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Minecraft Shield: How to Make a Shield in Minecraft [2 Ingredients & 2-Step Process]

Minecraft Shield: How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

As a Minecraft player, you’d never want to be stuck in a situation where you’re weapon-less, and about to get attacked by some skeletons. I mean, who wants to lose the battle and especially the chance to grab a loot!

Well, the only thing you need in this scenario is a Minecraft shield. A Minecraft shield protects you by blocking attacks. Not to mention, it allows you to collect the loot too!

So – if these Minecraft shield benefits interest you, read on to find out how to craft a shield in Minecraft and how to use it.

Why Do You Need a Minecraft Shield?

Before we dig into the process to make a Minecraft shield, let me paint a picture of its importance for you.

Minecraft is full of battles, and you can’t run away from it. At least in the game! And the most common mob you will face is the skeleton–the most annoying one to deal with. They use knockback from arrows to tug you into lava or down the cliffs.

It gets wrecking to fight with this type of mob, especially if you seek resources from dangerous and scavenger places. In this scenario, having a shield that is too made with cheap ingredients will help you survive. 

How to Make a Shield in Minecraft?

The Minecraft shield recipe is simple. Its ingredients are easy to find and inexpensive as well. To make a Minecraft shield, you’ll need these things:

2 Ingredients You’ll Need

1. The first ingredient you need is Wooden Plans.

You can use any wood, log, or even mix the different types. Collect it and convert it into wooden planks.

2. Next ingredient is to get yourself some Iron.

One single piece of iron will do the job. Get one piece of iron to make a Minecraft shield.

2-Steps Shield Crafting Recipe

Step 1: Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, you need a larger crafting grid than usual to craft the Minecraft shield. You can find the grid in the crafting table (not the one in your inventory).

Step 2: You need to put the collected ingredients in the crafting grid in a Y shape. Following are the detailed steps to help you get the ingredients placement right:

  • Top row: Put wooden plank in the first grid, iron ingot in the middle, and wooden plank in the third grid. 
  • Middle row: Add 3 wooden planks in this row.
  • Bottom row: Place 1 wooden plank in the centermost grid. 

And Viola! You just made a shield to protect yourself in future combats.

How to Use A Shield in Minecraft?

Now that you’ve made your shield successfully, you must know the functions of a Minecraft shield to use it up to its full potential. 

You can use the shield by holding down the interact button (right mouse button on PC or sneak button on Bedroom). By doing so, the Minecraft player will slow down to sneaking pace, then neglect all damage by holding the shield. 

Keep the shield on the hot bar and hover when needed. Or you can place it in the actual slot in the inventory.

The shield can be used to block arrow attacks, flaming arrows, fireballs, melee attacks, lasers from guardians, creeper explosions, TNT explosions, and ghast exploitation. Functionalities are endless!

FAQs: Minecraft Shield

1. How to put a banner on a shield?

To put a banner on a Minecraft shield, you’ll need a loom first with three grids. Follow the procedure defined below:

  1. Put a white banner in the first grid.
  2. Put items like orange dye into the second grid.
  3. On display, a pattern would appear to save it in the inventory.
  4. Now, open the crafting table and put the designed banner in the first grid and shield in the second. A shield with a pattern will appear on the right side. 

Note: You can design your banner with any dye you want. You can also use more than one item for your banner design.

2. What does a loom do in Minecraft?

A loom is a modern kind of crafting table that allows players to take a banner, banner pattern, and dye and then swivel them together to craft excellent new banners. The loom also makes it easy to make fancy banners with lots of new designs.

3. How to colour/dye a shield in Minecraft?

In the beginning, your shield will appear basic. However, you can make a customized shield incorporating the desired changes in your shield. You can color your shield in Minecraft using a banner pattern. Combine the banner pattern with a shield in a crafting grid. You will get a custom shield dyed with your favorite color.

4. Can you enchant shields?

Yes! You can enchant a shield in Minecraft by using the enchant command. Such as, you can try the enchant command to enchant the shield that the player is carrying with Unbreaking III. (unbreaking is the name of the enchantment). The enchantment boosts the stability of the shield.

5. How to repair a shield in Minecraft?

To repair the Minecraft shield, grab two damaged shields and assemble them on your crafting table. It will repair the shield, but please note that it will lose the pattern. The other way is to put wooden planks with your shield in Anvil. It will repair this way, counting on the number of planks you use.

Bottom Line

The Minecraft shield is a must-have for your protection, especially in survival mode.

The battle is an unavoidable aspect of Minecraft if you have to play on survival. In the Minecraft world, you have to deal with different types of enemies. In a scenario where you cannot fight, a Minecraft shield is necessary to survive in the battle.

Minecraft shield is one of the unnoticed treasures which has undeniable benefits. This guide has now solved your quest for how to make a shield in Minecraft. Use the easy procedure described above to guard yourself and win the game.

What’s your next question about Minecraft? Comment down below. We’d love to untangle your confusion.

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