“I Give Up”, What To Do When You Feel Like This?

I Give Up, What To Do When You Feel Like This

Numerous times in life we feel our potential draining and after huge efforts, there are only negligible or no gains and achievements. Our mind tells us it’s game over.

But why does it happen?

And what to do when you say I can’t take this anymore?

What to do when I’m feeling like giving up.

Why Do You Say I Give Up?

Giving up is like a feeling that’s inevitable. Everyone has this feeling at a point in life. There may be numerous reasons to feel that way, the most common and major causes that lead you to that point are:

1. Natural Tendency

This behavior is totally natural and ages back when our parents used to live in caves and intensively harsh and crucial environments. Several centuries ago when mankind was outside in forests with vicious creatures. The energy was the most valuable asset, it could not be wasted.

So if a task does not provide benefits and actually, effective benefits immediately, they soon stop doing it because Survival is at stake. An instant result was mandatory. That thing is now inherited in humans. Doing a job continuously which does not bear benefits soon after, our mind starts to lose interest naturally and soon you want to leave that job. That is the most logical reason for giving up. This behavior is called the pleasure principle.

2. Community Criticism And Social Demotivation

Society surrounding an individual has immense functionality in the life decisions of an individual. Most of the time doing an extraordinary job or choosing a professional sector that has a bad reputation in a society religiously, socially, or culturally results in a demotivated mind and the giving up feeling.

Also if you’re not successful sooner the social criticism escalates. With intense critics and a lack of aimed achievement, you will feel to give up on your thing.

Not only a job and professional berth but a lot of factors are affected by the social environment of an individual. And sometimes the situation may become A Lot more fatal than just giving up on your choice.

3. Fewer Chances Of Success

Most of the time a decision is made in the glow of inspiration. But sometimes the chosen sector of working may be hard and being successful is rare. In Fact, these factors are subjective to individuals but this is also a major cause of people giving up on their wishes, choices, and passion.

Maybe Giving Up Is Better Sometimes‽

Yes, that is right, maybe it’s a good idea to give up on stuff. But you should really contemplate the things you give up. Giving up smoking is good for your life, giving up laziness is good for your activity, to give up enviousness exit your Netflix, and work to compete for your well-being. And all the habits you aren’t letting go of because of a reason or another. I completely assure you Giving up is a better idea.

Just remember that giving up is better than regretting to do something you know has given you nothing or mourn the steps you never took just because of a small habit or distractions.

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up?

For any reason, if you are tired of investing your time, energy, or financial assets and you feel like you don’t have the potential power to continue your path. Here are some ingredients to restore and amplify your energy and spirit.

“You don’t fail until you Stop trying”

1. Remember Your Cause

Before even thinking of letting your passion and choice go away. Just try to remember the influence and cause that made you choose this. The spark that caused flame in you and you made it happen. Remember your cause and try to believe as much as you believed in the beginning. Just tell yourself the things you are about to give up. Just yourself, because no one else can change your mind.

2. Stop Comparing And Start Daring

Comparison is without any doubt important to enhance your efforts and skills, but it may also devastate your hopes and thoughts and make you give up impulsively.

If someone reached where you are planning to go in a certain amount of time the same won’t happen to you. Learning from experiences is important but following the same path blindly will just make things worse. You should dare to make your own footsteps. Your own way of doing it.

3. Nothing Is Happening Instantly

There are no such things as overnight success. Everything is set for a time and nothing’s going to show up the next day. You can’t construct a whole perfect wall in one day, one block placed perfectly every day. It may feel like you want to give up since whatever you’re doing is not making a difference.

Soon a whole wall perfectly constructed will be formed. It just has time. Just grab some patience and never judge your efforts in the measurements of your results.

4. Concentrate And Focus

Maybe you’re giving up because you don’t have enough energy, the energy you’re wasting on your distractions and destroying your valuable time. Concentrate and eliminate the distractions to focus on what’s important.

Make time for stuff that is more important, give up the distractions, not the cause you may be fighting for a long time for. Maybe you’re almost there.

5. Don’t Think About The End

Getting your hopes too high will make you give up early if things aren’t going as perfect as you thought. Never think about what you will get after working the whole month, or year.

Set small goals every day and don’t hope that everything will go according to the way it happened to others. Everyone is different.

6. Question Yourself But Don’t Answer Others

You should pay attention to questioningly treat yourself and memorize your mistakes daily and evaluate them accordingly.

Answering others is not mandatory as there is none coming to save you from the consequences you will foresee for your mistakes. Question yourself about your time and the time you’ve wasted especially.


  • Everyone feels like giving up at some point in life
  • There may be numerous reasons to feel this way
  • It’s a natural phenomenon
  • Social effects may also cause these feelings
  • Your field and its reputation may be responsible for that
  • Giving up on things is good, but only those who are not helping you or instead causing you loss of valuable factors
  • This feeling can go away and your energy may restore.
  • Your cause is way more important than this temporary feeling
  • Your own way is beneficial rather than following someone’s flawed pathway
  • Comparison in a limited and healthy manner is essential.
  • Overnight success is a fairy tale
  • Concentration will help you.
  • Hoping better is okay but always thinking about end results will soon make you let things go and give up
  • Don’t waste your time answering people who will not help you in your harsh struggle and start questioning yourself
  • It all lies within you.

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