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Is Google Digital Garage Worth it? [Honest Review]

Is Google Digital Garage Worth it

A digital marketer’s expert review on Google Digital Garage and Google Digital Marketing certification – An in-depth look into the courses’ cost, value, learning, recognition, and scope.

Learning from the comfort of your couch, at your own pace, and that also, even without paying a penny, sounds unreal, hah!?

Well, to make your wonders come to life, Google Digital Garage is probably the best online academy that makes comfort learning possible. Google Digital Garage provides multiple courses to increase and robust your understanding of online skills. 

Focusing on numerous aspects of digitalization, Google certification courses creates and expand the knowledge of digital skills worldwide.

With all these benefits and many more penned down below, I’m here to give you the perfect answer of “Is Google Digital Garage worth it?”

What is Google Digital Garage?

Google Digital Garage is a non-profit program aiming to deliver digital skills training nationwide via an online learning platform. This training program was launched in 2015 and is benefiting passionate learners ever since.

Designed by experts in the industry, most of the power-packed courses and offerings are free. This enables easier accessibility for everyone. Thousands of people have boosted their careers by learning through the online courses of Google Digital Garage. 

The free online learning platform is full of featured courses in diversified aspects of digital marketing and online business. Whether it’s your small business, dropshipping store, a freelance venture, or any startup, you work with. Google Digital Garage training plans are bound to enhance your skills and raise your profit margins.

The best part is you can quickly sign up yourself with its no-barrier entry. Even if you don’t have a relevant background for a particular course, this learning platform welcomes you with open arms.

Goals of Google Digital Garage

The gigantic company Google realized the need for advanced learning for businesses and individuals to grow in this online era. The prime purpose of Google Digital Garage is to provide an easily accessible knowledge of digital skills for everyone. Every individual is offered a tailored and well-structured training plan to learn and grow rapidly.

1. Goal Setting

Being a part of this ever-changing world, we all know it is vital to set and track your goals. Google Digital Garage is doing a remarkable job helping millions of people set and prioritize their targeted goals. Offering various workshops, events, short courses, and much more, this learning platform helps create an actionable plan to unlock your dreams realistically.

2. Learn from Experts

Industry professionals design online training and tutorials. Walked in your shoes before, these experts know how to deliver practical advice for all your business needs. You can also visit a physical “garage” for a one-to-one mentoring session. This makes sure that every individual is polished well in Google Digital Garage to create a positive difference in the business world.

3. Boost Your Career

The more you learn, the more you grow. Google Digital Garage offers a variety of online training and courses that add a boost to your career. With a testable learning system, you can keep track of your progress. Furthermore, learning at Google Digital Garage becomes even more fun when you get a free but worthwhile certificate.

Course Offerings by Google Digital Garage

Google has joined hands with many universities and expert training institutes to bring out the best for you. The program offers a vast range of over 150 value-packed courses. Google certification courses are divided into 3 categories: Digital marketing, Career Development, and Data & Tech.

The courses vary in course length and difficulty from beginner to intermediate, and advanced, eventually. Every course is structured so that even a beginner with zero background knowledge can easily learn and understand any digital skill. In addition to these courses, you can find tools, events, and training to enhance your knowledge.

Google Digital Marketing Certification Course

If you are a marketing enthusiast, then Google Digital Garage is the perfect learning spot for you.

Among many other value-filled resources, “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” is alone the top-rated and most searched course creation on Google Digital Garage. 

What is Google Digital Marketing Certification? Well, covering all the basic concepts of digital marketing, this course is a compilation of 26 modules. The training duration is 40 hours in total, and you can easily complete this at your own pace; no restrictions are applied. 

The amazing fact is this course is free of any cost and worth great value. So no matter if you want to become a digital marketer or want to serve as a marketing expert for any company, with this digital marketing course at your side, you have no excuse to stand behind.

Want more? Then hold on to your breath long and tight. Upon the successful completion and passing the final test of the Google digital marketing course, a free certificate is also rewarded. Endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe, this digital marketing certificate shines brightly on your CV or portfolio.

