How To Beat Procrastination And Meet Deadlines?

How To Beat Procrastination And Meet Deadlines

It’s Friday evening and you are clicking your keyboard in a hurry. You’re working intensely to complete your task before the eight o’clock deadline, while silently accusing yourself of not starting up sooner.

How did this come about? Why did you miss your priority?

Well, there were plenty of hours that you spent checking social media, mind mapping, taking coffee breaks, and doing other tasks that you could have safely abandoned for the next day or week.

If all these things happen to you, then you are not alone! High five!

While it is solacing to know that you’re not alone. However, it is sobering to realize how much it can hold you back.

Procrastination has now become the middle name of everyone. It has caused difficulties for working people. Also, there are many negative effects of procrastination. You must be aware of such difficulties and effects as you’re also the one who is struggling with this addiction.

It’s like you keep on thinking about the task that you are obliged to do but end up doing nothing. And consequently, you can’t help but indulge in procrastination.

Procrastination is an ambush that many of us plunge into. Sometimes, it happens that you are conscious of your to-do list but can’t get your act together. At this stage, you must be wondering, “why can’t I stop procrastinating?

Well, in this post, we’ll explore ways for prioritizing your workload and breaking up with this habit. As I, myself, have gone through this problem, so I’ll let you know the most effective ways that you can adopt to get rid of this notorious habit.

9 Ways To Tackle Procrastination

Procrastination is an addiction that is deeply rooted in our pattern of behavior. This implies that you probably can’t get rid of it overnight. Habits only cut off when you avoid exercising them. For that reason, adopt as many of the techniques, written below, as possible to succeed in tackling this habit.

1. Forgive Yourself For Past Procrastinated Tasks

Researches reveal that self-forgiveness can boost you to feel more optimistic about yourself and lessen the probability of procrastination in the future. So, your first step should be forgiving yourself.

2. Commit To Your Task

The second step is to focus on performing, not resisting. Jot down the tasks that you need to finish and prescribe a time for achieving them. This will encourage you to proactively tackle your task.

3. Vow Yourself A Reward

If you finish a difficult task in the specified time, reward yourself. It can be any delight, be it some food or Netflix series. This will encourage you to work more proactively. And, you’ll notice how good it feels to finish things on time!

4. Ask Someone To Keep A Check On You

Peer pressure really works! The basic strategy of self-help groups. If you don’t have any peer to ask, then an online tool can work for you to keep a check on you.

5. Get Your Tasks Done As Soon As Possible

Work on tasks as soon as they emerge. Don’t let them wait until the deadline arrives. This will help you spend your time without any work pressure or anxiety.

6. Restate Your Internal Dialog

The phrases “need to” and “have to,” imply that you have no option in what you do. This can make you feel unauthorized and might even ensue in self-sabotage. Regardless, saying, “I choose to,” indicates that you own the task and you can make yourself feel more in the power of your workload.

7. Minimize Distractions 

Distractions are the biggest turn-offs. You must avoid them! You should turn off your email and social media and abstain from sitting anywhere near a television while you are working! This will save you a lot of time and speedy working.

8. Aim To Complete The Unpleasant Tasks Initially

Getting the unpleasant, hectic tasks initially lessens a lot of pressure. Get these tasks done that you find least enjoyable out of the way timely. This will provide you the rest of the day to focus on work that you find more enjoyable.

9. Make Your To-Do Lists

To-do lists usually save you from forgetting the tasks. The hazards that you usually encounter when you forget the deadlines or tasks can cause big troubles. So, make your to-do list and enlist down your important tasks.

Apply these methods and see the gradual improvement in your procrastination habit. You’ll slowly and deliberately get rid of this toxic obsession and your life would be as fortunate as ever. You will feel productive and vigilant. All your stress or workload will fade away! What else do you want?

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