10 Best Motivational Movies You Must Watch Right Now

10 Best Motivational Movies You Must Watch Right Now

Feeling down and looking to spend quality time alone or with your partner, so there is nothing better than grabbing a popcorn bucket and watching the best motivational movies.

First, it will not make you bored, and second, you can get life-changing lessons. Moreover, if your mood is down, this strategy of time spending will work perfectly.

I personally recommend spending my spare time fetching motivational lessons from the films. And you know what is wonderful in this that I can reveal different aspects of lives in probably two hours. So, watching quality movies is time-saving as well.

Are you looking for motivation through moral strengthening movies to boost yourself and want to uncover different facets of life? Here are the 10 best inspirational movies with incredible storylines that can help you get over your mood. These are available on Netflix so you can enjoy these anytime.

Best Inspirational Movies Of All Time

1. Rocky

The storyline is about hard work, struggle, and passion. The story revolves around a character named Rocky Balboa, who was a futile boxer.

Even with a lot of disappointments and emotional pressure, he sticks to his dream. Ultimately, successfully grab the title for which he strived and wait.

Thus, It tells us that a man can achieve everything with hard work and sincere efforts, and there is nothing impossible in life.

2. Braveheart

This is a story full of inspiration and about the bravery of an enthusiastic warrior. It explains that even in the worst and most challenging situations, never lose hope.

He fights against England for his country and its Sempiternity. He fights for his rights with no fear.

Braveheart bestows the lesson that no hurdle can beat you if you are on the right. If you want to see a real journey, you must watch it.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness

The storyline is full of motivation that teaches the watchers never to lose hope, and with determination, success becomes your fate in the end.

The movie is based on an entrepreneur, Chris Gardner, who faces a long period of misery with his son’s responsibility.

Besides, along with all hardships, they find a small moment of happiness every day. It conveys that no power can lead you down whatever the situation; you can beat these difficulties.

This movie is about struggle and courage and enables its viewers to extract the message of self-reliance.

Plus, this film explains that everyone has the power to withstand life’s breaking situations. I must say if you think you are depressed, take out some time to watch it. 

4. Saving Private Ryan

This military-oriented movie is about serving humanity even in crushing conditions of life. It also conveys that no matter what you are facing, be loyal.

I can say it is an auxiliary emotional story of a soldier with a great theme. He fulfills his promise of serving his people with his homeland. So, if you want to enjoy intense fiction, you should consider it.

5. Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a film with a strong and positive message against racism. Also, this describes how, with unity, a team can achieve its goals, which also fits in nations.

The story revolves around an African American coach and his high-school team. His players play with unity despite all differences among them to gain a big victory.

The movie is ethically excellent and entitles its watchers to get a lot. So I recommend you just to watch it once as it can bring numerous changes in your nature, undoubtedly in a good sense.

6. A Beautiful Mind

If you are down on motivation, this is another heartwarming plot for the film for you. It is all about the hidden talent that certainly we all have, and there is just a need to discover it.

This beautiful story is based on the great book of Sylvia Nasar. If you think you have no special abilities, watch this film. It will stimulate you to discover yours.

John Nash, who was unaware of his majestic intelligence, finds his hidden talent on the verge of international acclaim.

7. October Sky

October Sky is enlisted in fascinating and inspirational movies. It tells us that no one can beat you in persuading your dreams.

Also, it conveys a dominant message that a person with a firm belief can change his destiny with his dreams.

Homer Hickam, who escapes his destiny of becoming a coal miner for rocket scientist’s ambition, is the main character. This movie is full of encouragement and describes the importance of struggling and hope in life.

8. Life of Pi

It is about self-reliance and tells that a human doesn’t need any support for survival. The only vital thing is his belief and effort to live.

This notifies that even if you are alone, water is all around you, and no one to help; it can do nothing. If you have will and belief in yourself, you can cross every hurdle.

It is a tale of a man named Pi, who is the only survivor of a shipwreck. He strives for his life without any support. This theme is enough to change your prospect about life.

9. 127 Hours

If a story is a real-life story, it enhances the interest and enough to grab their attention. 127 Hours is also on the same list as it is based on the real story of Aron Ralston.

He was a climber who unfortunately fell into a canyon. There he comes across numerous difficult situations.

This movie conveys the message of hope, strength, and courage. Must watch it once to change your point of view about challenging situations.

10. Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a real-life story of a generous man who prefers humanity over money. He gives away all his wealth to save the life of 1500 Jewish people from Nazi concentration camps.

The strong words it gives are that kindness is on the top of all materialistic stuff, money, or anything else.


Movies provide a sense of relaxation and enjoyment when you have time to spend. Besides, motivational stories allow you to develop and mold your bad habits with good ones.

These are the best and easiest ways to enhance your personality. Plus, it’ll allow you to get your inspiration in life and help in spreading positivity.

Thus I’ve mentioned the 10 best motivational movies you should watch once. Also, you can see these whenever you are feeling down.

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