How to Become a YouTuber In 9 Effective Steps (2022)

How to Become a YouTuber In 13 Effective Steps (2021)

Are you passionate about becoming a successful Youtuber? Or want an additional way to earn a considerable amount of money. And a question popping in your mind: how to become a YouTuber. Hold on!

Here I’ll reveal the most promising strategies through which you can get fame on YouTube.

Moreover, if you already have a channel but want to learn insights to get ranked and become popular, this writing is also for you.

In any circumstance,  your primary purpose is to get success, if I’m not wrong. However, hold my words in your mind; it is not difficult or impossible to achieve your goal

Let’s talk about how it’s possible. For this, you have to execute a few things mentioned below:

  1. Go with your interest
  2. Clarify your Niche
  3. Develop and Plan your content
  4. Make yourself a Brand
  5. SEO your Youtube Channel
  6. Be Consistent and Relevant
  7. Invest for advancement
  8. Be connected with viewers
  9. Monetization

1. Go with your interest

May you hear many times” go with your interest,” however, it is a primary aspect to achieve big in the world of youtube.

What if you want to persuade medicine and I enforce you in engineering? Obviously, you study without affection, and in the end, your result will prove it. The same theory applies to YouTubers.

Undoubtedly, all the victorious and famous Youtubers are obeying their interests. Likewise, if you will not follow your passion, soon you’ll get worn out, and your work will become dull and dry. Hence, it is essential to follow your fascination to get achievements.

2. Clarify your Niche

After finding out your interest, decide what will be your focus niche. Usually, it is favorable to select a single or a couple of niches related to your curiosities and expertise.

Here, keep a thing in mind, avoid going with multiple niches on a single YouTube channel as it can be problematic to handle and hard to rank.

3. Develop and Plan your content

Content development is a necessary part, and its planning is essential too. There’s no awry to analyze other relevant channels to grab some amazing ideas. However, parodying their content style and even tone can let your brand down. Therefore, try to be original and unique to make your channel famous on YouTube.

Don’t think of today only; plan for a long journey; how your content looks like after a year or two or more in every sense.

Also, your videos must be engaging to hold your viewers to stay on your channel. For example, if you have created a video series, but its content is not grabbing, no audience will continue watching. Unlike, if your content is eye-catching, it will compel the watchers to become your regular follows and subscribers.

Useful Tip: Try to recognize your targeted audience‘s pain point, their wants or desire content they prefer to watch. The best way to learn it is keyword searching, which is mentioned below in the SEO section.

4. Make yourself a Brand

Branding is the core of popularity on YouTube.”

Indeed, there are ridges of videos on YouTube of your competitors. But, what makes you stand out in this tons of content?

For instance, you are uploading your content without any particular mark of your brand (without any thumbnail, etc.) or even without any defined tone. Could people recognize you next time? Surely, not. Hence, think like a brand and label your work.

Below are the few things that will support you to stand out as a brand on YouTube.

Personalized Banner

Firstly, your channel’s look must be impressive to entice the visitor to stop and fascinate them to discover more about you. For such a purpose, you can make a personalized banner that will allow your targeted audience to get information about your channel’s expertise.


The thumbnail usage of a specific format(colours, style, etc.) associated with your video content gives dual benefits. One urges the targeted audience to click on your videos(more traffic); second, it helps the viewers to memorize your channel as a brand.

Further, you can use different tools to create thumbnails. However, the most well-known tool is “Canva“, which provides a wide range of templates for users’ convenience.


“Brands launch after proper homework” make sure to follow the same quote. Logo or your picture (if you are branding yourself) ensures you grow out as a brand (even initially). So, it is wise to not leave your profile incomplete even in starting.

5. SEO your Youtube Channel

If you skip this step, you’ll miss your success. The secret of success on youtube is optimizing your channel and content. However, not every YouTuber adds this secret ingredient in his recipe for preparing videos.

Like many, if you are also not familiar with the term SEO, don’t worry. Let’s go through a detailed description of it.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” it is more often inferred as the method employed to higher the rank of videos in search. Here you need to understand that YouTube is an intricate search engine, and only preparing and uploading videos is not enough.

Your channel’s proper and right optimization brights the chances that your content meets the targeted audience.

How can I optimize my youtube channel?

It is straightforward to do SEO of your channel in a few steps:

a) Search appropriate keywords

The key factor that is a necessity to get more viewers is the usage of keywords. The use of keywords enables the content to be found out by the targeted audience. Plus, it allows your channel to rank high in the relevant searches.

The first way to get the required keywords is from youtube search suggestions. When you type selected terms into the search bar, it recommends the most frequently searched terms by users. It is the most pretentious way to grab the viewer’s desire.

