How To Make Time? Are You Living Or Just Passing Your Life?

How To Make Time Are You Living Or Just Passing Your Life

Suppose someone asks you for a beach picnic next week. And you refuse to say you’re very busy. Then they ask if the next week will do? And your answer remains the same.

Sit back and think about why you were so busy last week?. What did you do all day? You may have some flashes about your work and stuff but where did the rest of the time go?

All of us being busy is equivalent to running in a circular path. We do something all day long and in the end, we’re still on the starting point.

Like you answer dozens of emails which consume your whole day and at the end there you are having dozens more to reply again.

Today, everybody convinces themselves that they’re busy so that they can catch up with the busy world. We keep wasting time calling ourselves busy so that we’re not left behind. Busy people are successful people is not true.

Being busy and adding as many as possible tasks to your day may keep you satisfied that you’re making the most of your life.

When you’re off work. Are then you making time for the things that make you feel living?. You’re still busy with your social media, web series, or T.V. you never stop. It’s also a never-ending loop. One after another and you’re always inside the cage.

People are in a hurry to consume as much content as they can. You see one clip and then another and forget about the last one.

You need to accept the fact that your life is not just productivity, it’s about optimizing your day and make time for the things that are your life.

It’s not that people don’t have time, it’s that they don’t have quality time!

Daily you’re tired working hard and at most times you don’t feel to achieve or accomplish.

How To Make Time In 6 Easy Ways?

Further is the discussion of how you may actually make time for anything. Tips that help you actually grow rather than ending in the same spot over and over again.

  1. Specify Work Hours And Stick To The Plan
  2. Add The Things You Want To Make Time For In Your Daily Task List
  3. Keep That List In Your Sight Every Time
  4. Kill Or Neutralize The Source Of Distractions
  5. Never Say “Five More Minutes”
  6. Add As Much Friction As Possible While Accessing

1. Specify Work Hours And Stick To The Plan

You need to set up a proper schedule for your daily work, job, or related to work time and follow it precisely. Specify the time you provide to your work and make sure you’re actually working while you’re working.

Follow it with complete precision and don’t exceed a minute to avoid sticking in the loop again. Your time is not money, it’s more than that.

2. Add The Things You Want To Make Time For In Your Daily Task List

Make a list of things you wanna do for a long time but didn’t get enough time to do and the things you want to make time for. An evening with your friends, your family time, learning a skill you’re passionate about.

After that add 1 or 2 tasks daily to your to-do list. You yourself have to make efforts about the things you’re missing.

3. Keep That List In Your Sight Every Time

After the planning is done you should always keep your sight on your goals and that is the next step. Keep your list in front of you and after completing a task read the whole list each and every task again and again.

Keep it in the back of your phone or stick it on your computer screen. Make your mind feel that this has to be done today.

The more we’re doing, the more we have to do

Muhammad Huzayfah

Another factor that keeps you away from making time is the infinite Distraction center. As soon as you’re in their trap you start participating in the competition of who consumes more content. Here are some tips that were actually helpful and effective for many people.

4. Kill Or Neutralize The Source Of Distractions

The first step is to stop the main source of Distractions that keep you engaged and drain all your energy and time for nothing. If you have an email application. The notification will definitely pull your attention and trap you.

Effective way is to delete these apps and you’re free from any notification, if it is incomprehensible without sending an email then try using the application that provides only send email service.

5. Never Say “Five More Minutes”

This is one of the biggest points you’re never able to leave your phone and scrolling. Just five minutes and then I’ll go is the lie you’re telling yourself that is the most harmful thing to do.

Surely you love swiping down your timeline. There is no end to these entertaining engagements and your five minutes end up being an hour and then another and another and ……

You should use smart devices with which you can schedule your internet connection. It automatically cuts off for some time so that you come back to reality.

6. Add As Much Friction As Possible While Accessing

Try adding struggle, set difficult and lengthy passwords to access your social media or web TV or the home television.

Add as much friction as possible so you lose interest just because there’s too much effort to do for just accessing.

Implement the methods you think may be helpful to you. These are all practical and effective tips and methods which helped many people.

There is more to life than increasing its speed

Mahatma Gandhi

Keep your life simple yet productive. Small yet happy and slow yet successful.

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