Citroen ‘Ami EV’ – An adorable off-road buggy

The My Ami Buggy includes canvas doors that can be removed, an LED light bar, and knobby tyres.

Citroen 'Ami EV' - An adorable off-road buggy

Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept is a free and distinct portrayal of an object created to spend leisure time in a new way – a pioneer with an extroverted, colourful, and muscular style that seeks to stay both basic and utilitarian.

The Citroen teams created this entirely liberated Ami, targeted to anyone looking for an electrified, easy-to-use car with a strong personality and fantastic charm.

Citroen says in a news statement that the buggy is intended to be whimsical, something “that every youngster from 14 to 77 would like to add to their Christmas list,” and that it was inspired by “non-automotive domains such as building games, industrial design, and fashion.” The spare tyre on the roof is suggestive of a casually placed beanie. 

The khaki, black, and yellow colour scheme is the first thing that catches the eye, giving it an earthy camouflage sense while being very visible.

Another noticeable feature is the absence of doors. The standard ones have been replaced with detachable canvas doors with zippers, which provide much-needed air circulation and add to the buggy’s attractiveness. The knobbier and wider tyres will allow you to drive on rougher roads, but keep in mind that ground clearance isn’t great. It also features headlamp guards and a spare knobby tyre installed on the roof, which provide a “sense of adventure” and increase the adorability.

“My Ami Buggy is a proposition in line with the philosophy of Ami, which is not a car. We have therefore looked for inspiration in the world of construction games for the fun and functional side, industrial design for ergonomics and aesthetics, encompassing everyday objects (furniture, lighting, etc.) and fashion accessories (sneakers, sports equipment, glasses, etc.). The simple, extruded shapes of the camera and smartphone holders, for example, were inspired by the work of designers who created essential and timeless consumer objects in the second half of the last century. My Ami Buggy Concept needed to be functional and simple, in the purest spirit of iconic and contemporary industrial objects.”

Samuel Pericles – Designer of My Ami Buggy

As reported by Engadget, other additions include an LED light bar, removable “nomadic speaker,” a roof cap to protect against the sun and a graphics package that includes the words “Pilot” and “01” on the driver’s seat and “Copilot” and “02” on the passenger seat. It also offers thicker memory foam in the seats, new storage bins on the dashboard and even a range of luggage designed to “fit perfectly into the vehicle’s interior spaces,” according to Citroën. Other features like smartphone clamps, bottle holders and more were all built using 3D printing so that they can be reproduced on demand. 

The Ami EV has a top speed of 28 MPH and a range of 44 miles on its 5.5 kWh battery. Teenagers aged 14 and above are also permitted to drive in France and other parts of Europe. The Ami Buggy idea must have been a lot of fun for the company’s designers, but there’s no news on whether Citroen will ever manufacture and sell it – though the kid in all of us definitely hopes so!

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