Subaru Might Be Unlocking A Whole New Milestone In Motorcycle Market

Subaru Might Be Unlocking A Whole New Milestone In Motorcycle Market

Creativity has no limits. On April Fool’s Day, Subaru corporation submitted an application to the USPTO to Patent An idea of “Flying Motorcycle”. 

A prototype, the rough theoretical design was also provided along with the application which looks something like this:

Flying Motorcycles, unique and extremely attractive concept. In the past few years, people hyped about flying cars, which is yet not a real thing somehow. But a flying motorcycle is also something people would love to see.

It is not a very rare thing to hear that a Japanese company put forward this idea. Because Japan has devices and technological advances that other countries don’t.

The design, however, is not very appealing. But obviously, the actual product, if created would not look like this. Our comparison of this design with what we’ve seen in sci-fi movies like star wars or in the Terminator movies would be totally unfair since this isn’t the final product.

How will it work?

This motorcycle will reportedly be working on a VTOL principle. In a nutshell, it means that the flight of this motorcycle will be vertical, just like a helicopter. The design shows wings with propellers on each. It has a tail as well which apparently contains a vertical stabilizer, a rudder, and a propeller. 

The working, as described is that before the flight the wings will straighten up, and the motorcycle will start floating in the air while after the landing, the wings will fold along their respective sides and it will become a terrestrial motorcycle.

The engine to be used in it will be a combustion or heat engine. Even though everyone today wants an electric motor engine, this is quite logical because to support a flight, a large amount of instant energy has to be provided which is why a heat engine will be placed inside.

But not to forget that this is not the final product. If Subaru puts effort into this design and concept. Who knows what masterpiece would this evolve into. Maybe this will end up becoming an unused idea by the company but this could be the starting point of the future of a land-to-air vehicle.

After all, Subaru won’t be the first company to create a flying motorcycle. A French corporation Lazareth Moto has lately created limited pieces of flying or to be exact just hovering motorcycle. These Motorcycles cost more than 50 thousand $ because these are the first and very limited motorcycles to attain flight.

The reason why these motorcycles are different from the one Subaru is planning to make is because these motorcycles use four afterburners on each corner to produce a counter gravity force therefore only reaches a few feet above the ground

Whereas The one Subaru will be making contains propellers that could help attain a high altitude.

Subaru has also not provided any information and explanation about this project. But we hope that in future there will some comments on this patent by the representatives

Will there be a flying motorcycle ? Do people need a flying motorcycle? Do people want it?

Only time will tell.

What do you think?

Written by Huzayfah Habib

Huzayfah Habib is a blog writer, newsletter, and article writer. He is also a Book Editor. He is a medical student. He likes to travel, read books, watching movies and he is much obsessed with time-traveling

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