Unbreakable Confidence: 10 Ways to Get Stone Cold Confidence

Unbreakable Confidence: 10 Ways to Get Stone Cold Confidence

“Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty, it is self-destruction.”

~Bobby Sommer

Confidence is a buzzword that motivational gurus and influencers use all the time. Among the standards set by our society, confidence is a nebulous topic. When we are unable to meet the standard imposed by society, it breaks down our confidence and leaves us feeling incompatible.

In such a case, have any expert tips ever worked for you? And have you ever thought about why they are not working for you? Sometimes, even self-help books seem to not work out for you. Then how exactly to have confidence in ourselves? Not just confidence but unbreakable confidence that gives you the strength to live your life on your terms.

Well, I am not going to give you an unrealistic ted talk on the topic – Something that will only give you repetitive information you are well acquainted with. I want you to take something meaningful from this post and act upon it. 

Below are listed the top 10 ways to unbreakable confidence in your life – Not just tips but a tried and tested action plan to fill you up with the energy you need. So, let’s dive in!

What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is a by-product of self-awareness. Confident men and women are aware of where they are heading in life. If you aren’t familiar with your strengths and flaws then things can get a little complicated. Unless and until you don’t accept what you are doing wrong, you can’t make it right. 

Your life is not a problem to solve and strive for daily but a game to be played well and enjoyed along the way. Having low confidence also makes you paralyzed that becomes a hurdle in your productivity. To achieve your dream life, you have to rise against all odds that are holding you back and you can only do that by building unbreakable confidence. 

So – Let’s talk about what you can do to transform your personality and become the ultimate best version of yourself.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other

First off, accept that you are incomparable to anyone. No one in the whole crazy world is you and that is your ultimate power. Stop comparing your journey with others. Everyone struggles in their way and everyone has a fair share of low self-esteem and struggles. Competition is good, but the comparison is wrong. Everyone is born different, their strength is not your weakness, just like their success is not your failure. 

What’s the point of comparing your journey with others when your dreams are opposite to what they are achieving? If someone knows 5 languages that don’t imply that you have to go out of your way to do the same. You can strive to be better but don’t try to be the best in everything.

2. Know Yourself: Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Knowing yourself is the first stepping stone in the journey of building self-confidence. Who are you? What is your purpose in life? What makes you excited? Your weaknesses and your strengths. Maybe yesterday you made a mistake but yesterday’s you are still you.

Know your weaknesses and work on them a little harder, know your strengths and use them to fly high. Come in terms with your insecurities. Take a paper and write at least three of your weaknesses and strengths. Take one at a time and work on the weakness and polish your strength further.

3. Picture your Dream Life

How to have confidence that makes you dare enough to achieve your dream life? That unbreakable confidence comes with knowing where you are heading in your life, a clear direction of your journey. What is your dream life? Knowing your goals give you a sense of purpose to wake up every day and work hard 

Ask yourself these questions and write them down on a piece of paper or your digital device: 

  • What do you want to achieve? 
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • How would other people describe you?

4. Learn & Take Action

A perfect balance between learning new things and acting upon them helps build confidence. It can be the biggest barrier in your way if you keep adding knowledge about certain things but not taking any action. Without making any move, you are not going to achieve anything.

Confidence is a by-product of failure that is not going any further in life. Let’s take a general rule: if you read or watch about a certain subject or skill for an hour then adding an hour or two of practical implementation of what you learn will make a difference. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and resources to watch and read for hours and do nothing about it.

5. Accept Your Flaws and Mistakes

Accept the real you, improve it, and embrace yourself! You need to know that your flaws are beautiful, they make you what you are today. Stop feeling inferior about your body shape or color. Your personality isn’t defined by your flaws but by who you truly are. 

Accepting your failures and mistakes makes you more confident to stand on the right side. So, accepting what you lack helps you fill the gap in your true personality. Listen to people when they point out your toxic habits. Instead of proving them wrong, try your best to change that habit.

6. Consume Inspiring Content

You become the content you consume – Be it in the form of books, papers, movies, podcasts, or anything else. It’s not just an ordinary saying but it works and you can test it for yourself. Read life stories and listen to the podcast of Successful and confident people. How they get that powerful rock-solid confidence to achieve their life goals. 