Perks of Learning at Google Digital Garage

1. Easy to Access

The course structure and content layout are super simple. The video lectures and other course content, including quizzes and progress tracking, are easy to access. Breaking down the course into modules, it is easier for you to set learning milestones. Whether you are at your office, in a park, or at your college, you can access and learn the online courses anywhere, anytime.

2. Learn at Your Own Pace

Learning with Google Digital Garage is easier than you think. With a no-restriction mode, you can easily cover the courses at your own pace, at your comfort and convenience. 

3. Test & Track your Skills

After completing each course, you get to test your learning. Every course has a final test based on fresh examples rather than including video content only. This is amazing, as you can actually identify your learning extant and the areas of improvement. Primarily these tests are based on multiple-choice questions, and you need to pick the best answer.

4. Get Certified

How much does it cost to get Google certified? Well, nothing except your time and dedication – Google digital garage is entirely free of cost. Not only that can you learn for free on Google Digital Garage, but you are also awarded a free digital marketing certification. This certificate is of great value, as Google authorizes it. Making it more evident for you, the certificate awarding boosts your sense of accomplishment and adds a star to your portfolio.

How to Access Google Digital Garage’s Content?

After knowing all these attractive benefits of Google Digital Garage, you must be thinking about how to access Google Digital Garage’s content. See, I got you!

Enrolling yourself at Google Digital Garage is not difficult at all. No matter which course’s content you want to access, you need to create one single login ID for every course.

Create a Gmail (Google) account and sign up on Google Digital Garage using this email ID. You’ll be redirected to a new page where you are required to enter your accurate information, including name and email notification preferences. Once you’re done with this process, you are good to go. 

Now, you can easily access any course you want and track your progress on “My Learning Plan.” Besides, you can also attend and benefit from any coaching events or live training webinars.

Google Digital Garage Alternatives

If you’re looking for some alternatives to Google Digital Garage, you must check out the following online learning platforms:

1. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning resource with thousands of courses on almost every subject. From pot making and baking to SEO learning and web development, you can learn any skill here. You’ll find both paid and free courses on this site. All you need to do is to sign up and get started with your desired course. 

2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest online learning sites. With over 155000 courses and 40 million students, Udemy is undoubtedly an incredible place to start learning right away. You can either sign up for a free course or go with a premium option if you seek higher value. 

3. Coursera

Coursera is a renowned name in the digital learning industry. The platform partners with various universities to create excellent quality courses on high-demand subjects. Specifically designed for students, these courses are of high value and highly worth a try.

FAQs: Google Digital Garage

1. Are Google certifications free?

Yes, Google certification courses, along with google marketing certification, are entirely free of cost. However, there are some paid courses too. But, you don’t necessarily need to go with a paid option since the free courses are immensely value-filled.

2. Does Google Digital Garage certification expire?

The validity period of Google digital garage certification courses varies from course to course. They typically last from 6 months to 2 years. After the expired period, you need to retake the exam and renew your certifications. 

3. Is Google Digital Garage Recognised?

All Google Digital Garage courses are accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. These certifications are structured by highly qualified faculty, making them worthy of learning for everyone. Whether you want to learn digital marketing fundamentals or wish to enhance your digital marketing skills and knowledge, Google Digital Garage is a one-stop for all.

4. Do Google certificates get you a job?

Yes, Google digital garage courses help you get a job. They teach, enhance and beautify your skillset. In Particular, the certificate courses add a star to your CV. You can also kick start your journey as a freelancer and start selling your services in the digital world.

5. How to become Google certified?

To become Google certified, go to Google Partners > Certifications > See exams > Exam Details > Take Exam. After passing the test, you’ll become Google certified. 

Wrap Up

Google Digital Garage is one step forward in online and convenient learning. Being available for everyone for free, you surely would want to upgrade your skill set with this learning platform. The courses are well-structured with different modules, progress tracking, and a final quiz. All this well-worthy stuff to get you loaded with practical and actionable learning. 

However, if you plan to invest your time in one course from Google Digital Garage, the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course” is probably the best choice. The perks get doubled when you are awarded a sparkling certificate to celebrate your accomplishment at the end of this course. All in all, Google Digital Garage is all worth it and much more.

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