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Netflix Has Launched a Free Android Phone Plan In Kenya

Well, it’s just like drugs. You’ll have to pay to satisfy your dose.

Netflix Has Launched a Free Android Phone Plan In Kenya

Netflix – The biggest OTP platform earning millions of revenue has launched a free one of its kind android phone package in Kenya.

The package allows customers to view a limited series selection from Netflix’s collection, including complete seasons of selected Netflix shows, which temporarily sound great because we know it’s an addiction.

Subscribers do not need to submit a credit card; all they need is their email address, birthday, and a password. “You can then sit back and enjoy several of Netflix’s most popular shows and films, as well as our tailored recommendations, parental controls, and profiles.” Cathy Conk, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.

Netflix said it hopes that users who enjoy using the service will eventually upgrade to one of its paid subscriptions, which support streaming from TVs and laptops as well.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to The Verge,

It’s the first time the streamer has offered a free tier. Roughly a quarter of its library will be included in the free plan, and users on this tier will be able to watch entire seasons of shows.

Netflix has already experimented with free-to-stream content in an attempt to attract new users. It previously made some of its material available on YouTube, and the business experimented with a free-to-watch portal with a limited selection of films after discontinuing its free trial period in the United States.

HBO Max, which also terminated its free trial ahead of Wonder Woman 1984’s day-and-date debut on the channel, has experimented with giving limited episodes for free in order to increase subscription numbers.

What do you think? A brilliant marketing move by Netflix?

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