Why Do I Waste So Much Time And How Can I Stop It

Why Do I Waste So aMuch Time And How Can Stop It

Probably, you are here and reading this post because you are maybe curious about the title question: Why do I waste so much time? And surely you are looking for tricks to manage it.

There’s no doubt that time is the most precious thing, and if you are ruining it, it’s time to mend your ways.

Certainly, you are here to combat this habit and trust me, and it is easy. However, keep in mind, only you can eliminate it. With a strong will and firm belief, you can do anything, and it’s a minor problem.

So, be motivated and be ready!

“Self-Motivation Leads To Impossible Successes”

Let’s begin with uncovering the possible reasons behind this habit to get an appropriate strategy to combat it.

Why Do I Waste So Much Time

First, we’ll try to reveal the possible reasons for time-wasting.

1. Are You Stressed?

There is a relationship between time and stress. How? Usually, when people get the burden of work instead of completing it, they start thinking of its impossibility.

It gives nothing but utilized time without any output. Stress reduces working efficiency.  For instance,  if a chore can be done 12 hours under pressure conditions, you will take 20 hours to do it.

Sometimes when people find something hard for them to bear up, they start losing up hope. Usually, it leads to the development of thinking that they are unfit for that particular job. It causes them to begin worrying about it. Thus they get into never-ending guilt and ultimately become stressed.

2. Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Let’s be factual. Many people think it is challenging to make any decision and waste their time, even on minor tasks.

So, it becomes a barrier to the completion of their tasks. As if you don’t start, how could you finish?

Also, they find it’s an arduous task to finish their work on time.  If you never heard before about Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, don’t bother. Inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity are the key behaviors of ADHD.

It is a condition when sufferers find it difficult to make decisions, make common mistakes, and also misunderstand information. If any person starts a task but quickly loses his concentration due to the above reasons may be a victim of it.

3. Suffering From Anxiety

When your brain thinks and responds to only the negative aspects and feels fear of setbacks_it is symptoms of anxiety.

It badly affects your mental and physical health, which ultimately results in a lower working capacity. This condition also causes muscle tension, fatigue and trouble sleeping, etc.

The point here is to know; when you will be unable to work correctly, how could you invest your time smartly?

Lack of confidence and belief in self is the primary indication of anxiety. Still, you can come over this situation with mediation, and sometimes medication can help you.

4. Mismanagement

Are you not utilizing your time properly and find it difficult to reach deadlines, then you need to start organizing your schedules.

If you are unable to meet deadlines then read how to beat procrastination and meet deadlines.

Often a smart change in your task managing strategy saves your time from excessive wastage. For this, the mending of both time and task is required.

Suppose you get a project and you have a week to finish it. Now, it depends on your ability how you manage it according to the stringency of work.

Firstly, understand the severity of work, the total time you have, and then the priorities (you should do first).

How Do I Stop Wasting My Time

Do you want to get rid of this habit? Well, you can quickly get yourself free from this. Read the given points and understand the solution.

1. Forgive Yourself

When you find yourself wasting your time instead of punishing, realize it and forgive yourself. If you were ruining your time, that is not favorable; however, if you have recognized it, you are in the right way. Now here, your intelligence comes into play. If you start avenging yourself, you are wasting your time again.

So, what should you do? After knowing it, try to discover the reason behind it and then begin to fix it. Keep one thing in mind that no one could help you, but only you.

2. Worth Your Time

People think that they have more than enough time to work and a lot of time to waste at a young age. So they devalue it_ it’s natural.

Thus, they waste their time until they realize it’s a shortage; unlike, if you understand the importance, it’s time to get to the solution.

Now, find all the things that you are thinking useless and eating up your working hours. If possible, throw them out of your life or reduce their consumption. Either it’s anxiety, self-thinking habit, or anything else.

3. Manage Your Tasks

Task management also helps you out to save your hours from the complications of long and lengthy chores. It enables you to complete your work before raising the deadlines. This technique also reduces the time needed for any particular task.

You can also split a long task into smaller ones, and it’ll facilitate you to complete your work without getting frustrated.

Additionally, you can fix rewards on excellent work and completion of work. This encourages or emphasizes you to achieve it.

If still, you have a question about how you can manage your work, I’ve mentioned the things to consider. It is very simple, and you just need to clear a few points in your mind.

  • How much time you have to do a particular task/ chore.
  • What thing should you do first?
  • How much time provides to each one?
  • Split your task into manageable smaller duties(if applicable).
  • Set time for each task and effort entirely to not exceed the limit.
  • Take breaks not to get frustrated.
  • Prepare your mind and self before starting a chore.

4. Set An Aim/Goal

If you are unable to stop time wastage, this is mainly for you. Although it is a bit of common advice, it works effectively.

Think! Without any aim or goal in life, no one can realize the dignity of time. Therefore, if you haven’t set any plans yet, select one. It’ll stimulate you to strive to get it.

Read more about how to be concentrated and focus on your goals.

Is It Ok To Waste Time?

I must say every person has his/ her own mindset. You may find some people against it and some in favor of it. However, in my opinion, it’s a vacation for your brain, but if you are 24/7 on this holiday, it’s time to come back.

Usually, when people are passionate about their future and success, they take less rest than required. So, they don’t give time to themselves as they assume it a waste of time.

What would be a waste of time in that case? Indeed it (time waste) is ok because you can’t sacrifice your health.

Moreover, if you utilize some period in thinking on complicated or less complex aspects of work, it makes you more productive. Therefore if we consider this for your enhancement, it is ok.

How Do I Stop Regretting Over Time?

Regret over time can make you depressed for the opportunities you have missed in the past. Or sometimes, this feeling arises when you face a shortage of time.

It is simple to get over it by accepting reality. If you waste your time, it’ll never come back again, and also, there is no gain to regret over it.

Actually, waste of time teaches you the importance of time (for which you didn’t worry about the past).


If you were conscious, why do I waste my time? I’ve mentioned some of the reasons and combating techniques of it. It depends on you to get yourself rid of this habit.

Keep in mind that we all waste time in our lives at different moments. However,  if someone acknowledges this fault, he/she can resist it, and you are one of them.

Best of luck!

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