to Enchant In Minecraft? 

Now that you get your enchantment table, you have many options to explore. You can enchant items with it, or you can upgrade by enhancing the power of your enchantment table. 

Here are three ways to enchant any item in the Minecraft world:

  1. Navigate to Minecraft enchanting table and commerce lapis lazuli and XP to enchant an item.
  2. Go to Minecraft anvil, and assemble or combine an unenchanted item using XP with the enchanted book. 
  3. Go to the anvil and craft items with two enchantments by combining two enchanted items.
  4. By trading emeralds with villagers is another way to get enchanted items.
  5. Sometimes you can also find an enchanted item during fishing in Minecraft. 

Other ways to get enchanted items as a drop are slaying a zombie, zombie pigman, strat, or skeleton. You can loot the enchanted items in the end city. If you have Bedrock Edition, you will acquire enchanted items during a raid by killing vindicator rivals and pillagers.

To avoid the hassle, use the Minecraft console and cheats to get the enchanted items.

Make Your Minecraft Enchantment Better 

The level of Minecraft enchantment depends on your experience level. Don’t expect to enchant higher levels early on if you are at a lower level.

To increase the level, you can place a bookshelf near your enchanting table – with an area of one block. Gather 15 bookshelves in total to craft the best enchantment. Create the second row of bookshelves in case you run out of space.

If you want to enchant an item that you don’t possess right now, you can make an enchanted book to use later. You can’t choose the result as it is mainly based on your experience level, the enchanting item, and the enchantment seed. Options can be a fudge by reducing the number of bookshelves attached to the table. However, it will not impact possibilities.

To craft the max enchanted item to level up your game is by storing Minecraft enchantments in the form of an enchanting book. When you reach your desired level, pick a book and item you want to enchant and place them in the anvil.

List of Minecraft Enchantment 

Here is a list of vanilla Minecraft enchantment of max ranks:

  1. Aqua Affinity: Max Rank 1
  2. Bane of Arthropods: Max Rank 5
  3. Blast Protection: Max Rank 4
  4. Channeling: Max Rank 1
  5. Curse of Binding: Max Rank 1
  6. Curse of Vanishing: Max Rank 1
  7. Depth Strider: Max Rank 3
  8. Efficiency: Max Rank 5
  9. Feather Falling: Max Rank 5
  10. Fire Aspect: Max Rank 2
  11. Fire Protection: Max Rank 4
  12. Flame: Max Rank 1
  13. Fortune: Exclusive with silk touch 
  14. Frost Walker: Max Rank 2
  15. Impaling: Max Rank 5
  16. Infinity: Max Rank 3
  17. KnockBack: Max Rank 2
  18. Looting: Max Rank 3
  19. Loyalty: Max Rank 3
  20. Luck of the Sea: Max Rank 3
  21. Lure: Max Rank 3
  22. Mending: Max Rank 1
  23. Multishot: Max Rank 1
  24. Piercing: Max Rank 4
  25. Power: Max Rank 5
  26. Projective Protection: Max Rank 4
  27. Protection: Max Rank 4
  28. Punch: Max Rank 2
  29. Quick Charge: Max Rank 3
  30. Respiration: Max Rank 3
  31. Riptide: Max Rank 3
  32. Sharpness: Max Rank 5
  33. Silk Touch: Max Rank 1
  34. Smite: Max Rank 5
  35. Sweeping Edge: Max Rank 3
  36. Thorns: Max Rank 3
  37. Unbreaking: Max Rank 3

Best Enchantments in Minecraft

Preference comes first in declaring any Minecraft enchantments as the best one. But there are some exceptions that no Minecraft player should ignore:

1. Mending: 

One of the most useful Minecraft enchantments for weapons and tools is mending. What does mending do? It repairs your weapon by using XP bubbles that pop out when you kill countless Minecraft mobs. Keep your diamond pickaxe in good condition by switching to pickaxe before picking the XP without mending the repair cost increases each time. It is worth having the mending enchantment.

2. Unbreaking:

Unbreaking high the durability of your items means the life span of the item increases before you take it to mender bender.

3. Sharpness or Power: 

Both of these items are ideal for weapons. They will level up your power, so you don’t have to hold many swords.

4. Feather Falling:

The best option for enchanted Minecraft armor is “Feather Falling.” Having feathers falling in boots lowers the chance of fall damage.

FAQs: Enchantment Table

1. How many bookshelves for max enchantment?

To max your enchanting table, the ideal number is 15 bookshelves. You need to put 15 bookshelves in a 5*5 block set and an enchantment table in the middle. 

2. How to use enchantment books? 

To use enchantment books. You must put an item in the first block of the anvil, with a book in the next slot. You also need the required amount of experience to complete the enchantment. If you use an enchantment book, you will get a discount.

3. What is the maximum enchantment level?

An interesting question is how far you will be able to level up in the enchantment world. Enchantment levels used as short are 32,768, and the maximum level of enchantment is 32,767.

4. How do you fully power an enchantment table?

Enhance the power of your enchantment table by using bookshelves. You will need a minimum of 15 bookshelves to increase the level. Putting the table in the center of bookshelves will make the enchantment table better.

5. How do you get a 30 level enchantment table?

You can level up your enchantment game by using bookshelves. To reach a level of 30, you will need 15 bookshelves.

Bottom Line

Minecraft enchantments are a gamble. The reason is we never know what the result will be and where the enchantment table ends once we finish enchanting items. If you don’t have much experience, you might ruin a perfect diamond sword. Or you might also infuse it with Fire Aspect. So, it’s better to level up before doing the magic and acquire yourself with all the tools you will need ahead in the enchantment journey.

The excellent news is crafting the enchantment table is an easy thing. Using it in the right way helps you increase your power and level up with powerful enchanted items. You will experience fantastic enchanted items and their use that will help you against the cruel Minecraft world.

Comment down below your Minecraft confusions. We’d love to untangle your difficulties.

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