Tesla owner blows up his Model S, instead of paying $22,600 repair expense

This Tesla owner has gone nuts!

Tesla owner blows up his Model S, instead of paying $22,600 repair expense

Tuomas Katainen, a Finnish guy who owns a Tesla in Finland, decided to go crazy! Instead of paying $22,600 to repair his Tesla’s battery, he blows up his Model S with dynamites.

The Model S owner was told by a Tesla repair shop that replacing the battery would cost more than $22,600. Shockingly, he made the decision to attach 30 Kg (66 pounds) of dynamite to the car.

After being charged $22,600 for a battery replacement, Katainen handed over his 2013 Tesla Model S to Pommijätkät, a YouTube group of explosion experts who like making things go “boom.” “Well, when I bought the Tesla, the first 1,500 kilometers [932 miles] were great,” Katainen recounted. “Then error codes appeared.” After taking his Tesla to a repair, Katainen discovered that the only way to restore the car would be to replace the complete battery pack, which would cost him at least €20,000, or around $22,600.

To put this in perspective, $22,600 would go a long way to buying another used 2013 Model S in Finland, which appear to sell for more than $42,900. But Katainen decides that’s not for him, proving that there is indeed a thin line between logic, rage, and insanity.

“So I told them I’m coming to pick up the Tesla,” he said in the video. “Now I’m going to explode the whole car away.”

Source Gizmodo

To carry out his master plan, Katainen enlisted the help of YouTuber Pommijätkät, which roughly translates to “Bomb Dudes,” according to Google Translate. (Whether that’s an accurate translation or not, it seems appropriate considering Pommijätkät likes to make things explode).

As per the reports from The Verge, these vehicles are covered by an eight-year (or up to 150,000 mile) battery and drive unit warranty, although warranties on older models are beginning to lapse, showing the potential expense of a full battery replacement.

Electrek reported in September on a Tesla owner who needed a battery repair on a Model S that was no longer under warranty. According to story, he was quoted $22,500 by Tesla but ended up securing a $5,000 repair from a third-party shop. Katainen’s quotation came from Tesla as well, and it’s unclear whether he had access to a different repair service.

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