Go for how-to-books and real-life memories about people who have accomplished something in their lives. Make sure to get some time for self-help books too – They may seem theoretical but generally have some seriously useful tips and tricks. 

Read a book and listen to people that resonate with you. If you are into making more money then listening to billionaire Richard Branson will be more beneficial for you than reading about a successful cricketer.

7. Manage Your Peace and State of Mind

You feel anxious when you are about to start something new or something that you are not confident about. Public speaking might be your worst nightmare that happens because you let fear overtake your senses. 

You need to believe in yourself that even if you have never done this before you will be okay. It’s okay to try something new and feel nervous. Just don’t let that nervousness stop you from making up your mind and taking action because there is success ahead of fear. 

The lesson you learn from your mistakes and fears will make you the brightest star in the constellation of your life.

8. Pamper Yourself 

Our busy life schedule doesn’t allow us to take a rest. Everything going around in today’s fast-paced world makes you feel overwhelmed. Try to detox yourself from social media from time to time. Social media is a good way to connect with others but you are not obligated to be there for others all the time. 

Self-care doesn’t only mean physical well-being but mental as well. Instead of comparing your journey with others and feel jealous about it, start comparing the person you are today with the person you were yesterday.  Self-care also means to stay humble to not make others feel inferior to you. Your success and strength don’t make you superior to anyone but they should make you humble.

9. Be Accountable

Hold yourself accountable for your commitments. Accountability is important when it comes to starting something new or doing something you are not confident about. In the journey of building confidence, no one is gonna come and hold you accountable for all the goals and habits you have set for yourself.

You need to take the plunge and hold yourself accountable. If you don’t stay loyal to yourself and your commitments, you will not achieve anything, let alone the unbreakable confidence. Confidence demands consistency just like success. Without devotion and loyalty, you can’t achieve it. 

10. Feel the Confidence From Within 

There is a saying: fake it until you make it, and it does work until you achieve the actual result. Let’s take it a step further and talk about the inner you.

Don’t fake it from the outside but fake it from the inside. Every morning after waking up, tell yourself by standing in front of a mirror that you are confident. And it will make a difference because you are not faking it up for others but you are training your mind to this belief that you are stronger than you think you are  

FAQs: Unbreakable Confidence

1. Does stress affect confidence?

Yes! Stress where cortisol response affects self-confidence, depending on the anxiety level. Findings have shown stress affects the hormone cortisol which reduces the participants’ confidence. 

2. Where does confidence come from?

The feeling of confidence comes from accepting your true self, physical body, mind, and well-being. When you have a firm belief in your abilities and skills you ultimately feel confident.

3. How can I look confident?

Your goal is to appear confident first before you’ve achieved it. There are several ways to do that including but not limited to:

  • Stand tall
  • Speak eloquently and slowly
  • Make eye contact 
  • Keep your hands visible
  • Don’t fidget
  • Take big steps

4. What causes low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem can be a serious problem. Identifying the reasons behind it may help you overcome it well. Several factors add up to low self-esteem, such as:

  • Unhappy childhood
  • Critical parents
  • Bad Academic performance
  • Stressful life 

5. What strengthens self-esteem?

Having optimistic internal dialogue plays a big role in strengthening self-esteem. If you feel low and think that you are not worthy enough try to switch things up and say this to yourself  “I have come this far, I can beat this too.”

Bottom Line

We all want to have unbreakable confidence but a major question mark comes along with this thought. How to build unbreakable confidence? What are the steps you need to take to achieve that stone solid confidence? 

This article serves the purpose well of why you landed on this page. Summing up everything in 10 simple ways to help you build unbreakable confidence, this writing post is a steal! 

The actionable strategies mentioned above will help you cultivate stone-cold confidence. Thus, you can live your dream life embracing your true self. I believe you have what it takes to feel confident. All you have to do is unleash your inner self and come to terms with your weaknesses and strength to build confidence.

What’s your best tip to build unbreakable confidence? Share with us – We’d love to know!

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