How To Reinvent Yourself In 13 Effective Ways

How To Reinvent Yourself In 13 Effective Ways

Life is so unpredictable. With technological advancement, the concepts of certain skills acquisition or specific personality adoptions; are becoming obsolete.

Self-driving cars will outsource drivers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already beating humans in many fields, including arts, medicines, statistics, games, and even Psychology.

No one is sure of the job market in 2050.

What skills would be in demand in future, and for how long? No one knows.

A Time will come when computers would replace pharmacists. You would send the digital prescription from your doctor at the pharmacy store, and robots will place the medicines right in front of you.

You might be aware of radio repairers. Do we need to have our radios repaired? Not really, as smartphones have installed radios in them. So, the jobs of radio repairers has lost its scope so is the case for other jobs too.

We are highly uncertain about what’s going to be like in the next few years. What things should we learn to thrive in the upcoming unpredictable years.

Now, the question comes, What should we learn? What skills do we need to acquire?

Reinvention: Reinvent Yourself

Reinvention is the word that can prepare us for the rapidly changing world.

To cope up with the ever-growing and changing world, we need to reinvent ourselves continually.

People often confuse reinvention with recreation that starts from zero by abolishing the previous personality build-up.

No, it is modifying yourself; it is updating yourself to keep up with the demands of the job market, societal norms, or to achieve your goals.

Reinvention is not just about to recreate yourself professionally but its beyond that.

You realized that some of your habits should be eliminated, which might be hampering your dreams.

Whatever the reason, reinvention is a good thing; it opens the doors of growth, change, and opportunities.

The problem with recreating oneself is its easier when you are young but becomes difficult with the age.

It would be very difficult for a 60-year-old to demolish all his previous skills and reinvent himself.

Yes, an old man has less to do with the job market compared to the people of 30-40 years of age.

So, if you are young and wondering how to reinvent yourself at 30 or any age here is the brief guide for you.

Let’s see what are the things that you should consider while reinventing yourself.

What Does It Mean To Reinvent Yourself

It means shifting facets of who you are and how you invest your time and become someone more consistent with who you want to be as an entity.

Take the time to see yourself through the current moment as you are today, at point A. To measure how happy you are with life, your relationships, your job, your atmosphere, and to describe the variables that hold you apart.

It means looking forward to the future and envisioning what you want your life to look like, where your point B is, what your overall aspirations are.

The willingness to be frank about yourself can go a long way toward helping you reach the aspirations you desire to reinvent your life.

Throughout your lifespan, the need for self-reinvention will occur several times, and for any of those times, you should take action that will help you transition to the next edition of yourself.

How To Recreate Yourself

1. Why Do You Want To Reinvent Yourself

Either it is a professional reason, some personal cause, or social reasons, you need first to discover why you want to reinvent yourself. It is crucial to know first what is triggering you to reinvention. Because the approaches might be different for personal and professional reasons of reinvention, it’s better to first learn the motive behind your rebuilding.

2. Identify Who You Want To Be

Sit silently, shut your eyes, and imagine the ones you need to leave behind, places, or circumstances. Now, imagine the world you desire, whether it’s just a thought, a community of individuals, or a scenario like a perfect new career.

Identify the self that you have always imagined and wanted to be.

Imagine how it’s going to feel to be in this new place. Behind your future, an image of the sun coming up, the soft glow of the light on your forehead.

Stand for a moment and express your thanks softly for everything that came before. When you’ve offered thanks to the past, turn toward the horizon, and imagine stepping away from the past and into the future with love and appreciation.

3. Plan For It

Devise a plan that can lead you to your identified and desired personality. You cannot just reinvent yourself overnight. You are to go step-by-step.

For example, if you want to lose weight, start it with a morning walk, then yoga, and then have GYM membership.

You cannot just wake up one morning and say I won’t be angry from now.

You are also supporting yourself by understanding that such a harmful habit won’t be fixed overnight. Instead, at the team meeting that happens every morning, set the target of becoming more polite or less responsive or patient—using this as an isolated place for rehearsal and a subconscious reminder of what you want to do.

For a couple of weeks, concentrate on that, and then go from there.

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

We are Habit beings. Yet getting out of your comfort zone forces you to have new experiences, meet new people, and discover something new.

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, psychiatrist and author of “Better Than Perfect,” says that

Breaking your mold can only make you stronger and more confident in your professional and personal life to reach higher levels.

She further tells us,

to be more creative; you have to try new things, see things in a new way, put pieces together in a new manner.”

We stop learning and developing as we stop stretching beyond our boundaries. That’s the possibility of staying all the time in the comfort zone. You end up lonely and unchallenged.

5. Get Rid Of Things

It would help if you decluttered your life on physical grounds. It means clearing away everything that does not fit with your current self while reinventing yourself.

Starting with tangible objects may have a profound influence on your well-being.

