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Will Smith, His Life Story, Successful Movies and Most Valuable Quotes

Will Smith, His Life Story, and Most Valuable Quotes

Willard Carroll Smith AKA Will Smith is an actor, producer, and rapper belonging to America. Will Smith in his whole career has stood on top charts for both acting and rapping. Even after entering his 50s, he’s giving massive hits.

Will Smith Life History

Will Smith was born in Pennsylvania, USA. He took birth in a very stretched and disciplined house. His father was a businessman. From childhood, Will was instructed and directed to work hard. He used to help his father in his business.

Will started his journey by working with a DJ at parties during high school. He usually used to rhyme on stage to establish excitement among people at a party.

He scored so high in high school that he could be admitted to any college or university.

But he already chose a different path. He started working on records, gained some renown, and struggled hard. Became a successful rapper with thousands of records sold. He even got nominated for Grammy for his music video performance.

Will officially debuted in the film industry by performing as a character in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air“.

Will worked hard with his acting skills and exhibited such a great performance that soon he was showing up on the big screen and providing us blockBusters.

Most Successful Movies Of Will Smith

Will Smith is no doubt a powerful actor in Hollywood and has his popularity throughout the globe. He worked hard on himself and developed those sensational acting skills

Will Smith gave us many legendary movies, some box-office hits are mentioned below:

1. Aladdin (1.052 billion US dollars)

2. I am legend (585.3 Million US dollars)

3. Men in Black (589.4 million US dollars)

4. Independence day (307.1 million US dollars)

5. The pursuit of happyness (307.1 million US dollars)

6. Irobot ( 347.2 million US dollars)

7. Seven pounds (169.7 million US dollars)

8. Suicide squad (746.8 million US dollars)

9. Bad boys (426.5 million US dollars)

Will Smith Quotes

Will Smith has been a mentor and a source of motivation for everyone. He is an inspirational figure for youngsters nowadays. His life experiences have evolved his thinking and thought process and he sheds the droplets of wisdom and practical knowledge.

Here are some famous quotes by Will Smith himself.

Will Smith Quote About Life and Love

Will Smith has a very decent personality. He seems to be very grateful for what he gave and what he had achieved. His quotes about loving life are:

“I love living, and this cannot be faked”

He also took real risks that require guts and great potential he quotes that;

“Life is lived on the edge”

Will Smith Pursuit For Happyness Quote

Will Smith’s movies provide great nourishment to the mind and change views. Will Smith’s movie the pursuit of happiness is an influential movie that gives you immense motivation. One of the greatest quotes from the movie quoted by Will Smith is

“If you have a dream, you gotta protect it. Don’t let anyone say you can’t “

Will Smith Quotes About Talent And Skills

Will Smith is a talented individual. But he never only lied upon that. He trained hard and developed new skills and mastered them with time. some quotes about talent and skills are

” Talent is what you have naturally, and skill is what you acquire after working hours and hours on your craft”

Another very rationale quote is:

” Your talent will fail you if you are not skilled”

Will Smith Quotes About Happiness

Will Smith is a man that wants to make more of his life, he loves his life and always stays happy for whatever he is rewarded. He believes that your inside can change the outside and things around you

He said that:

” Let your smile change the world, don’t let the world change your smile”

Will Smith Quote About Believing In Yourself

Will Smith started from the bottom. Whatever he is today is just because he actually thought that he can do that

He says that:

“The first step is to believe”

And another most astonishing quote is:

“He who says I can and he who says I can’t are both usually right”

Will Smith Quote About Truth

Will Smith quotes about the sustainability and importance of truth:

“You should never be scared to even die for the truth because you know the truth is the only thing which stays constant”

Will Smith Quote About Money

Will Smith has experienced many ups and downs in his life, he realized that money and fame can easily be lost in fractions of time, so he quotes about money and success:

” Money and success don’t change people, it only amplify what was already there”

Will Smith Motivational Quotes And Quotes About Fear

Will Smith felt challenged when he started to fear something, he says that fear helps him find new possibilities and new pathways out of the dark he quotes that

” Danger is real, but fear is optional”

“If you don’t fight for what you want , then don’t cry for what you lost”

Will Smith is a self-made man and a legend. The words he quoted are much valuable and important for those who feel upset with the changes and tests life puts them into. Always extract wisdom and use it to empower your abilities. After all these quotes are just boosters, we are the ones who have to perform and evaluate over flaws and challenge our fears to push over boundaries and actually realize what we were made for.

Not only for ourselves but for the people around us who need the hand of support and aid for establishment in life. Everyone fails, consider it as a level up in your journey, and never be saddened by the words said by people who will soon vanish from the frame of your life. No one is ideal, so thinking about things that have no importance to you but bother other people is the dumbest thing to do.

” Only successful people fail” đŸ™‚

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