Tesla will recall 475,000 vehicles in the US

According to records submitted with the US safety regulator, Tesla will recall around 475,000 cars in the United States.

Tesla will recall 475,000 vehicles in the US

Tesla Inc. is recalling over 475,000 Model 3 and Model S electric cars in the United States due to rearview camera and trunk faults that increase the risk of accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The electric car manufacturer issued a recall of 356,309 vehicles due to potential rear-view camera concerns affecting Model 3 Teslas manufactured between 2017 and 2020.

A total of 119,009 Model S cars will be recalled due to potential issues with the front trunk, or boot. The total number of recalls is nearly equal to the 500,000 vehicles shipped by Tesla last year.

While investigating the company’s driving assistance system, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been addressing another camera problem with the carmaker.

The NHTSA stated that for Model 3 sedans, “the rearview camera cable connection may be damaged by the opening and shutting of the trunk lid, preventing the rearview camera picture from showing.”

Tesla identified 2,301 warranty claims and 601 field reports related to the issue for vehicles sold in the United States.

Moreover, about Model S vehicles, latch problems may lead a front trunk to open “without warning and obstruct the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of a crash,” Tesla said.

Around 14% of recalled Model S’s may have the defect, the report notes. However, in both cases, the reports state that “Tesla is not aware of any crashes, injuries, or deaths” relating to the potential faults.

Tesla said it was not aware of any crashes, injuries or deaths related to the issues cited in the recall of Model 3 and Model S cars, the NHTSA said.

A few months ago, Tesla Model S, which is considered to be the most popular sports model, caught fire in Pennsylvania, trapping the driver due to an electric door malfunction.

Camera Issue

This month, the NHTSA said it was talking with Tesla about side view camera issues in some vehicles. L1N2SU2EA. According to Reuters.

CNBC had reported that Tesla was replacing defective repeater cameras in the front fenders of some U.S.-made vehicles without recalling the parts.

Passenger Play

The NHTSA has been investigating 580,000 Tesla vehicles over the automaker’s decision to allow games to be played on car screens while they are in motion.

The feature will now be locked and unusable while the car is moving. It took action when the NHTSA initiated an inquiry.

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