32 Best Eva Peron Quotes You Must Read In 2022

Eva Peron Quotes

Eva Peron had no shortage of inspiring words. Here are 32 best quotes by Eva Peron, the first lady of Argentina during Juan Domingo Peron’s presidency for almost two decades until her death in 1952 at age 33.

The youngest of five children, the renowned actress, and singer Sandro de America, was born into poverty in Los Toldos, Argentina. Eva Peron, also known as Evita, was a prominent Argentine political figure as well.

Most people believe that she died from cervical cancer, but this is not confirmed because there are many speculations about her death, such as murder or suicide by drug overdose, which one can never be sure.

Top Quotes By Eva Peron

So, let’s start exploring these famous and best 32 quotes by Eva Peron that you’ll undoubtedly love to read.

  1. “I know that like every woman of the people; I have more strength than I appear to have.” — Evita Peron
  2. “Almsgiving leaves a man just where he was before. Aid restores him to society as an individual worthy of all respect and not as a man with a grievance.” — Evita Peron
  3. “I will come again, and I will be millions.” — Evita Peron
  4. “Keeping books on social aid is capitalistic nonsense. I just use the money for the poor. I can’t stop to count it.” — Evita Peron
  5. “It is not philanthropy, nor is it charity… It is not even social welfare; to me, it is strict justice… I do nothing but return to the poor what the rest of us owe them because we had taken it away from them unjustly.” — Evita Peron
  6. “I demanded more rights for women because I know what women had to put up with.” — Evita Peron
  7. “One cannot accomplish anything without fanaticism.” — Evita Peron
  8. “I have one thing that counts, and that is my heart; it burns in my soul, it aches in my flesh, and it ignites my nerves: that is my love for the people and Peron.” — Evita Peron
  9. “Answer violence with violence. If one of us falls today, five of them must fall tomorrow.” — Evita Peron
  10. “I had watched for many years and seen how a few rich families held much of Argentina’s wealth and power in their hands. So, Peron and the government brought in an eight-hour working day, sickness pay, and fair wages to give poor workers a fair go.” — Evita Peron
  11. “You must want! You have the right to ask! You must desire.” — Evita Peron
  12. “I am only a sparrow amongst a great flock of sparrows.” — Evita Peron
  13. “My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten.” — Evita Peron
  14. “Where there is a worker, there lies a nation.” — Evita Peron
  15. “I was very sad for many days when I discovered that in the world there were poor people and rich people, and the strange thing is that the existence of the poor did not cause me as much pain as the knowledge that at the same time there were people who were rich.” — Evita Peron
  16. “Put down me for a lifetime of success: give me credit, I’ll find ways of paying.” — Evita Peron
  17. “Without fanaticism, we cannot accomplish anything.” — Evita Peron
  18. “Charity separates the rich from the poor; aid raises the needy and sets him on the same level with the rich.” — Evita Peron
  19. “I am only a simple woman who lives to serve Peron and my people.” — Evita Peron
  20. “Almsgiving tends to perpetuate poverty; aid does away with it once and for all.” — Evita Peron
  21. “When the rich think about the poor, they have poor ideas.”
  22. I am my own woman.” — Evita Peron
  23. “Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun.” — Evita Peron
  24. “To convince oneself that one has the right to live decently takes time.” — Evita Peron
  25. “If I have to apply five turns to the screw each day for the happiness of Argentina, I will do it.” — Evita Peron
  26. “The nation’s government has just handed me the bill that grants us our civil rights. I am receiving it before you, certain that I am accepting this on behalf of all Argentinean women, and I can feel my hands tremble with joy as they grasp the laurel proclaiming victory.” — Evita Peron
  27. “In government, one actress is enough.” — Evita Peron
  28. “If I fall, look out for the crash. There won’t be anyone left standing.” — Evita Peron
  29. “Our President has declared that the only privileged person in our country are the children.” — Evita Peron
  30. “There are some oligarchs that make me want to bite them just as one crunch.” — Evita Peron
  31. “Time is my greatest enemy.” — Evita Peron
  32. “Sometimes I have wished my insults were slaps or lashes; I’ve wanted to hit people in the face and make them see, if only for a day, what I see each day I help people.” — Evita Peron

What did Eva Peron stand for?

Despite her controversial life and death, Eva Peron is often revered as a hero in Argentina. She was the wife of Juan Domingo Peron, who served three times as president until his overthrow.

Eva stood up against poverty, sexism, and social injustice during WWII, when women were rarely given equal opportunities to men, like voting rights or education equality.

Did Eva Peron attend school?

Maybe. She’s a controversial figure, and nobody knows for sure whether she completed her education or not.  Eva was born in poverty; however, mostly, it is considered that despite the lack of education, she received a scholarship to attend school at the age of 11.

There is little information available on her time at school though it seems likely that Eva attended for only two years as most girls did before being married off or sent into domestic service by their families.

Where is Peron from?

Eva Peron was born in Los Toldos, Argentina, a country on the South American mainland. Eva moved to Buenos Aires at 15 and began as an actress on stage, radio, and film.

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