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How to Make a Book in Minecraft

How to make a book in Minecraft

Make a book in Minecraft to craft many other items and level up your game.

Minecraft players know how important books are in the world of Minecraft. You can use books to make a book and quill, a bookshelf, enchant a book, and more. With books, you can get your base strong. The perks are not limited till here only! You can even upgrade your level and get your hands on some amazing weapons by crafting a book—such a classic item!

You can seamlessly explore “Infinite Worlds” and play in creative mode with crafting books, but the question is, “How to make a book in Minecraft? Well, below is the step-by-step process to make a book in Minecraft as simple as child’s play—only finding the ingredients can be a nuisance but not as long as you read this article till the end.

To make a book, you will need the following two materials:

  • 3 parts paper
  • 1 part leather

Craft Paper with Sugar Cane

How to make a book in minecraft
Source: Sportskeeda

Here is the simple and easy process of making a book in Minecraft.

Step 1: The first step to making a book is by collecting sugar cane. Though finding them can be tiresome, they will allow us to make paper for the book. Sugar cane is a green reed that grows near units of water, ocean, lakes, or river. Simply follow the coastline, find the sugar cane, break it with your hands, or use tools to pick it up.

Step 2: Next step is all about setting up a sugar cane farm. We recommend starting your own sugar farm to save yourself from the hassle of finding sugar canes somewhere else in the game. By doing so, you can use it to make a book and save the rest for other items.

How to grow your sugar cane farm?

Growing your sugar cane farm ain’t a complex process at all! All you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Just place a sugar cane on the ground on dirt, grass, podzol, or sand.
  2. Add a water block to the same ground where you plant the sugar cane.
  3. Wait till it grows and harvests.
  4. Break the upper block and use it. Leave the lower blocks, and they will keep on growing.

Step 3: Open the crafting menu to make paper. Add three sugar cane in one row of a crafting table. You will make three pieces of paper by crafting three sugar canes.

Ambush for Leather

Source: Sportskeeda

Kill the animals to get leather. These animals include cows, llamas, rabbit hides, or spawns that are easily found in Savannah, biome, and plains. Another option to get leather is fishing.

When you kill fishes, you get the reward of 0-2 units of leather. You need only one piece out of it to make one book.

Pro Tip: You can breed cows by luring them into enclosures and offering them wheat. This way, you will get your hands on mass leather. Bingo!

Make a Book With Paper and Leather

Source: Sportskeeda

Open the 3×3 crafting grid in the menu, and put leather in the lowest-left corner square. In three squares, place paper in a way that surrounds the leather in a grid. That’s it! You can make a book by this method or repeat the steps to make more books in Minecraft.

You can also check out this Video Tutorial to make a book in Minecraft.

Here are some FAQs related to making a book in Minecraft.

How do you make a copy of a book in Minecraft?

You can copy written books utilizing books and quills. This is the same procedure you obtain to duplicate maps by using empty maps. Written books can be piled up to 16 per stack.

How to make an enchanted book in Minecraft?

To enchant a book, you need 1 Book and 3 Lapis Lazuli: The steps to enchant a book includes:

  • Open enchantment table 
  • Place book in the first box
  • Put 3 Lapis Lazuli in the second box

You will get your enchanted books.

Note: you need to earn a few levels to trade with enchantment tables for enchanted books.

How to make the book and quill in Minecraft?

The Minecraft crafting recipe for the book and quill is as follows:

  • 1 Book
  • 1 Ink sack
  • 1 Feather

Open 3×3 square grid in crafting mode and add in the following order: 1 Book in first grid, ink sack in second grid, and feather in the third grid.

Voila! Your book and quill are ready.

Final Word

Minecraft can be fun to play if you have a strong base, armor, weapons—and most importantly, books.

Books don’t exist before the 0.3.0 version. And before the 0.12.1 version, leather is not required to make a book. So check your version first before using these instructions.

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