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How to Make Paper in Minecraft? [2 Easy Methods]

how to make paper in minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, paper can be as important and useful as in the real world. You can make books with paper, and with those books, you can craft a bookshelf, enchantment table, and much more!

In short, without papers, you can’t move ahead to the next step of crafting and enchanting. Paper can be utilized to make maps and patterns. It’s vital for crafting advanced-level materials. In this guide, we are going to explain how to make paper in Minecraft using two easy methods.

Method 1: Make Paper in Minecraft With Wood

How to make paper in minecraft
Source: PCGamesN

You know you can make paper with wood in real life but do you know you can also make paper using wood in the Minecraft world?

Yes! You can, here are the steps to show you how:

Step 1: Compile Wood

The crafting table is the most critical tool of Minecraft; you can’t create any tools, blocks, or items needed for intricate builds or survival. You’ll first need some wood to make a crafting table. Find trees and punch them to get some wood. One wood can generate four Wood Planks. To Punch a tree, you will need to press and hold the left mouse button, click the Left Bumper button (Xbox) while facing the trunk.

If you already have a crafting table, then no need to follow this step.

Step 2: Go to Your Inventory

Click the E key on your PC, the X button in Xbox, or the […] icon in PE to sight your inventory. You’ll see a batch of four empty boxes organized into a box formation with an arrow referring towards a single empty box. That is your crafting grid, where you will be able to make several items. 

You need a crafting table because it only has four slots with that you can’t make anything complicated in the first place.

Step 3: Put Wood on One of the Slots

First, select the wood, and you will get that an item appears on the single box. 4 wood planks are enough for single wood. Place 1 wood plank on each box of the four boxes in the crafting grid to make a crafting table.

Step 4: Make a paper with the Crafting Table

Finally, press or right-click on the controller. Now you can use up the crafting table to make paper!

Method 2: Make Paper in Minecraft with Sugar cane

How to make paper in minecraft
Source: PCGamesN

Step 1: Find Some Sugarcane

To make paper in Minecraft, you need to find the sugarcane and green weeds that grow nearby water bodies and look like tall bamboo or reeds. Upper individual units of sugarcane and green weeds can be placed on a block directly beside the water to grow more. However, it can be a hectic task to find them. The solution is to just keep your eyes near water units and lakes along the coastline to spot them. You can gather sugar canes in the same manner you collected wood. By punching and using tools -Simple it is!

Step 2: Open the Crafting Table

Once you’ve collected Sugar canes, enter your Crafting Table’s menu by facing the table and right-click or press the X button—position three Sugarcanes in a row. You will get the three papers. Repeat the process to make additional papers.

Check out the Video Tutorial of How to Make Paper in Minecraft

1. Can you make paper with bamboo Minecraft?

Old civilizations wielded bamboo to make paper in Minecraft, so you should be able to do it similarly. But, unlike sugar cane, three pieces of bamboo crafts, only one piece of paper.

2. How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft?

To make a bookshelf, you will need:

  •  6 wood planks 
  •  3 books 

Place them in the 3×3 crafting grid. When crafting with wood planks, you can use any kind of wood planks, such as oak, spruce, birch, and others. Check out our separate detailed guide on how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft.

3. How to make a compass in Minecraft?

To craft a compass in Minecraft, you will need: 

  • 4 iron ingots 
  • 1 Redstone

Put them in the 3×3 crafting grid. The Redstone should be placed in the centre and the 4 iron ingots in a manner that they surround all fours of the Redstone. 

4. How to make maps in Minecraft?

Open the crafting area from the menu up to a 3×3 crafting grid. You will require the following items to add: 

  • 8 papers (9 papers in PE)
  • 1 compass

Finally, place them in the 3×3 crafting grid.

Bottom Line

Making a paper in Minecraft is super easy and exciting as well. We recommend growing your sugar cane to have mass paper at your disposal. Now you know the recipe to make paper in Minecraft, get started with your game, and enchant your Minecraft world.

Comment down below to let us know which method is working the best for you. We’ll be waiting!

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