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Upcoming BMWs will arrive without touchscreens. Be Cautious!

BMW X5, X7 and more will lose their touchscreens. Courtesy? Global Chip Crisis!

Upcoming BMWs will arrive without touchscreens. Be Cautious!

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) – The German automobile company won’t be providing touch screen panels in their BMW X5, X7 and more will lose their touchscreens because of the global chip shortage.

While other manufacturers are taking a break from production, BMW is going forward, without touchscreens and switching to its old-school iDrive controller. Well, this is a big deal as people are used to touchscreens, and it’s pretty much considered as a basic feature.

Users will have to rely on a controller in the central console, which has touchpad-like capabilities, instead of the touchscreen. It’s a popular input option among reviewers, but people would select it over the touchscreen in typical conditions.

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According to the BimmerFest post, some impacted cars (including the 3 Series sedans, as well as the X5, X6, and X7 SUVs / crossovers) may also lose access to the backup assistance feature, which automatically backs into areas for you after logging how you drove through them in the past.

The post also states those automobiles sent without touchscreens will receive a $500 credit and will necessitate a software update, as well as the consumer signing a paperwork with the dealer acknowledging that they are aware of the feature deletion.

According to The Verge, BMW isn’t the only automaker trying to cut features to deal with shortages; GM has also done so, from the seemly subtle like HD radio and built-in wireless charging on some models to serious omissions like fuel management modules and auto stop-start on some of its V8s and its much-touted Super Cruise hands-free driving mode.

Autoblog asked BMW about what additional information it could provide about the issue, and they were provided with the following statement from a spokesperson.

“As you know, the global chip shortage is ongoing and impacting automakers worldwide. We are actively managing the situation and are in close contact with our suppliers. We do not have any further detail to share at this time.”

The original Bimmerfest forum report stated that customers who take delivery of a car without the touchscreen will be given a $500 credit on the monroney listed as “Deletion of Touchscreen.” BMW confirmed this to us, so expect $500 off the price of your BMW if it doesn’t come with touch functionality.

The worst part is that you won’t be able to add touch screens from any accessory outlets due to the chip shortage, so you’re effectively receiving a $500 discount. To install an aftermarket touchscreen panel, you will have to wait till this supply chain issue is resolved.

If the chip shortage continues, we may see other tech giants, such as Tesla, removing some of their most important features. Tesla’s next Cyber Truck is set to come in the near future, along with the accessories that will make it one of the coolest trucks ever.

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