Do you hate the practice of hoarding things that you never use? Or to buy fashionable clothing that you never wear? The time to break these habits is now and start anew.

You might be dealing with trauma or unhealthy thoughts and emotions without even realizing it. It’s time to get rid of them too.

6. Practice Everyday

Reinvention is not going to happen overnight. It is not what you’re doing for a few days; then you’re taking a rest on other days.

Reinvention or change is a shift in your lifestyle. Charles Duhig says in his book The Power of Habit.

Daily, habit drives us to do what we do—whether it’s a pattern of thoughts or behaviour that occurs automatically. Change might not be fast, and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.”

It needs regular attention to the extent that an old one takes the new habit and no longer requires deliberate effort.

7. Look In The Mirror

When they start updating themselves, most people become obsessed with doing more and more, going on and on, without realizing the importance of looking straight in the mirror. See what you are, what your strengths are, and ask tough questions.

Ask yourself how you can recreate yourself professionally what can help you reinventing yourself.

Because when you resist self-reflection, things get dangerous.

For “go go go” mode, there is a time and a place, and then there is a time and place for contemplation mode.

They’re both critical.

And you’ll soon find that you can get off balance and not know how you got there until you take the time to ask yourself the difficult questions.

8. Take It Slow

We try to get unstuck as soon as possible whenever we get trapped. What we don’t know is that we get trapped for a reason sometimes.

It allows us to make subtle improvements that can also have significant and permanent effects as we take the time to look at our lives and how we feel about what is going on.

People find it difficult when dealing with how to reinvent yourself at 30, because this age demands very rapid change as you are the dawn of your professional life and every passing year can push you behind.

Therefore, to reinvent yourself professionally, you do not need to make major, drastic improvements.

The easiest way to become a different, improved version of yourself, which is simple for you to sustain, is to make minor and slow improvements.

This means that instead of just playing it out, you have taken the initiative to become a more robust version of yourself.

9. Express Yourself

Do painting or yoga, play some musical instrument, or write something. It doesn’t matter get imaginative in some way and show yourself.

Tim Ferris, author of “4-hour workweek,” says about expressing himself through writing that

without writing it is very hard to freeze your thoughts on paper so that you can sharpen it.”

This is a perfect way to get unstuck and reinvent yourself because imagination is just the reality of who you’re coming out of. It’s nutritious and clean and can be a perfect new path for you to pursue.

We are all imaginative creatures, and we all succeed best as we show ourselves in any way, whether you do it for cash or just the simple pleasure of being creative.

10. Be With The Right People

It is said that

You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.”

Attach yourself to the right people who tell you the truth.

When everyone around you says “YES” to you, you’ve got a big problem.

It would help if you had individuals who can criticize and doubt you. It would be best if you had people who have no fear of telling you the truth.

For personal development, challenging and genuine feedback is necessary.

It is easier than ever to network with individuals from all over the globe in today’s interconnected world.

It has been reported in a study that your whole personality changes more at the age of 30 than before.

Recreating yourself at 30 and reinventing yourself professionally has become easier finding the right company.

For exapmle people have connected social networking to making new friends and seeking opportunities for jobs, you can also interact with individuals who can influence you better.

11. Be Uncomfortable

When people get so happy with their lives, they get trapped. Just don’t be comfortable with your status or the struggle you are doing to improve or reinvent yourself. Remember, there is always room for betterment.

We’re built to test ourselves!

So, every day, try to do something that puts you slightly beyond your comfort zone. If you are an ordinarily shy guy, it can be as easy as dining alone in a diner or eventually wearing some ridiculous outfit even though you know people are laughing at you.

Push yourself beyond your boundaries. As Bryand McGill says,

whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth

Discomfort is natural and plays a vital role in finding success in life. If you want to achieve something you never had, you will have to do something you never did.

12. Find A Mentor

James Altucher writes in the blog,

Someone has to show you how to move and breathe.”

finding someone who can guide you and hold you accountable towards your journey of reinvention is significant.

Your mentor can be of any type like

  • Direct: the mentor who is physically available to you.
  • Indirect: Authors, speakers, or those who are not physically present but can guide you.
  • Anything: According to James Altucher,

If you are a zero, and have passion for reinvention, then everything you look at will be a metaphor for what you want to do.”

13. Accept Your Failure

It’s natural to fail, especially when we’re trying out something new. Accept it when you lose, learn from it, and carry on.

In the end, defeat is the only way to understand what works and fails, and if you don’t embrace the eventual mistakes that await you, you will not be able to learn how to reinvent yourself.

Final Thought

If you want to learn how to reinvent yourself professionally or you wonder how to reinvent yourself at 30 and live the life of your dreams, do follow the above-explained steps, and start acting. It would take time; you need to have patience and effort to change you want to happen. But one thing is sure it is going to be worth it all.

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