13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

In kindergarten, kids exercise basic math concepts and learn reading, writing, shapes, and time. It’s the child’s first official year of school! The kindergarten curriculum concentrates primarily on mastering letters, sounds, and words. Children get excited to take their first steps toward reading, expand their vocabulary, and write the alphabet letters through such exciting activities.

Help your child reach critical learning milestones at home and school by reading books aloud. Children enjoy nothing more than listening to engaging and fun stories. For this reason, you should have some interesting read aloud books on your side so they can learn with fun, and yes, without getting bored.

While picking out on a kindergarten read aloud book, there are a lot of things you need to consider to ensure the best learning resource for your kid. It starts from a catchy storyline, word repetition, interesting images to books that inspire imagination and a pinch of humor. Sounds like too much commitment, doesn’t it? 

But wait! No need to get overwhelmed as we have made your job easier!

In this write-up, we have penned down our research-backed list and reviews on the 13 best kindergarten read aloud books for your kid. Well, What are you waiting for? Let’s dive straight into it!

1. “The Day The Crayons Quit Book” by Drew Daywalt

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

This book is the joyous, colorful, and #1 New York Times bestselling spectacle that every kindergarten wants to read aloud again and again. Read aloud a copy to your lovely kindergartners; what happens when Duncan opens his box of crayon colors? He finds the odd thing: his box only has letters and words saying: His crayons have had enough! They need a break from the same task. Blue crayon doesn’t want to be just busy coloring all those bodies of water. Orange and Yellow are in major disagreement—each believes he is the true color of the sun.

This giggle-inducing book from Drew Daywalt and bright illustrations from Oliver Jeffers is the perfect gift to read aloud to your little buddies.

2. “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?” by Jane Yolen and Illustrated by Mark Teague 

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Jane Yolen, an Internationally acclaimed author, writes a playful bedtime book about young dinosaurs. How would it feel if dinosaurs started behaving like humans? While saying goodnight, they give a big kiss, turn off the light, and tuck in their tails just like children do.

This book, full of extraordinary detail and humorous insight, explains how do dinosaurs say good night? In this story, the parents are preparing to put their kids to bed, but the children are the dinosaurs. Trust us when we say that your kindergartens will love the wide variety of dinosaurs’ expressions and jokes, children depicted here. Another good thing is, each species will be shown in young dinosaur bedrooms.

3. “Swashby and the Sea” by Beth Ferry

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Swashby and the Sea is an exceptionally satisfying picture kindergarten read aloud book. This book is sweet and fun to read and, at the same time, a little salty too. Beth Ferry portrays the story of Swashby as he confounds his bitter habits to welcome new friends. Fun story to discover new ways of communication and will keep the kids engaged and laughing. Meanwhile, they’ll get the opportunity to learn new words and spellings.

Captain Swashby is an indifferent, retired sailor happy with his calm life by the sea until an enthusiastic girl and her grandmother shift next door. This stunning book is a win-win pick, with its loveable and mixed characters, heartwarming topics, alluring artwork, and discussion-worthy vocabulary.

4. “The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson” Illustrated by Rafael López

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

The Day You Begin is the #1 New York Best Seller and a bright jewel-toned palette with details. This book encourages children to find beauty in their own lives and share it with the world. In a nutshell, it portrays the story of a young girl’s first day at school. When all of her classmates traveled to different places, but everything she did all summer was reading. 

Woodson’s poetic lines give courage to each child to share their experience. When López paints the book with patterns and colors on the children’s clothing and the growing things around them, such sophisticated details fill the spreads with life and comfort children. This book deserves a spot in any collection for your kindergarten.

5. “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” by Ryan T. Higgins

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

If there is a book you should not miss in your next kindergarten read aloud book, it is “We don’t eat our classmates” by Ryan T. Higgins. The story is about a dinosaur named Penelope. Penelope started school and is all excited about it. The only problem is it seems complicated for him to make friends in school when her human mates are so darn delicious!

Penelope finds she is not at the top of the food chain and gets to experience the opposite. There is a goldfish that bit Penelope’s finger, and it hurts. Kids learn the lesson of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes.

To say the least, this book by award-winning author-illustrator Ryan T. Higgins is what you should add to your list for reading aloud. This comical title is 100% G-rated and adorably funny.

6. “National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Science” by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

You will never go wrong with National Geographic to introduce children to geography; this book will not disappoint you in front of little bubba class. Written interactively by Kathleen Weidner, this kindergarten book is perfect with age-appropriate pictures. Kids will explore the wonders of science, what scientists do, and the amazing things scientists study: zoology, botany, and much more!

This lively introduction is an eye-opener for kids to the fascinating and triller world of science. One of our favorite parts of this book is its focus on downfall as a positive, Pointing out that when things don’t work out, we continue to kick for solutions rather than giving up. Such a treat for a little curious mind!

7. “The Bear Who Wasn’t There” by Leuyen Pham

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

This is the book that leaves children laughing out their tummies. A story by Leuyen Pham about the Bear (the main character) can never go wrong. What happens when Bear vanishes from his page? Is anyone willing to find him? Will Giraffe do the job? Who is always present in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe the Cow can find Bear, or perhaps the author himself.

Whoever might do the job of finding the missing Bear—Duck doesn’t care about it at all. All that Duck wants to steal the show by diverging the reader’s attention to him and even at the end disguising himself as a bear. Does Duck have an impulsive motive behind missing Bear on the book page?

Hooked like a kid, right? Similarly, this humorous and entertaining book will surely keep your kid engaged till the end.