Second, you can also get assistance from various keyword searching tools. These tools provide the searching volume, relevant suggestions, and an in-depth review. However, the most notable tools are uber suggestions, SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs.

b) Keyword placement

After you are done with keyword searching, its placement is the crucial element. It must be included in the title and description of the video. Also, use the keyword during the video(usually it’s placement at the start and in the end) gives valuable results; however, it can be varied according to the video content type.

c) Title and description

Furthermore, to make an optimized title, keep it short, lenient, and direct so that it can appear in searches conveniently. Moreover, the precise description length is around 250 to 300 words, and the keyword must come off 3-4 times in it.

Besides, the lengthy and attention-grabbing videos that keep the watcher staying till the end are more likely to rank.

d) Rank on Google searches

Additionally, there is a chance for your videos to get rank on Google searches. It is beneficial for the generation of more traffic on the youtube channel(specifically on that video). You can check out your keyword in Google searches that these can rank a video or not.

6. Be Consistent and Relevant

Like any other facet, consistency is crucial for becoming a successful Youtuber. Consistency is something that will allow you to stand out as a brand.

First, it is beneficial to publicize your video content on defined dates and times with consistency. However, if you are confused about why it is important, here is the reason, this regularity allows the viewers to predict when the new videos will come out.

Second, be relevant to your niche. Imagine what if you are watching freelancing content on a particular channel and it unexpectedly uploads a cookery video, weird! Yes, you’ll get confused and may stop following because of its irrelevancy. Thus, be on your selected niche; otherwise, you’ll face a great loss of your regular subscribers.

7. Invest for advancement

Nowadays, people prefer to watch only quality content in the sense of both content and video quality. Plus, to compete with your competitor channels, modification of equipment to improve quality is required. 

Likewise, video editing is one of the most emerging techniques used by all the top brands. Thus, the investment in the purchase of these tools is beneficial for boosting your business.

Furthermore, it is essential to use perfect, best quality cameras and other podcast equipment to defeat your adversaries. 

The summation is that with the Youtube industry’s advancement, it is vital to invest a little to survive and level channel up.

8. Be connected with viewers

Answers to the subscriber’s questions are important too. A connection with the viewers is proved beneficial not only to get more watchers but also to conserve regular ones. Similarly, communication is a part of Youtube’s search algorithm and plays a critical function to rank your channel.

Indeed, comments are the best way to create this relation; therefore, make it your priority to reply to all the messages. If they are appreciated, thank the subscriber, however, if not (lousy feedback), admit it and make him sure for improvement or if any confusion tries to clarify it.

The next way is a FAQs session; if you can’t answer all the comments, It is the best way to get an intense communion with your followers.

9. Monetization

Lastly,  as I’ve mentioned, Youtube is a source of earning, and here are the details. However, don’t bother yourself at the start, but once your channel reaches stability, turn your attention in the right direction.

There are some requirements to put your channel into monetization; you should have regular watchers with 4000 public watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

The most familiar ways to earn on YouTube are from Advertisement and Sponsorships.

Youtube pays a small amount per view on Ads. Therefore, you should have a vast number of viewers to get a considerable volume of money from a particular video. Let’s understand about types of advertisements to realize their necessity.

Pre-roll or in-stream ads are advertised before the main video. These ads can be skipped after a few seconds of playing; the option of skip arises on aside.

Bumper ads are small ads that show up on screen between the voluble videos for a few seconds. However, these ads can’t be skipped. Thus,  the video content should be so exciting and engaging that such interruption can’t incite your viewers to skip the whole video.


You can get numerous sponsors of different companies that offer to advertise their brand or product on your channel. These sponsors can be of your niche or from various industries (depends on your video content type).

How can my YouTube Channel Become Popular?

After learning the detailed guide of becoming a YouTuber, it is natural to think about your channel’s growth and popularity. Well, there is no rocket science in that. If you have heeded all the above steps correctly, you have done more than half of your work.

Now, the only thing that has left is your channel’s publicity in order to get more traffic and subscribers. Also, to become famous among people.

Here, I’m not going to enlist a dozen factors that you should execute to get popularity. However, I’m mentioning the key factors that will be enough to achieve your desired success.

1. Promote on Social Media

Do you know? Social media is the most significant source of traffic generation and business promotion. You can use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even TikTok to promote your videos.

The accounts on these platforms enabled you to provide updates to your audience about your fresh uploaded content. Also, help you to recognize a vast community and give you a chance to interact with them.

You can put your YouTube channel links in your social media accounts’ descriptions and bios and post your latest video links.

2. Connect YouTube with Website

With your Youtube channel’s progress, it would be useful to develop a website where you can display your video content. Also, it proves profitable for the expansion and popularity of your channel. In this way, you will be able to grab the traffic from Google.

Whenever someone comes on Google for searching, your video will have a chance to come up there(after ranking). Moreover, it is a way to double up your income sources.

3. Weekly Newsletters

Further from a website, you can generate weekly newsletters. It will help you interact with your subscribers; also, you can add up your latest video link with a short description in the newsletters.


We have discussed all the aspects that matter to a great extent if you want to become a YouTuber in addition to the secret of popularity. With all these expert techniques and your hard work, you will make an established Youtube channel.

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