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How To Kill Time? [7 Best Ways To Kill Time At Workplace]

How To Kill Time? [7 Best Ways To Kill Time At Workplace]

Despite having finished your work week, you can’t leave? 

Are you bored with your job and think that you’d rather not do anything?

Or perhaps your company is experiencing bad days and there is nothing to do. 

In such a situation, you may find that time passes slowly. So – If your question is what to do to kill time, you are at the right place.

7 Best Ways To Kill Time

This article is at your service sharing my very own ideas on how to kill time. I have made a list of my favorite things to do at your workplace to kill time. Here is the list 👇

1. Create A To-do List

The most productive way to kill time is to plan your next week, month or year. If you have set a goal in your mind for next week, write it down. Break it into different milestones. 

The same thing goes out for your yearly goals. Write down where you want to be in the next 2 years. Make a list of what you are going to do to achieve your desired position. This can motivate you to work hard towards your goal.

2. Be A Creative Writer

You have a story in your mind, but do not have time to write it down. This is your time. If you have a notepad to take notes during a boring meeting, become a writer. Take characters from the movie you watched last time. Present them in a new manner. You can create your own characters. Or use your boss and other colleagues as your story characters. Your office is the setting for a story.

3. Have Daydreams

You have a travel destination in your mind this month. But you aren’t getting enough time. Or maybe your paycheck does not allow you to go there. The safest way to kill time at the workplace or during a boring meeting is daydreaming. No pencil, no paper, or no need to use a screen. Just imagine! Think of your beloved person with you at your destination. But be careful! you have to control your smile.

4. Sketch A Character

Maybe you have a favorite character from a movie or a book in your mind. Try to sketch it on paper. To be more creative, you can do desired changes to outfits or hair. Do you have a character in your mind? No problem. Just look around, there are always so many inspirations sitting around you. If you’re at your office, draw any of your colleagues or your boss. However, you should not share it with anyone. Fun fact: changing their hair can be a lot of fun.

5. Recall The Happiest Moments Of Your Life

Your life has probably been filled with many happy moments. When you graduated, when you got your first job, or after a long time, when you met your beloved. Think back to the last time you were happy. How did you celebrate? How do your family and friends make your moment memorable for you? Being blessed with life’s blessings will bring you great joy. 

6. Recall Story Of Your Life

Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sin wave. It is possible to be the happiest person and also the most depressed. Reflect on your life as you sit at your desk doing nothing. How did you get to where you are now? What are some of the obstacles you overcame in your story? It gives you the power to solve problems in the future.

7. Make A Recommendation For Young People

Make a list or write a single piece of advice for young ones. Tell them about your experiences. What difficulties come along your way? The mistakes you made and regret later. Share things you think you must know when starting a career. You may think about what to do with an advice note? You can post it on social media. Give it to your children or anyone passing by.

How To Kill Time In A Boring Zoom Meeting?

Work from home: boring Zoom meetings can make you tired. Too much close-up eye contact is intense. Being sedentary makes you disgusting. So what are the ways to kill time during boring zoom meetings? The first choice is to draw a portrait of a spokesperson. You are paying attention to the speaker but not getting bored.

If a group discussion is going on, open another tab on your desktop and play CandyCrush ( it’s my choice, you can select your favorite). Still, you are looking at the screen, which makes you an attentive attendee. You can play with backgrounds and filters. Thanks to the Zoom app!

How Do You Make A Boring Meeting Fun?

You are getting bored and the clock hand seems to stick at one point. You feel like the meeting is never gonna end. No worries! Have fun and kill time. Take your notepad. Look at every face sitting around the table. Write what comes to mind first.

Don’t have a notepad? Try your imagination to kill time. Think of a person sitting in front of you with a different hairstyle. Is he/she going to look different if he/she changes his/her style? This can be great fun. 

How Do You Avoid Long Meetings?

You are attending a long meeting and thinking I should not be there. But now you have no option but to sit there. To avoid boredom and to kill time, try some tricks from my list. You have a favorite song in your playlist. Write down its lyrics (if you can). Write what is the most catchy verse? Why do you like this specific song? 

To whom would you like to dedicate it? Next time you listen to a song, you will feel a different emotion. You can write a review about the movie you watched last time. How would you describe your favorite scene? Is there anything about a character that you don’t like?

Let’s keep adding to this list to find more exciting concepts to survive long and boring meetings. Tell us in the comments your favorite way to kill time.

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