8. “The Bear and the Moon” by Matthew Burgess

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Again Bear? Because hey! Why not? The Bear and the Moon is filled with humor and radiant illustrations that bring a sweet tale about what happens when a balloon floats into Bear’s life.

In this gentle tale of a bear and a balloon, two companions embark on a journey. A magical tale with the joys of friendship that teaches kids social and emotional skills. A clever way to introduce kids to soothe most difficult feelings: loss and guilt in a reassuring way.

Award-winning author and illustrators team up together to tackle complex topics like the transcendence of loss and forgiveness, everything which a kindergarten read aloud book should have.

9. “What Color Is Night?” by Grant Snider

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Grant Snider writes a beautiful debut picture book that enables children to look beyond the nightmares and darkness. Do you think night is all about darkness? If yes, you might be wrong! The night is not just a black sky with white stars—but full of colors.

A beautiful aspect of this read aloud book is that it enables your kindergarten students to see the beautiful colors that appear at night, unnoticed by most eyes—a night of sweet dreams and lullabies that provides endless opportunities for exploration. What Color Is Night? is a gentle story that precedes.

This book is a compilation of stunning art that grabs the attention of the little audience. On the contrary, the word with soothing rhythms full of rich long vowels is an equal partner in making this one of the best kindergarten read aloud books.

10. “Peter and the Starcatchers Novel” by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Best-selling authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson group together to craft the story that precedes J. M. Barrie’s beloved Peter Pan. An orphan boy named Peter and his friend Molly confront gangs of pirates and thieves in their journey to keep an incredible secret safe and save the world from evil.

The thrilling adventure takes little listeners on a journey from a tough orphanage in old England to a dangerous sea. The story is about where mystical trunks hold a magical substance with the power to change the world’s fate—that can heal the wounded and make people fly. Overlooking seas and a storm are a background for battles at sea. Waves eventually land fearless Peter and Molly on Mollusk Island—where the real action started. This book is our personal favorite in this list of best kindergarten read aloud books for your adorable children.

11. “Click Clack Moo” by Doreen Cronin

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

The humor-packed story “Click Clack Moo” was written by the New York Times bestselling duo of “Peter and the Starcatchers Novel.” The secret behind the interesting name “CLICK, CLACK, MOO” of this kindergarten book is: Christmas on the Farm is about farmer Brown, whose cows like to type:

Click, Clack, Moo

Click, Clack, Moo

Clickety, Clack, Moo

Brown faced the problem when cows started leaving notes for him. Doreen Cronin’s text and Betsy Lewin’s illustrations make the most of this cheerful situation. Join the fun with your kindergartners as a bunch of educated cows made Farmer Brown’s farm upside down by their quirky notes. Kids will love this weird and silly story that ensues a real whirligig of hijinks.

12. “Flo” by Kyo Maclear And Jay Fleck

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Flo is a comic picture read aloud book, featuring an adorable panda who celebrates relaxing and living in his comfort zone. Flo, the sweet little panda, takes too much time, and the other pandas get impatient. One day they find themselves in trouble. Will Flo’s flabby ways save the day?

Kyo Maclear understands how to depict sweet, spare text, and Jay Fleck knows the power of bold, colorful illustrations. Flo is sure to be a favorite for even the busiest of little pandas! The story is excellent even in its simplicity, and kids will definitely understand that it’s okay to be slow and not as fast as others. In short, a great pick as the best kindergarten read aloud book for your slightly slow but adorable child.

13. “Dragon Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin

13 Best Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

Dragon Love Tacos is a New York Times bestselling sensation written by Adam Rubin. They teamed up to craft this irresistible story about what can go wrong at a taco party for dragons.

It is an unforgettable tale of new friends and the perfect, deliciously funny snack that will make kids laugh until spicy salsa comes out of their snouts. Want to persuade dragons into your party? There will be dragons there pleasantly when there are chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. What happens if a dragon accidentally eats spicy salsa with tacos—You will end up in red-hot trouble.

The dragons might blow the party, but this read aloud book gets everything right to be part of the kindergarten read aloud book set.


What books can kindergarteners read?

In most of the books mentioned in this article, kindergarteners can read effortlessly.

The top three picks are:

  1. The Day the Crayons Quit Book by Drew Daywalt
  2. FLO BY Kyo Maclear and Jay Fleck
  3. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen and Illustrated by Mark Teague

How much should my kindergartener be reading?

The answer is simple—Don’t focus on the numbers of books! Instead, encourage your kindergarten to read the same books and signboards repeatedly to build the vocabulary. Ask your child to read new words aloud so that his pronunciation can be improved.

What are the 3 most important purposes for reading children’s books?

Reading books is essential for your child because it provides cognitive development at this age. Children get the opportunities to respond to literature;

  • Reading gives kid appreciation about their cultural heritage as well as those of others
  • Assists them in improving emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Nurtures growth and development 


Kindergarten read-aloud books nurture companionship and enjoyment. This way, kids get to build concentration, focus, and vocabulary; everything through one activity—reading. Read-aloud books aren’t pretty easy for your kindergarten to understand; still, make sure that the books are your child’s particular interest. You can also get recommendations from the librarian to pick on the best one. However, we’ve come up with the most straightforward solution! In this guide, we have equipped you well enough with our list mentioned above of the best kindergarten read-aloud books. You are good to go to encourage a good habit in your kid or maybe in your kindergarten class or a child at home (in case you are a babysitter).

Want more of such content? 11 best books to read in your 20s is a good read!

What do you think?

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